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Sonic Unleashed

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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| | See all bovmalta's reviews (29)

this is a bad game with bad graphics. sonic is too speedy. this game is boring and don't buy it buy jak and daxter and others

  A reasonable implementation of Sonic, however in 3D...

| | See all barfthemawg's reviews (6)

This implementation of Sonic is highly playable, the design is good, however I find the gameplay a bit confusing compared to the 2D platform.

  Makes up for Sonic 06

| | See all amanrulez's reviews (14)

When I got this game, I did'nt have high expectations thanks to 06, but I was pleasantly suprised. This game has actually been de-bugged! There are few glitches but not big ones, The camera angle was drastically improved, and it plays a lot smoother. The only problems I have is the frame rate issues and the fact that the ps3/Xbox360 versions have had more time spent on them (better gameplay, extra features) than the wii version so I would recommend getting the PS/Xbox versions

  Just for platform fans

| | See all DorianRust's reviews (10)

Sonic Unleashed perfections the gameplay of the original sonic games but also introduces a brand new type of stages that have nothing to do with the high-speed and frenetic classic stages.

Unfortunatelly this game has its issues: the controls could have beendone a lot better, you have no control on the camera, some stages are just too long compared to others and the difficulty is too incoherent from one level to another.

All these things can cause the game to be boring at times, especially at the beginning, where there's like 1 hour of cutscenes and occasionally a couple of minutes of gameplay.

Overall this is a game that has its flaws but can be appreciated by sonic fans and people who like platform games in general.

  Sonic Unleashed rules!

| | See all Cervantes's reviews (14)

Sega got right Sonic this time. The game is pretty good! The Hedgehog stages are top notch quality, great graphics, the speed gave me chills at some points... it really feels like you are running at the speed of sound. The Werehog stages are fun, it's a mix between God of War and Kingdom Hearts, but with a Werewolfic Sonic, perhaps the worst part of these stages is that the enemies are kinda weak, at least as far as I got into the game.
The cutscenes are very neat and beautiful, Dr. Robotnik at its best!
The game is pretty long, and if you go after the trophies it can be very very long, since it will take some time to master the speed stages.
Oh, I almost forgot, you can listen to your custom soundtrack in this game! Just push the PS button and navigate through to get to the music button in the XMB and select your tracks!

All in all is a great game one of the best platformers in the PS3 catalogue. 9/10

  not up to scratch

| | See all redkalel's reviews (1)

the first thing i will pick at is the inclusion of a camera control when you have no control... this has completely wound me up!

i do love the idea of the game i just feel it is badly executed i mean every other second this pink purple like thing keeps bugging "sonic" followed by text upon text of silly information.

i am so let down...

it does have sme fun aspects but these are so speradic within the game... give me ratchet and clank any day!!!

  Very good game

| | See all schumif109's reviews (11)

To be honest, i agree that Sonic has died, along with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, therefore i wasnt expecting a lot from this game. The first game (Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3 and Xbox) was appauling! The graphics and gameplay were just rubbish. However Sonic Unleashed is far better. Although it can be a bit glitchy at times, the gamplay and graphics are a lot better. The stages are more fun and easier to complete and you really feel a sense of speed in each level.

Overall a good game, well worth purchasing is you're a sonic fan.

  Sonic died in the 90's

| | See all Supezombiejesus's reviews (6)

i never had a doubt that this game would be anything other than a dissapointment. first off the story is a awfull in every way, its boring and unengaging, the characters are hollow and have no charm and sonic has this whole stereotype of being an unually simple shell filled with stupid catchphrases in every game hes in. the graphics are ok at a glance but closer inspection low res ground and character textures can be noticed as well as horrible jaggies on hd resolution screens. gameplay is mostly frustrating with a horrible camera however gameplay as sonic in his normal form can be entertaining but the werehog segments are tedious. the final insult sre the trophies wich are hard to achieve without serious playing time and skill wich is rediculous for a kids game. all in all i would say avoid and unless you really feel you need this game stick to classic mega drive sonic, honestly sonic should have been retired when sega left the console industry.

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  The Blue Blur back in full speed.

| | See all ajs007's reviews (5)

Im not sure why this game has been having such bad reviews its brill. Having been a fan of Sonic ever since his first appearance Ive been very disappoint of late with the games but this one has really given me hope the speed is fantastic its just like the original but in this now 3d next generation world with lots of new things to keep it fresh, Im not really sure why the werehog has been so slatted I think its a nice way to break up the speed of the daytime levels its nice to see a good old fasion platformer as they dont seem to be many theses days even the roaming around the cities has been greatly improved on the 2006 version. All in all I hope Sega keep up the excellent work.

  Sonic Unleashed

| | See all Spike48's reviews (45)

This game is brilliant the demo was good and that made me get the game its got good graphics the gameplay is good and you can also get trophys to its a must buy for sonic fans 10/10