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Silent Hill: Homecoming

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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| | See all LilBoo's reviews (7)

How can i put it...
If your making a cake, you have certain ingredients you use to make that cake a cake, take some of them away it becomes something else.

That is this game, it's something else...i mean all of this in a bad way.

(Yes i've played all the other games)

  No Invert!!

| | See all davidjames's reviews (1)

If you use inverted controls do not buy this game. There is only the ability to invert the aim and not the camera, so when you are running around you constantly find yourself looking at the ceiling or floor!

Can't get my head around why they would do this and not even offer a patch to resolve the issue as there are many forums on the internet discussing this fatal problem with the game.

Such a shame as I really like this franchise but for me this was completely unplayable. : (

  amazing silent hill game

| | See all Deathpaul1000's reviews (2)

is game is amazing i am a big fan of silent hill this is a good as they come all i got to say is 5 starts buy it

  The most underrated Silent Hill of all time

| | See all DChaundy's reviews (7)

This is such a great Silent Hill game. The story is fantastic and new developer Double Helix have captured the Silent Hill vibe and atmosphere really well.

This game had mixed reviews when it came out so I was apprehensive about playing it at first but it really has got everything a good Silent Hill needs; An interesting central character, unsettling and creepy monster designs, unnerving music from series veteran Akira Yamaoka, some good graphics and a great story. If you are a survival horror/SH fan then you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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  good game

| | See all senghenydd's reviews (18)

Really enjoyed this game takes a long time 2 complete rather than a couple of hours like most games ,cant believe people have given this bad reviews nut they obviously aint got a brain cuz thats wat u need to complete this game yeh at times in gets frustraten but when u complete the game it feels worth it overall good game

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  worth buying

| | See all arsenalmad's reviews (1)

its a really strong game if u like the silent hill series ull really enjoy this game. defo worth getting. still makes ya jump

  Rubbish graphics

| | See all McErmac's reviews (1)

Is it just me who thinks the graphics are not up to PS3 standard. Very poor cut scenes graphically compared to the likes of MGS4. I love SH2, but couldn't get into this one. Not a great game at all.

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  Boring Hill

| | See all SprynxFusion's reviews (14)

I hated Silent Hill 4, and as a result, I had lost faith in the silent hill franchise all together. the movie wasn't bad, but it just wasn't silent hill.

Silent Hill 5 is sorta like the movie. the horror is there, but it's just not the same type of horror. there's no psychological horror, it's all gore, and obscene. You'll play as some army reject, that was sent home for some reason, only to find that your town has become....deserted. To make it worse, everybody that you have known, seems to have vanished, or become wierd.

the concept is good, I'll give them that. there's a certain level of mystery as to what has happened, but the overall working of the story, will fail. badly.

the gameplay is poor. it's so poor infact, that it will mess up the game. there are so many glitches in this game, that it's a suprise they could sell it like that. some levels, will have to be done in such a way, that if you fail to take it on like clockwork, the game will just get stuck, and you'll have to start all over again.

there is also no autosave (I think they did that intentionally, for the bugs), but this can be even more frustrating, as there are even less save points in this game then before.

Your inventory can only take that much ammo, and health items, making it suck just that bit more, as it makes no sense. how can an ordinary Joe like Harry take all that ammo, while a trained military dude, can't even take more then 2 boxes. An infinite inventory would have made this game a lot more playable. often you'll find you just don't have enough ammo to take down that monster, and coming a boss fight, you'll be all empty.

it's just so frustrating. the combat system is just crappy, fighting with sticks or axes makes it even worse. you can't seem to get close to enemies, and as they have added (for some reason) a blocking mechanism, and evading mechanism (that don't work...), it makes the controlls even more sloppy. it horrible.

I also hated the monster design. The game has been inspired by the movie, and those guys with the mining clothing on, will be in this game, as will that janitor guy....I hate it when they do these things. the game isn't even made by the same silent hill team, only the music.

this game is just poor. I can't really recommend it, maybe if it was like 15 to 20 € (or pounds), but otherwise, I can't recommend it.

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  Oh, so nearly 5 stars

| | See all katana's reviews (34)

Being a Silent Hill fan for 10 years since SH1 came out in 1999, I wanted this game. No, I HAD to buy it. I have all the others including Origins on PS2.
So nearly 5 stars ?? Well, as others have pointed out, some of the game is not set in The Hill, but Sheppards Glen. It does share Toluca Lake with Silent Hill, though.
The graphics are excellent, the sound, deisgned by Akira Yamaoka is brilliant and the atmosphere is spot on. Just what you expect from a Silent Hill game.
The puzzles are probably the easiest in the series, though.
The action and combat is more satisfying than previous entires.
The creatures are orignal, though do seem familiar to previous game's monsters. But that isn't a bad thing.
Maybe, Silent Hill 6 (come on, you know it'll happen) could be solely based in Silent Hill, and if it were possible for the player to enter EVERY building in the town that'd be top. If you have an axe, then surely you should be able to hack a door down !! The amount of data that can be held on a blu-ray disc should be sufficient to hold all the buildings of one town. You wouldn't have to do things in them all, but it'd be nice to have a choice (Fallout 3 allows you entry to hundreds of dwellings).
Sorry, back to Homecoming. Yes, I'd recommend to it anyone with a love of good, solid, story-driven games. Silent Hill fans will have it anyway.
Welcome To Silent Hill .... !

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  Continues a great series,Mightily impressed

| | See all eckmac's reviews (1)

Just finished playing this game and found it highly enjoyable.
Have played all the other Silent Hills and this certainly didn't let me down.
The graphics are spot on as far as I'm concerned.
The boss stages are not overly frustrating (A La Tomb Raider).
Will be playing again as I feel (In fact I know there are some things I've missed) which is the beauty of the Silent Hill series.
Have read other reviews which seem to criticise it for not being any different from the others in series but that is why I buy them & look forward to them because you know what you're getting as opposed to Resident Evil which I feel has lost it's way/originality in Res 5.
I was a big fan of Resident Evil but to me it's lost it's sparkle as a survival horror game.
Puzzles can still baffle a bit so thank goodness for walkthroughs available on internet.
Compared to others in series you have to conserve ammo for the firearms.
To end with I found it to be an interesting storyline and am looking forward to next in series (Hope it isn't too long in the making)

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