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PES 2009: Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (232 reviews)"

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  Offline - excellent ; Online - just don't

| | See all Rocket27's reviews (4)

As ever the gameplay for football fans beats Fifa hands-down. Excellent job yet again. Best football game on the planet. No question at all. Full stop.

Online is ridiculous. Players disappear and reappear in completely different parts of the pitch. The reason I decided to give up on the online gameplay for good was that I was running into the box and gearing up to shoot when suddenly it went jumpy and when it settled down my opponent was celebrating a goal!!! I hate quitting in the middle of a game but I just had to, it was incredibly frustrating and the final straw! Sorry to whoever that was.

Offline - best in the market
Online - a non-entity

Make your choice dependant on which you prefer playing

  Gameplay at its best!

| | See all ChrisWildig's reviews (8)

OK, so there will always be the war between Fifa and Pro Ev, and both have their own ups and downs. If you want a game to have fun with your mates, and have a good laugh, this is the one. The graphics have been greatly improved this year, and as previously mentioned you can no longer take 1 player and run past the whole team. Fifa will always be the game to go for if you want more realistic, slower games - and there is nothing wrong with that. But this would be my choice between the two - JUST.

  No Online

| | See all MoonsFather's reviews (6)

Offline mode is great, a fantastic football game, but, when i buy a game it always has to have decent online mode.

I hope PES2010 will correct this mistake, anyway i will wait reviews of PES2010 before buying the game, I dont want to waste my money again.

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  i agree!

| | See all froudinho's reviews (15)

The fact that you can't just run past an entire team means that there is an improvement but that's bout it such a rubbish arcade game basically all you can do is pass it or your lose possession once again i dunno how people can say much better than fifa! yea ok in your dreams though! fifa = world class, pes = too rude to say

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  Brilliant Game

| | See all moh8965's reviews (1)

This is the best footy game made by far !!!!!! Gameplay is fantastic and graphics are also great
The only problem is that it doesn't have license hopefully, konami will get it then bring on the party

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  Fantastic but....

| | See all greenoit's reviews (1)

This is a brilliant game until you get online, it's not as easy as the last one to get a game and there are a lot of faults. The players bang into each other all the time, sometimes you think you've got the ball but you haven't. If your not online then it's a cracking game with the new "legends mode" and "master league." Hope they get the official licences in 2010!

  is in spanish?

| | See all ybamcc's reviews (1)

A question please,
Pes 2009 is in spanish or all games are in english?
I don´t now.
Thank you very much

  Totally Satisfying

| | See all poppy1's reviews (18)

At first I thought this game was going to be a let down, but! it absolutely blows FIFA out of the water.
If you can get over the fact that you have to edit 99% of the english league and the not too convincing ball sound,than you can really appreciate the quality of the gameplay. The champions league element is utterly fantastic. Well worth your money. However! the online play is truly terrible with jerky movements and downright bizarre gameplay, also,if Man Utd & Liverpool are licenced teams in the game where are their stadiums? there is not one english stadium in the game. I think these issues need to be sorted in the next version, but, all in all still a great game (offline anyway).

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  yeeehhhaaaa cowgirl

| | See all chrisyboy07's reviews (3)

Addicted no need to say no more by the way i getting good at it any1wants to play me my name is chrisyboy_07 add me

  alot better than fifa but still not perfect

| | See all markandfamily's reviews (4)

My first pro evo i have bought have being a world class player on the last few fifas.
This though is much much better and harder but there are easy settings as well that my 7 year old cousin who has never played pes picked up and scored on.
Graphically it is miles behind but the actual game play leaves fifa in the dust. You have create combos of dribbles and the defends wise up to tricks, teams desperatly block shots but also miss tackles and stumble. The passing is great and you can score stunning goals of amazing passing and moving. Little difficutl to start off and the goalies are a bit hard to beat but otherwise it is perfection in many places

Just a few things to tweak though for it to be a 5, but buy over fifa any day!

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