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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  So Addictive!

| | See all stupotstuie's reviews (35)

I never thought I would ever say this but im going too-this is more addictive than Call of Duty. Until I bought Tiger Woods 09 I simply couldnt pull myself off COD 5. The grapics are good and the career mode is brilliant, which is not something I generally say as I usually only play online. Its brilliant trying to get your attibutes up and the Tiger challenges are superb. Theres the good point to this game but now for the bad points. This game is prob one of the most infuriating games on the planet. It is so frustrating when you hit a putt and it hangs over the hole but doesnt fall down. Getting the shots right is very hard but it does get easier in time. Now for the most annoying thing about the game, the commentating by Sam Torrence and Kelly Tillman. They do nothing but slag every shot off that you make, even if its a good shot. It makes you feel like actually jumping into the tv, running upto the commentating box and beating the hell out of tyhe pair of them, very annoying. Anyway, brilliant game, A*

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  Compared to previous versions this is so unrealistic!

| | See all tomza49's reviews (12)

The graphics in this game are lovely as always, gameface is the same and the pro shop has the same sort of stuff. Only now it has ridiculous clothing you can buy if you wish.
I think the game should have sponsorship like the old days but whatever. The pro shop seems limited as well.
The main gripe i have is attributes. Buying your talent in previous versions was never realistic - but - it was how it was, and atleast it reflected your success. For instance the more successful you were the more money you got and therefore the better you got. Now though there is this crazy system that if you have a bad round you seem to lose talent. You lose talent and ability! But even worse is the fact that you can have a damn good round and still lose ability. I won the US Major Championship and my attributes went down. It is the most ridiculous system I have ever seen. Why try and fix something that isn't broken.
To be honest, the game has been the same for years! why the hell are they trying to mess around with stuff that has been fine. Why not do something like, Ryder Cup? All the damn golfers? Make the game a bit harder by not letting me win tournaments by 40 shots? No! they just tweak needlessly.
Tiger Challenge has got worse as well.... its just poor - playing a pro is just fixed as you cannot lose, really if you can't complete tiger challenge then you have a serious problem. thus, it is not a challenge.
How can this be given 5 stars? Its worse than last year!

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  very annoying

| | See all kieran272's reviews (3)

You must have a lot off patience to play this game its a good game but its very annoying how your golfer improves, and it takes a long time to load and the game is very hard. I have smashed 2 different controll pads and broken them because I have got so frustrated with the game.

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  Good solid game. Minor graphical issues.

| | See all NickStone22's reviews (9)

I played the title on the Xbox360 and I was impressed. I liked the new attribute system. It's not perfect but it's much better than the previous versions. The club feedback is also a welcome addition.

I recently bought a PS3 as my XBOX360 gave up the will to live.
I rented out TW2009 on the PS3 and I noticed that the graphics and most notably the player animations are substandard. I used the same HD.TV with both games XBOX360/PS3 and can't understand why the graphics differ so much.
(in a press release EA said the game and graphics are identical!

The golfer animations have no clear definition around the golfer. You can clearly see the pixels as blocks, it looks worse than other PS2 titles. (out-line of golfers not graphics)I will rent out the game again as I'm hoping this is a problem with the disc.

Apart from the shabby player animations this is a good game. Not much has changed from previous incarnations. The commentary is dull and flat and the trees look pedestrian and lifeless. There is no competition to the TW series which is a shame as I'm sure EA would be forced to push the boundaries.

Some games are in production for years and benefit from the extra time at their disposal. Games like TWs FIFA and PES come out every year and in my opinion don't get the attention that such titles deserve. I would like to see a two-year cycle for such games, with patches updating golfers and courses. ££££££££££££££££££££££
Will insure that this doesn't happen however.

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  Pretty good overall

| | See all Adebouvier's reviews (1)

Definitely a big improvement on '08 which was quite frankly almost unplayable because of the highly sensitive swing controls. The swing visulaisation in 09 is a great help and enables you to pull off great shots with much better shot and ball control. The skills build-up system works well and the Tiger challenge section is gripping. My only criticism is the graphics: There should have been more attention to detail, for example, when you have a cross wind of 40kph, you'd expect to see nearby trees swaying in the wind but they are totally rigid! Overall the graphics are OK I guess, but they don't blow you away, but the good quality game play per se makes up for this.

  get 09

| | See all 11rich11's reviews (1)

It is a excellent game much better than 08 the tiger challenge has improved and the online seems to be good aswell

  Pretty Good.

| | See all jonnyutah's reviews (1)

This is a good game at a fairly good price.
Plenty to keep you busy. You dont even need to be a huge golf fan.

Bad points - similar to tiger 08. If you already have it then you mightnt think its such a good buy.

  Result, you need this game :-)

| | See all Shyboyo's reviews (1)

After playing tiger woods 08 for the last year this really is a welcome change and much better, the swing system is perfect and ya feel so much more in control and able to pull off the shot you want without the slice/draw that tiger woods 08 would often give you, plus building up ya players skill level is now alot faster to do, yes the on line issue of "bad connection" is a pain when ya just want to crack on with a game but when ya do get to playing on line its fantastic, am loving this game, all i can say to ea sports is ya got it right at last "go you" :-)

  poor effort

| | See all kencothedon's reviews (4)

I am a hugh fan of 08 and was excited to get 09. When I first played it i thought the graphics were worse than before and the game play not as good. It's a step back not forward. Very disappointing, save the money and get 08

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  very good but quite similar to 08

| | See all crocodiletears's reviews (41)

This is defo the best and most realistic golf game around I am sure of that. As many people have said the new stats system which changes after each round is much better. However, a lot of people are saying how great the online is. I do not find this to be the case. It seems difficult to find a game with a good connection (says bad connection a lot) and then even harder to finish one without people quitting. Still, this is excellent and worth the money unless you have 08.

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