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Bionic Commando

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Bionic Commando

| | See all xgametester's reviews (12)

I totally agree with kane13's review. Good game if shooting is not of great importance, although i forgot about it after not too long.
I didn't get to play the early version, so to me this was a nice change.


| | See all Kane13's reviews (2)

Bionic Commando is, at heart, a 3rd person shooter. The problem with that is that the weakest point of this game is the shooting. Fortunately the use of your 'Bionic arm' throws in some interesting aspects which makes combat not completely terrible. There is some platforming as a throw back to the original Bionic Commando released in the late 80's, most of which involves using the 'Bionic arm' for swinging around in an almost spiderman esque fashion. Now this is hard to get going at first, but once you get it down the swinging is extremely satisfying and makes traversing the levels the best part of the game. Bionic Commando isn't going to win any game of the year awards, it is however a game that presents enough fun and fresh ideas to make it worth your while at a lower price point. 5/10

  Leave this one on the shelf

| | See all activ8's reviews (17)

I bought this game because I had played the original sideways scroller back in the day when I was a kid and hoped that with the power of the PS3 I would be in for a treat. with play dot coms price this was cheap as chips. Worth a try I thought. I was hugely disappointed.

Graphically this game is great. There is a brilliant storyline that captures the imagination and brings the story from the previous game up to date and does so with enthusiasm. There are some nice tutorials that get you accustomed to using the bionic arm and the sound and cinematics are first class.

Technically however this game is poor. Way too many different button presses ensure that this title is perplexing and will lead to multiple deaths on even the most mundane of tasks. There is dodgy collision detection too. If you think that I am exaggerating think again. Imagine every time that you make a jump or a leap you end up worrying whether you will actually make it. Imagine that every time you encounter an enemy you find yourself fretting what button to push or if you are going to fall off a badly constructed platform in a badly constructed level. These are aspects that gamer; casual or experienced should not have to endure. And these are problems that players of the original title did not even have to think about. There are sooo many better titles out there that in my opinion this title compares badly in comparison.
my view - save yourself the money and time and avoid.


| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

had been debating whether to get this for a while, due to all the mixed reviews but for 7.50 i thought i'd take a chance. I was glad i did because what i found wasn't one of the best or most polished games ever but i did really enjoy it. Graphics aren't that amazing but certainly not the worst i've seen on the console, gameplay is fun, swinging around by your grappling arm shooting people with a range of weapons which include SMG's/grenade launchers/shotguns. The game will probably keep you occupied for a about a week in terms of the single player campaign i only tried the mulitplayer once but couldn't find anyone to play against so i'm guessing it's not a very popluar game for online play.

Overall i'd say if you're in two minds about this game just get it, it's got some good gameplay and plays a lot like Lost Planet. There are minor glitches throughout the game which can be annoying but it's nothing overbearing. 3 stars for the game 1 for the price :)

  Worth a look...

| | See all DWOverdose's reviews (11)

We all cringe when we here that a classic game is going to be remade and I bet a lot were doing just that when it was announced this was coming out.

However I felt this was a very good entry into the PS3 game roster, sure it has its issues and it is NOT a free-roam game, it's rather linear actually. However the vastness of the environments covers that up to an extent if you just venture through the level. The radioactive areas are rather annoying when you don't see them but this game has its merits.

The game looks quite nice, there are definately worse games graphically but a good gamer knows that good graphics don't make a good game a lot of the time anyways.

The great thing about this game is the gameplay, I really enjoyed combining the grapple arm with gunning and using the arm to evade and also attack enemies is cool too. I do wonder what a freeroaming sequel would be like as the gameplay would no doubt make it an experience.

A good solid game that does have flaws, hence the 4 stars. Worth a go.

  Poorly designed....

| | See all dazbit's reviews (4)

This must rank as one of the most poorly designed games of all time!
As others have mentioned, every time you die, you virtually have to restart the level. The level select featue disables access to trophies and in-game challenge progress. Some of the radio-active areas are also hard to spot until it's too late! Some of the collectibles are very hard to get, if you die trying you then have to restart from the last checkpoint which may be some distance back, but if you miss any collectible in the game and reach the next save point you cannot go back and must restart the entire game!!!!
This poor design reminds me of old 80's game design, not what we expect of 21st century gaming!!


| | See all TomTH85's reviews (1)

Developers said that this game is going to be free roaming adventure with bionic powers. We all wanted this but after all we did get this. Poor story, bad characters and bad voice acting. Yes, swinging with your bionic arm is fun ...when you can do that properly and graphics are okay, but in the end game just don't do what Bionic commando rearmed did do.

  Bionic C#@p

| | See all platster's reviews (1)

It looks impressive on the box but unfortunately the graphics are very PS2 and the game play gets boring very quickly. If you die you have to go back to the beginning of the level in most cases and this gets pretty annoying. This could have been a great game, will anything ever be released that can possibly rival fallout 3?


| | See all wilmz68's reviews (4)

One of those games where it's real easy to die, then you have to go back to the start of the level to do it all over again (most of the time). What appears to be a complete free roaming environment, the developers have come up with a biohazard virus that kills you off in a second when you go out of bounds.
The swinging arm zip line gig, is cool at first, then even when you're used to it you trying the same bit over and over and over and over and over AND OVER again! Because the fact of the matter is, the controls are flawed. Great graphics, great idea.........poor result and disappointing. Glad I only paid a tenner for it!

  almost near to perfection.

| | See all jex990's reviews (13)

Bionic Commando is a good pace action game.The online is not bad also alot of swinging and killing your oppenents in the air. The things they should have improved to the game, was the enemies more bosses and soldiers they should have put into the game. Also i thought they could have put more weapons to the game to have more variety in fighting, All in all its a game worth purchasing but maybe for just under 20 quid.