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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Ultimate Edition

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Very Good Game

| | See all DanielB102's reviews (1)

In my opinion the best RTS (real time strategy) around. The graphics are excellent for a game which was released in 2008 (I think) around the time of Call Of Duty 4. The gameplay mechanics are superb apart from the odd bit of path finding issues which do become a little frustrating. The only problem with the game is the AI skirmish's. The jump from easy AI to medium AI is huge and will take some people a lot of time to make the transition. Those are the only 'faults' with the game but still fully worth a 5 star rating as there is currently no better RTS's on the Ps3 at the moment. All in all a great game and definitely worth every penny.

  C&C At It's Best!

| | See all Yonzinho17's reviews (27)

I had my doubts that C&C could be played with enjoyment on anything but the PC but I am pleasantly surprised, the graphics are pretty good and the missions are very well put together, for me at this price this game should be in most peoples games collections and espiecially for all those who love the C&C franchise. The trophies are fairly easy to obtain also which is another plus! 4 Stars!

  Credit to the C & C series

| | See all baldyshearer's reviews (3)

I enjoyed this game a lot. Was a little wary at first with enjoying the earlier ones the most, but i gave it a chance and found it to be very enjoyable. Nice to have know actors in there too.

Not quite 5 stars as i found the game to be a little shorter than i would have liked but it's one of them games you can come back to over and over. Well worth the price.

  Intelligent AI

| | See all DanNicholls1986's reviews (3)

I was pleasently suprized when midway through destroying the enemy base the construction yard packed up and drove out to sea where I couldnt get them. by the time I had built my boats they had another base up and running, in the middle of the sea.

I play Kane's Wrath just as much but this one has got to be the best to date.

1 downfall, No option to turn super weapons off.

  Faithful to the series..

| | See all BareOsaka's reviews (29)

Picked this up yesterday as I wanted to blast a new game other than the masses of 3rd person or 1st person games around at the minute.... I know the series well as the original kept me from doing my homework back in the mid 90's lol and I still play Yuri's Revenge now & again, jus cus its awsome!

I'm very happy to say that this latest Red Alert is extremely faithful to the original games and the style and feel of the game is spot on! i've seen people complaining about the graphics and acting but the graphics are great!, no slowdown, explosions and character animations are very nice and the water effects are brilliant!, best water iv seen in a RTS.. the acting is poor and lame but its supposed to be that way, it always has been.. The control system is easy to get to grips with, i didnt take the tutorial and within 2 levels i felt confident using the interface and was using special abilities and building etc (if u think this interface is tough try Supreme Commander on 360 lol)

To sum this 1 up I think for £25 you really cant go wrong, its fast and fun with crazy units, nice levels and story and an awsome soundtrack (again very faithful to the original series)... Great game, looking forward to getting home so I can play it some more

  good game could be better

| | See all chrisengland1's reviews (1)

i thought that the game was really good but could be better cos online not that great and once completed the game becomes a little bit boreing but still a good buy.

  Just brilliant

| | See all IanK777's reviews (2)

At first the controls were a little hard to get used to. Same circular menu system as the last Tomb Raider game. Worked well once I got the hang of it.

Graphics are great especially the landscapes though some of the units and the mini map look a little pixelated at times. If only it had been in 1080p - would have been even better!

Storyline is good and having stars such as George Takei and Tim Curry acting helps no end.

Online is great and co-op on the main story is a great idea. Lots of different units & buildings and big differences in tactics between the three factions giving lots of strategy options. You wont get away with building the same unit endlessly to win as in previous C&C titles!

Overall a great game and defo worth a look at, especially at its current price.

  Better on PC

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

I only recently bought this game after being on the fence about it ever since it was released. The only reason I bought it is because everyone on my friends list who owns it wouldn't stop telling me to buy it and I don't think I'll be listening to them ever again. This game doesn't even compare to Tiberium Wars or Halo Wars on Xbox 360!. The graphics are pretty bad for a PS3 game, the controls are as usual for a strategy game on PS3.. very annoying! and the voice acting and story aren't too great.

So what did I like about it? Well it's a pretty long game and it's not bad online. Honestly I wouldn't go near this if I had a better PC as even though it's a 'meh' game I'm sure it might play and look better on PC.

  Not a patch on Generals

| | See all mrmojorisin's reviews (7)

I waited so long for this to come out as I was still making do with Generals and Zero Hour on my PC, both of which I've had since new so quite a few years. I still love both those games so when they announced initially that C&C was being cancelled on the PS3 and only coming out on the X-Box I was gutted. I was over the moon when it was announced that it was back on again so I waited eagerly for release.
To get to the point, this game is just not anything more than average (That is me being generous as it is quite easily just simply rubbish). It just doesn't 'flow' like the other games did. The controls are rubbish and don't need to be anything more than the C&C games on the PSOne had but by trying to be dynamic and quick access, they fail and make it nothing other than over complicated and leaving you wide open to mistakes which then need cancelling and rectifying which then takes longer and causes mishaps on the battlefield. The build menus appear in the middle of the screen for flip sake! This covers all the action! If they had kept it simple, this game might have worked. I previously had Red Alert and Retaliation aswell and loved them both, they both had nice simple controls and inventory windows etc. If it ain't broke, why fix it? EA did an amazing job on Generals and I love it so I was expecting great things from their latest game. It almost seems like they've tried too hard to give every unit a weakness so there are therefore not really any good units that last any time in the field. The CPU opponants are forever bombarding you with attacks from outer space which cannot be avoided and it is impossible to keep tabs on your base. The old games were designed to keep you sat there and think about the battle and what strategy you wanted to use therefore keeping you sat there for a while and getting you involved in the game. This game wants you to hurry hurry hurry. The buildings do not look like real buildings and are difficult to distinguish from one another.
In short, the maps are rubbish. The campaigns are rubbish. All the units you can build are rubbish (dolphins with sonar cannons and grizzly bears???? Come on EA were you drunk?), even the supposedly better more realistic units are rubbish and.......well just rubbish. The game just isn't playable. I played it for a couple of weeks thinking I must be missing something as surely EA are usually quite good and I loved all the other games (even down to the original Dune), but I have come to the conclusion that this game just isn't any good and even the best people have off days. Needless to say that I am no longer playing this game and have gone back to Zero Hour on my 5 year old PC.


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  Mediocre game

| | See all Alby1990's reviews (83)

I purchased this game when it first came out and I was disappointed. I felt that the controls were overcomplicated and that the game just didn't match upto previous versions of C&C.