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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Game Of The Year Edition)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (210 reviews)"

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had this game from when it first came out and still play it to day i must say it is one hell of an amazing game better then black ops but over all a great story and great mullti-player to a really enjoyable game nice edition to a good game seires

  Great game but this GOTY edition doesn't include code

| | See all Ps3gamer25's reviews (4)

Great game but this version of GOTY edition that i bought from here play.com doesn't include the free code to unlock additional multiplayer maps.

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  Does this come with the code for the free map pack?

| | See all princk's reviews (2)

Can someone please let me know if this is sold with the code for the free map pack, because in other shops they sell the GOTY edition but without the code.
Having played the single player of this before, I can say that it is truly brilliant (though a little short). Very good graphics, great attention to detail, great set-pieces and some truly memorable missions. In particular there is a brilliant sniper mission, as others have mentioned. All in all one of the must-have games of this generation. When your grand-kids are playing 'Virtual Reality Death War VI' you'll be telling them about this game.

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  Jesus Christ. so good

| | See all drakehunter46's reviews (8)

This game shows what can be achieved by the inventer infinity ward. Now that they have made their last game activision and treyarch are taking over.this is not a game which makes you motion sick. its a game which would make you want to play again and again and again. the multiplayer is addictive. round of applause to infinity ward best cod game ive played

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| | See all steve06111981's reviews (23)

Not to be predictable because everyone else is saying how great COD4 is (except the reviewer before me) but I was late in playing this game, everyone seemed to have done this game to death and I was just picking it up by the time mw2 came out; but if mw2 is meant to be better then it must some game because the first one was out of this world! Hours on end passed when I played this game. FANTASTIC GAME BUY IT ENJOY! AND THEN PLAY IT AGAIN!

  Is this all online console gaming is? Really?

| | See all smudger321's reviews (2)

The potential for online gaming is vast, but all we seem to get are endless shooters of which this seems to be the most popular, but it's just dull.

World of Warcraft on the PC shows what can be achieved, this is just showing a lack of imagination.

Single player is really poor, so unless you like respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die, respawn, die avoid this boring game.

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  A really really really really good game

| | See all moods786's reviews (16)

online multiplayer is unmatched, fabulous game with an awesome story!! a must have

  Not sure what all the fuss is about?

| | See all DeJaVu84's reviews (2)

Now....... this is hard for me to give it 3 stars because on one hand you have a fantastic fast paced single player game and on the other you have a drab (still fast paced) multiplayer. the single player was very good with lots of nice set pieces and ok story which is great for quick playthrough, but its the multiplayer I just didnt like (im sure millions of you would beg to differ!) and my reason for that was I just found myself blasting away until I see the "+10" come on the screen and after a few nights of playing it suddenly dawned on me that the game was completely mindless! and we have been suckered into thinking this game has an outstanding multiplayer when in fact its just the same as any point stacking game out there! you seem to just turn into a zombie starring at the tv just waiting for your next level-up and for what? you can kick anyones butt using the M16!(the gun you start with) you just dont need alot of skill to play it! Maybe its because it was bigged up so much that I was expecting more, also its my own fault for thinking that a game published by Activision would be any good.
Anyway -
.great singleplayer
.Not so good multiplayer

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  Best game ever!!

| | See all bennyrules's reviews (29)

I love this game because of the long story mode and internet play!! Even if you finish the story mode you can do it again in arcade mode!! Overall this game deserves an 11/10!!!

  Great game

| | See all Jonezybaby's reviews (9)

To Marty McFly.........

the game does come with the code if u buy it new, if u bought it second hand then sum1 prob used it, you should have a card in with ur book with the code on.