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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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| | See all frankyG's reviews (3)

Great game its got all the NASCAR tracks and drivers its like actual NASCAR racing but should have different manufactures but that is ok because its got a great career mode graphics are great designing your own paint job is brilliant but i think cation flags are a little annoying on a game best game i have played.

  Actually very very good

| | See all andrewgriffiths78's reviews (13)

As a Formula One fan, just like almost everyone outside the US, we find NASCAR extremely dull. I had played just one previous NASCAR title on the PS1 and it was the most shoddy racing game I ever played, so when I decided to purchase NASCAR 09, it was more of a risk than anything else. The risk paid off. The business of actually driving is very good and its critical to get at least a decent set up for the track you are on. Setting up a car itself to compete takes time, but somewhat rewarding. You can check on many things including where your tyres wear, its temperature in the centre, inside and outside of each tyre, oil and water temperatures, front and rear weight and more. The AI will be aggressive and try to pass, you do need to be consistant and like another poster commented, tyre managment is key. Handling also changes as races go on which is realistic. Im hard pressed to find faults worth pointing out because you really do need to drive in a realistic and proper manner, keeping your nose clean, adjusting your style as handling changes and as the race progresses. I would have liked it more if EA let you drive the caution laps yourself for a little added realism. I don't even really like NASCAR much at all, but this game is tops.

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  really good

| | See all steve090488's reviews (3)

i am not a racing fan i am more of the shooter type but when i got this i loved it, i wanted a game the would take long to complete and was fun and this has it all. when it comes to raceing the graphics are good plus you can have some really bad crashes even if you made them or your trying to doge them.

  Much, much better.

| | See all woody2goody's reviews (5)

I bought NASCAR 09 with trepidation as the 2008 version was awful, with terrible AI. However I was pleasantl;y surprised with NASCAR 09 as a whole.

The handling model had been changed slightly to give the cars an extremely driveable feel. And once I had binned off my previous NASCAR game driving style and decided to drive like a real driver, i found it a great challenge and a fun experience. Yes, to some, NASCAR is 'dull', but I'd translate that into a need to be consistent.

Also, at the end of a 100 lap race that you have been leading most of the way through, when you are on worn tyres being caught by a rival it turns into an exhilarating experience. The AI is aggressive and will try to overtake you, but you need a decent setup to even compete with the leaders on most tracks. Managing the tyres is key to success.

There are still issues though. The AI is terrible on road courses, the lack of official car manufacturers is disappointing, the damage model is shoddy compared to true next gen games, and it can be difficult for new players initially.

I'd recommend it for fans of NASCAR or for people wanting a different driving challenge. Especially if you can get it for less than 20 quid. :) They aren't making another one in 2010, so grab this while you can.

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  Early Days but...................

| | See all Micklaw1's reviews (1)

I have followed Nascar for a few years now and I was warned off the 08 version buy the guy in the shop. When I saw 09 at a very reasonable price(sub£20) I thought , go for it !! After playing it solidly for 2 weeks now I am getting used to scoring and method of play and as its early days I would recommend this game to REAL Nascar fans. But give it time .

  I must have more money than sense

| | See all EagleBeast's reviews (1)

I really should have known better, I really wanted to like this game as I love nascar racing but, quite frankly this game is awful. It is sooooo dull. I played for about an hour at which point I was on the verge of falling asleep.

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  Better than 08 but nothing special

| | See all kevin360uk's reviews (28)

Its a improvement over Nascar 08, but EA's Nascar games are just still off the mark by a long way. First of all the PS3 version is a port from the Xbox 360 version (which i didnt know until after buying it for PS3 ) The game has texture problems and some frame rate issues, whereas the 360 doesnt. Lazy developers!

Despite having 40 cars on track, graphically it is not great. The car models look bland, colours are not realistic enough along with bad textures and poor crowds in the stands. The engine sounds are good though. There are all the major tracks from around the country along with 1 downloadable Canadian J Villeneuve track.

The replays lacks wow factor with unexciting camera angles which you would see in real Nascar.
Unless you are a hardcore Nascar fan i would avoid this years game. EAs Nascar developers need really improve a lot for next years game, but when they have the licence and no competition its hard to imagine anything special.

  I Love It !!!

| | See all DingDong1984's reviews (1)

As a new NASCAR fan (Due to JPM Moving into stock car racing) i thought i'd buy this game, i must admit i was a bit worried at first as last year i bought 08 and the steering was horrendous (I use D-Pad) however, i thought why not, buy it, so i did, i couldn't use the D-Pad again but the steering is so much better on 09 i'm now used to using the joystick !! The graphics are great, the gameplay is good as are crashes and pit stops etc... I would really recommend this game to anyone who's thinking of buying it, The only downside is you must play this game in HD as normal analogue isn't brill but still very playable. Come on you NSCAR fans, don't listen to those who slam this game... Buy it, Its great !!!

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  Very poor

| | See all RevolutionBlues's reviews (31)

NASCAR 08 was a terrible game, largely panned by gamers and reviewers alike (I only played the demo). So what did EA do for the next instalment? I rented it to find out if they had finally got it right. Unfortunately, they just took 08, changed a few names and dumped it out.

If you want sub-PS2 graphics, a car with a central pivot and colours which look like they come from a Crayoola catalogue then by all means buy this. However, if you want to race ovals, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue lets you run Daytona. May only be one track, but it is infinitely better than this.

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  very good

| | See all andytheyid's reviews (1)

I'm new to nascar so i thought i get the game to try and get an idea of the teams , driver etc.... And what a great experience i had, the game is excellent with great graphics from the crowd down to scratch marks up the car. It's got many options and the paint booth is a great touch so you can go and edit your car to what you want at any time. Racing it's self is great with realistic racing ,engine faliure's and blow outs at random times during a race.
Highly reccomended!!!!!!!

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