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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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| | See all Leo777's reviews (1)

I never really watched naruto tillmy mates got me involed in it and now i can't stop watching the animes, the story line is amazing and i played Naruto: rise of the ninja on my mates xbox 360 and i could never get off it. i can't wait to play this hope it comes today :D

  The most awesome anime-based fighter!

| | See all tiagoty's reviews (1)

Everything in the game is really well designed. From graphics, to music the game is really able to bring you the feel of the anime. A fair amount of characters (though there are some important characters who missed the game) and 100+ missions are enough to keep you playing. The story could be told much better but it's not bad.
If you like Naruto and Naruto fighting games then you absolutely have to buy this game, it's a must.. If you are just the casual player who plays fighting games once in a while and you do not know the series then you should see more about it before buying it, the fighting mechanics can be a let down for you.. Anyway it's a good fighting game that marks a revolution on the Naruto videogames franchise! Highly recomend!

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  Love this game to bits.

| | See all Asgara's reviews (3)

Incredible game, really like it. Good character diversity. Fun missions that are easy to win though can be aggravating trying to do the bonus requirements. Easy to get into. Free Battle Mode allows easy pick up and play, main story mode requires a bit more time. Loading times in the main story (bringing up Konoha Village) is fairly long. Good graphics reminiscent of the anime. No real replay value.

All the missions in the main storyline are fairly easy to complete, even the bonuses associated with the missions. Gameplay essentially revolves around the same few aspects, battle, field and 'mini games', though the mini games are missions in themselves and some can vary a little bit. Some missions allow you to choose who you want to play as, some require you to use a specific character, all the non-battle missions require you to use Naruto.

There are a good diversity in characters, at the very least if you are a Naruto Fan, you're bound to find someone you like. Each character is generally unique in that you won't find someone else exactly the same, but at the same time the differences won't differ all that much in terms of gameplay and combat effects. Characters have a very small amount of customisation:
You can choose which ninjutsu they wish to use in combat, you can only use one, and the ultimate ninjutsu cannot be changed.
Some characters have different costumes to use.
Some characters can begin in an awakened state.

Downloadable content is also a plus, enabling you to pick around 8 more support ONLY characters, as well as extra missions. (Note that these extra missions are not connected to the original missions, you can download these and choose not to do any of them and still unlock everything the game has to offer easily.)

I thought the graphics were very good, on HDTV it was sharp and although it isn't 'True Anime graphics' it is still close enough for an Anime-like experience. I can't say too much on sound other than the game allows you to choose between English and Japanese Voices, dialogue has English 'Subtitles'. I thought the Japanese Voices were very good, I never tried English - I didn't want to hear Naruto going "Believe it!" all the time. (I didn't like English Dubbed Naruto Anime.)

When I played through, I easily clocked over 30 hours of gameplay time, though I don't tend to mess around a lot in my games until after I finish it or whatever. Once you reach 100% completion though, it may take you 4 days (40 hours gameplay time) or more if you don't play as much, but there is little else to do after that.

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  He'll be an okage sooner or later. Believe it! :D

| | See all TheLolcatMan's reviews (8)

I'm not a Naruto fan, but CyberConnect2 makes awesome Naruto games, as i learnt. This one is their first awesome on the PS3 :D
To an untrained eye, it looks like a cartoon or a 2d game, probably the best effect of that kind togheter with Valkyria Chronicles and Street Fighter 4. The level of detail is incredible, for example Naruto has an alternative uniform, being his pajama. One of his moves is slightly altered (look wise) in this case, as one of his clones will be sleeping in the background during the whole thing. Also the facial expressions really look good, and have a feel very close to the anime ones. Dubbing is good, but only if you consider the japanese voices, otherwise it's a typical lousy videogame dubbing. That's sad, but at least i got used to it and try to use all my games with the original dubs or language.
The story is a bit repetitive, no doubt. However the increasing difficulty and the, you know, the story itself make the whole experience worth it. Grabbing all the stuff that gets dropped in the village after every mission is tedious, but for some reason i felt like i really had to do that. Weird.
On the gameplay side, you need to know this is mostly a button masher. You won't really be able to win just punching around, but the system is really simple to use and pretty much every move is doable by everybody. You better grab the demo off the PSN, just in case.
There are a bunch of free expansions aviable for download, that add (well, they actually unlock, not add) new missions, support charachters and other goodies. You totally want those, especially since we are talking about roughly 1mb if you sum all of them.
Speaking of the story, this won't go into the Shiippuden part. Nope. For that, you'd better off with the US version of Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden that came out like last month or in may here in Europe for the PS2 (old gen, but looks sweet). However what's in this game is still a good story, a good amount of incredibly well done charachters and plenty of fun. If any of your friends is a Naruto fan, this will be most likely the only game you'll play togheter. And you'll have fun :D

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  Awesome game

| | See all hiphopblings's reviews (2)

I have been stuck with the game for hours the game is awesome and the graphics and fighting system is amazing

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  Pretty Good

| | See all timmaz's reviews (1)

The game has great graphics and is fun to play for a while, but after some time the gameplay gets repetitive and you find yourself always doing the same missions. the game basically has three types of missions; battles, tree climbing and tree jumping. the missions are easy to beat and you soon get bored of doing the same missions over again and going around town collecting scrolls, which i found extremely boring after a while. The graphics however are superb and the characters are refined to the slightest detail. The camera during campaign mode is rather slow and frequently fails to keep up with naruto and also the english voice overs in fights are off. Being a huge naruto fan i expected much more from the game especially since it doesnt even have an online mode. I wouldnt buy the game as of yet but rather let the price go down before thinking of buying it or else buy sumting else worth less in cost but more as a game.


| | See all rekuiem's reviews (2)

Amazing game, it has all a naruto fan need,
Gameplay awseome
Graphics 9/10
The only thing that they should have done is online play, it would have been the coolest

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  almost there

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

This is definately the best naruto game to date. The fighting is a lot more polished & although the control system is a bit basic it works well. The freeroaming gets boring after a while & they could have added a few platforming challenges rather than just the tree jumping/climbing minigames like there were in rise of a ninja/broken bond on the xbox. Graphically its amazing alot of attention to detail in the battles to the characters & moves & even when there are 6 ppl on the screen fighting, the frame rate doesn't suffer. There are a few things which let it down though...the story telling is awful, if you're not a naruto fan & haven't seen the series/read the manga it might not make a lot of sense. Secondly the camera is a bit slow & often fails to keep up with naruto in the freeroaming section of the game. Lastly is the lack of any online play which is most disapointing as the battles would have been great to play online & would have added a lot of longevity to the game. Overall though it's a great game, maybe not quite worth £40-45 however. Online mode next time please?

  Could be better gameplay wise

| | See all Mooders123's reviews (2)

look don't get me wrong this game is sick! but still there are still some propblems for example this is a naruto game there should be tons more cut scenes not reading boring text, also gamplay wise, mate too easy! one button attacks, constantly looking for scrolls, and various other items, the main good points about this game is that the graphics (if you refer to the anime) are one of the best on PS3 because it looks exaclty like the cartoon you cant really tell the difference and also the sound it good because you get to choice between english speech and the original japanese speech, but be warned some characters you think you will be able to play which are in the anime and manga are not there for example you can't play as any of the sound four excepet for kimimaro,asuma, kurenai, anko and shizune there are others but this is still quite a good game.

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