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SingStar Vol. 2 (with 2 Microphones) (Sing Star)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Good game...however!

| | See all Dancingdanneh's reviews (2)

singstar is designed for those who can acctually sing, enjoy entertaining friends or just when your drunk and have nothing to do.
I have only played this version of singstarand think its great fun (even if i cannot sing). however...i agree with most critics that the songs could be downloaded rather than having to change the game disk just to play one song (or atleast allow us to download the songs to our ps3 harddrives).

The microphones CAN be used for computer use with the USB attachment which has proven to be quite usefull as im releasing podcasts in the future. so really your getting more for your money as computer microphonescan be quite expensive for high quality.

Overall this game could be improved...but its great fun for the family!:D

  Solid Game - although songs could be better!

| | See all NeilDown's reviews (5)

A very average playlist of songs to pick from as standard. Songs like Paul McCartney And The Frog Chorus probably will tickle anyone over 30 - but hardly the 'core' demographic of this game. Likewise with The Cure's Pictures Of You (Close To You would have been a more mainstream choice!) and Morrissey's Suedehead (hmmmm!)

And yes, you can go online and pay more for more songs - but thats not really the point is it? By the time you've shelled out a reasonable 99p per ptrack you could be looking at a £50+ game.

Aside from this - it plays like its predecessor - you can upload your shocking performances to the Singstar online system, so that a 60 year old man in Scunthorpe can have a.... giggle.
In addition, the PSP functionality is a little gimmicky albeit pointless.

But what DOES make this version of Singstar stand out from its previous incarnations, is the option for harmonies! Kool and the Gang never sounded so good! But thats it - the ONE real big thing that differentiates this from the series. Is it worth £39.99 for that? I'll let you decide.

Roll on Singstar V.3 with online battles against the world!

(ps the review below stating synch issues is nothing to do with the game as the previous reviewer has pointed out. I had a similar issue with my Samsung - just ring the customer service line and they'll magically download an upgrade via your arial. Hey Presto! )

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| | See all Dcontrol's reviews (2)

All songs that have been bought off the singstore work with this and there already has been new songs added to the store over 300 in fact.

neffertitiuk to answer your comment it is not the game that creates mic lag but your HDtv. You need to go into the optons and calibrate the tv so you don't get a sound delay. There are no other issues with the game. I'd like to see an online battle/party mode to be included in future versions, that would be unreal.

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  sort out all problems 1st!

| | See all neffertitiuk's reviews (1)

If sony could sort out mic lags that alot of us are having this would be a great game!
My mic lag is so bad on my samsung hd tv that it is virtually unplayable.
Sure to buy when this is resolved,but wont hold my breath!

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  Singstar Vol.1 owners

| | See all Matherz's reviews (1)

I already own Singstar PS3 and see no point in purchasing a second disk, One question that hasn't been answered properly yet that I want to know is: will they be releasing all the songs from Vol. 2 on singstore either singly or possibly as a Song Pack (something singstore still hasn't used yet since the original release)???

Love the game itself but the issues around Singstore etc are neverending.

  fantastic for party nights and the family

| | See all Kenny08's reviews (27)

wow. this is fantastic. this is my first purchase in the series. The mikes are solid (but wired), but thats not a problem as the cable lengths are long. The tracks are all varied, and there are plenty more to purchase on PS3online at 99p each. Only very few music videos are in HD though, so dont look so good on your HDTV, but thats not really what this is all about. Fantastic fun, and the PS3 gives you scores and verdicts which keeps the competitive edge in if thats your forte. At £40 I would really recommend this if you have pals round, and it will be hilarious with a few drinks. Likewise, my partners kids (6 and 8) love it too.

  More info please!

| | See all Swiftyboy's reviews (3)

Yes I would also like to know if the songs you already downloaded from the original game work on this one. I don't think the microphones are wireless as sony would of announced that a while back. Either way its a must buy if they release a solus version:D

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