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Call Of Duty: World At War

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (511 reviews)"

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  Good and bad

| | See all AdamCM's reviews (3)

I bought this game because I like the zombie maps and the campaign mode. The multiplayer mode wasn't bad before black ops came out but now there aren't really many people that play the online multiplayer anymore. You might get anywhere between 1k and 4k users online at any time which is nothing compared to MW3 or BO. An even bigger downside is that there are so many people that have hacked the game it can be difficult to find a game where nobody is cheating sometimes which annoys me to no end. Another downside is that it takes way too long to reach any kind of prestige in this game, and killstreaks are not customisable they are locked at 3 5 and 7.
If you are considering buying this game, you will probably get the most enjoyment out of the campaign, I thought it was engaging and a lot of fun, and can get quite challenging at times. It only comes with one zombies level by default the rest you get when you purchase dlc which I honestly think would be a waste of money at this point in time, if you have black ops then purchase the dlc there instead. Don't expect a good online experience because you won't get one anymore.
Overall the game isn't bad at all it just hasn't aged very well. If they hadn't of brought out the dlc original zombie map packs for BO then this game would be worth more.

  COD is COD

| | See all RicardoBR's reviews (4)

I know that the newest COD (Black Ops) has not received very good reviews. Then I decided for buying World at War. I played a lot COD-2 (I think the most famous of the entire series). Who liked COD-2 and used (or still use) to play it, will love World at War. I strongly recommend this game. The online gaming is also very cool.

  loved it

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

i loved this game when it first came out and still do it is just a really amazing game good online good story and good graphics evan with cod zombies just an amazing game

  online good.

| | See all Bluemonkey13's reviews (13)

this game is incredibly frustrating. for those of us who play on veteran difficulty, the amount of grenades is ridiculous! if you got a pound for grenade thrown we'd all be frikin millionaires. this is the only reason i've rated the game down so much as its completely insane. also the fact that the enemies won't shoot at your team mates and all shoot at you :S wheres the logic in this? also your own team doesn't kill any of the enemies.. or very few of them, so the game might as well be called rambo.
despite this online is pretty good and the map packs are briliant.

  best cod in the series

| | See all MeanMrPringel's reviews (33)

ive been a cod fan since the 1st one and ive played them all and to me this is by far the best cod in the series the single player campaign is brilliant on vetran its very hard the online is really good I love the guns u get the KAR98K is my fave sniper in any cod game also the tompson is brill the maps are also very well designed unlike mwf2 and black ops they are huge maps and are great for sniping on or u can use a tank or just run around they relly do suit every playstyle the zombies mode is
ok its fun for a while but its no way near as good as left4dead etc so if ur a cod fan and u have yet to try this awesome game then buy it

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  BY FAR THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all gamer256's reviews (9)

When i switch on cod 5 i know that i m going to do something great if its the campaign,zombies or multiplayer they all get a 10+ the campaign takes you to the last days of world war 2 were youll be playing as an american and as a russian the zombie mode is by far the greatest invention for the cod series multiplayer is still the same great an fun so dont waste any time just buy it

  Call OF Duty: World At War

| | See all Gazman01's reviews (2)

*UPDATE 26/10/2010*
Having just finished another game, I thought I'd go back and have another go at this one having already completed it once before, and boy am I glad I did. I still rank this as one of the best FPS games that I have ever had the pleasure of playing, and as such still highly recommend this to anyone who likes FPS games.


Why does it appear that everyone is so down on this being set during WW2?

I for one love it, and would highly recommend this game to anyone, on the grounds that it is a very good all-round FPS.

So don't delay, get it today! ; )

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  Zombie mode is not cool at all.

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

The Zombie mode is the thing which most people rave about, and to be honest I can't see the attraction. It's boring after 5 minutes. The story itself is pretty good, but it isn't anything original. WW2 has been done to death. Thank God for Modern Warfare.


| | See all bush101's reviews (2)

this is a good game but if find it hilarious that most people love the zombie mode best about it does'nt say much about the game that an extra the developers put on the games is whats best about it
ps zombie mode is'nt even that good

  Good game but overshadowed

| | See all bobbbb12's reviews (6)

This is a very good game and has a good campaign mode. The 4-player (online or offline) campaign is very fun when you are with your friends. Multiplayer is also excellent and is great to play with friends.

However, i think that these main points (in my opinion) are overshadowed by the addictive zombie mode. I enjoy playing this more than the rest of the game because i find it much more fun. However, this is minor and if you buy this game just for zombies, you will not be crazy.

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