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Street Fighter IV (4)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (108 reviews)"

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  let down

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this game was a big let down after all the talk and i have to say the game and the fighting doesnt have the flow of tekken and the special moves aren`t as good or as flowing as mortal kombat my advice dont get it

  best fighter ever !

| | See all NEONDVD's reviews (45)

its the best 2d fighter you can play. i got it on ps3 and x360 and also got the madcatz sticks modded for both systems :-)

  4 this era it's better than sf2

| | See all Shinken1's reviews (5)

i'm a SF2 addict but can't go back to it after this game

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  It seems to be a game for a 3year old!!!

| | See all Arcanjo1985's reviews (2)

I always played SF!I was curious about the new SF!The game is almost the same thing as the old ones!I think SF EX&ALPHA is better and more vicious then this one!If you want a Fighting game for a good price,buy definitely Soul Calibur 4 or Tekken!These are really good games!

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  Gets better and better

| | See all Wryterz's reviews (23)

When I first bought this I hated it. It felt wrong, looked wrong and didn't play well, but being a Street Fighter 2 fan, I gave this time and it blew me away.

Each character has been developed perfectly, with agility, strength and speed accurately based on the fighters style. The Super combos are great but the ultra's are excellent (Chun-li's and Fei Long's amongst the best)

With hidden characters to unlock, a crazy boss to fight, unique challenge modes to help enhance your fighting ability and also to release numerous colours, this game has to be the best fighting game in a long time.

The story modes are okay, with manga style cuts, though these aren't excellent and the deletion of both bonus rounds and characters unique stages is a let down but online mode makes up for that and of course, two player battles are never dull.

Give it a chance and it will really impress you. The more you play this, the better it gets.

Looking forward to Super Street Fighter 4, with at least 8 additional characters!!!!

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  An SF veterans review.

| | See all comradedan's reviews (21)

Brought this a while ago and finally got around to playing it recently. I'm afraid I am not quite sold on this new street fighter though. Thing is I have had every street fighter game at one time or another and still play Alpha 3 and 3rd strike (which was by far the best of the series) on a regular basis years after buying them - will it be the same for this one?

Well in short it wont be. Although the graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is very smooth, this game does not have the lasting appeal of the old 2d classics. The reason is the core gameplay just feels a little broken. All of the additions made in the later 2d versions have been stripped out - no air guard, no multiple supers, no parrying, no multiple fighting styles, no bonus stages - and the worst thing is that no 3rd strike characters made the cut. Certain move priorities also seem a little wrong - it is far to easy to score a throw, the ultra's have a massive lag in between input and the move coming out, and the damage dealt by some moves is stupidly high.

Online play is ok but I have struggled to find matches with a decent connection and sometimes the lag is enough to make you want to quit the match in disgust (I have also got bored of fighting Ryu/Ken/Akuma players over and over again)

Single player is ok and Seth is quite easy when you learn his patterns. Some of the challenges though are stupidly hard - especially the timing of some of the moves in the combo challenges which makes the whole thing a little irritating. There are not quite enough characters in this one to make it last either and with the exception of Abel the new characters are not that great.

It's a decent enough game but I cant help wishing they made another 2d version with a huge roster - say everyone from alpha 3, 3rd strike and a few new ones, but I guess they are trying to appeal to a new generation of players.

No doubt we will get the usual - champion, turbo remixed editions in future, which may improve things but in the meantime I am off to stick 3rd Strike back on.

  Back to the old school!

| | See all ImranS's reviews (40)

This is hands down the best fighting game of this generation. The graphics are stunning and the animation is smooth and lag free throughout. The actual gameplay is typical street fighter but is slightly more forgiving than the older versions of the game. Don't let this fool you into thinking this game is easy though. For any casual gamer they will find it tough to complete the game on easy as it takes much practice. Eventually the effort pays off for what is one of the most purest beat 'em up for a long time.

Rock hard, but with perseverance and dedication this game is a true gem.

  Best fighting game ever!

| | See all ali1987's reviews (24)

Firstly i would like to point out i only played street fighter 2(claimed to be the best in the series) back when i was a kid. So it was both nostalgic and exciting to play street fighter 4. This is the first entry of the franchise to the seventh generation of consoles.

So what makes this game so great? Well let's start with the presentation of the game. It looks phenomenal, the cell-shaded graphics with the spreaded inks and smudges when characters strike one another really is beautiful and artistic specially the hodukens!. However it's not just the characters who are beautifully rendered and animated but environments too. Capcom had always paid attention to environment details of the stages since the first street fighter game. You just have to stop fighting for a moment or two to observe these details such as hungry dog in the night stage, or scientists in the seth stage or cheer of the crowds in other stages.

The presentation isn't perfect though, the anime cutscenes are totally dull and bring no backstory about street fighter characters. Furthermore, the menu is not as sleek as it should be. Audio is also top notch from sound effects to voice acting but you better off puting the japanese vocals than english ones which is a nice feature to have in the game.

Gameplay is where this game trully shines and is very rich. After you finish story mode you can play arcade or go training mode to master each character moves or play online as well as finish the challenges or unlock hidden characters. This game is meant to be played with a human opponent. I played it with my firend for straight 3 hours and still was so fun to continue playing but we had sore thumbs by then!

Even though i rated this game perfect i still have some niggles with this game. First off, for those of us who don't own official controller of the game is frustrating to pull off some moves this is very noticable in the challenges. The sixaxis controller is just not completely programmed to map the movements and feels sluggish. Seth as the final boss is cheap and frustrating even at the easiest difficulty though i enjoyed fighting Akuma(my favorite character) and Gouken.

All in all, i am grateful that Capcom made this game. It's a worthy addition to everyone's collection. I'd like to ask though why they released the sreet fighter 2 turbo hd remix in the same timeframe that SF4 was released in Europe?

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  Easy to pick up and play, difficult to master

| | See all Grappa's reviews (1)

Had this game since its release and still love playing it! Good fun offline plenty to do, Great fun online once you've mastered a couple of characters (one is just not enough!) pitting your skills against the best online. Very addictive game certainly the 1 i've played most out of my ps3 collection.

  Great Beat'em'up.

| | See all onetorulemall's reviews (55)

Nothing really to complain.It is perfect as we thought it would be.The first game after street fighter alpha 3 to make my hand have blisters.Great game for everyone.Classic.

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