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WWE: Legends Of Wrestlemania

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (47 reviews)"

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  Maybe not a `legendary` title

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Many reviewers before me very correctly pointed out the different features of this game. In particular, one of them underscored the fact that playing its demo does not really give you any insight into it, and judging the whole game upon the demo would be a huge mistake, a mistake I made myself. In this respect, another common mistake is to compare `Legends of Wrestlemania` to the more popular Smackdown vs Raw series, both published and developed by THQ. However, being an old school wrestling nostalgic, I eventually set aside my reservations and finally decided to give the complete game a go. Was it worth it? Well, I will say that some aspects of the game surely cleared most personal preconceptions but others just consolidated them.

On the whole, there is no denying that the developing team at THQ have given us wrestling aficionados an unprecedented opportunity to relive and interact with the most defining moments in the history of the showcase of the immortals. In this respect, Legends of Wrestlemania is the only game around that allows you to re-enact adrenaline drenched, capacity crowd matches such as the one featuring The Hulkster and his then gargantuan nemesis Andre the Giant. The career mode ( Wrestlemania Tour Mode) is divided into three categories: Relive, Rewrite and Redefine history. In the first tangent, you will be prompted by a sequence of on-screen button chains to win the fight as it really happened; in Rewrite, you will be wearing the boots of a series of wrestlers who did not get the title or lost at past Wrestlemania events, with a chance of changing their fate; in the last category, you will be given carte blanche and play as whomever you want.

Although the career mode is surely peculiar and innovative, the control scheme is what dampens the mood of the game altogether. The scheme consists of four buttons (strike, grapple, block and action), and the remainder encompasses basic manoeuvres, including chain grapples and reversals (most of them prompted), which makes the game appear dull and repetitive. In other words, when you get down to it and your match is underway, you will realise that flurry of punches and chain grapples are all it takes to fill up your momentum bar and deplete your opponents` energy gauge, building towards your finisher, which is also on-screen prompted. In terms of environment action, there are a few neat features that vary upon the type of match you are playing. For instance, in the `Stone Cold vs the Rock` Relive match, you will need to put the Rock through the Spanish commentators` table and take the fight as far as the entrance ramp. Surely, this is a nice addition and its versatility might just tilt the scales in favour of the positives.

Amongst other features, there is also a second career mode (Legend Killer Mode), in which you will have to take your own created superstar all the way to the top by defeating a series of legends tiers. In turn, wining matches and meeting criteria yield experience points expendable towards your superstar`s attributes - and provided all attributes are limited to four categories, it will not take you too long. What is more, a specific tier of this section is dedicated to superstars ported over from Smackdown vs Raw 2009, a feature that owners of both games and wrestler aficionados might well find appealing.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend to give this game a go. The game also comes with a multiplayer function, which, structurally, is very similar to the Smackown vs Raw one, but is entirely different in terms of gameplay. However, if you feel you are more comfortable with the Smackdown vs Raw control system, you might well consider hiring this game before buying it.

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  Great fun .

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

I know that wrestling games are not the best games you're going to get but this is something else. I loved this game from the minute I started playing it this is the best wrestling game made so far ignore the bad reviews they obviously can't see what is happening in front of there eyes

  very bad

| | See all BrenReid's reviews (1)

The gameplay is the worse of all wrestling games, the graphics are average. The only thing this game has going for it is the nostalgic factor. This is by no means a legendary game........

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  A blast from the past

| | See all rainman007's reviews (4)

It was great to play as some of the old star that I grew up watching however that novety soon wore off and the game becomes very tiresome and repeatative.

  Good Game But Could Of Been Better

| | See all DanRSturbo's reviews (9)

I got into the WWF in the mid 80's and watched every major event I could on Sky but lost interest shortly after wrestlemania 10 and certainly don't watch it now. This game is a good oppertunity to play as your favourite WWF wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. Gameplay is ok, but I have found that it's a bit tricky to pull off all the moves required to win the match and get gold. Practice makes perfect with this.

  One for the old school fans....

| | See all BRF316's reviews (5)

I got into WWF in the early nineties back when bright coloured lycra, feather boas and larger than life characters were the craze. I continued watching as the "attitude" ear begun but after Wrestlemania X-7 my interest began to wain and sadly I no longer watch it.
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is a game for those who used to love the WWF for the reasons stated above. It brings back the memories of the over the top, camp, characters and some of the epic battles they used to have.
Presentation wise the character models look very good. Some have dismissed them as looking too "action figure" like but personally I don't see a problem with it. The only negative point is that some of the crowd can look pretty shocking but that's a minor gripe.
Sound is good, authentic entrance themes, commentary from JR and The King is good albeit slightly repetitive.
Looking at old reviews the control system has been slated. Is it as advanced as SvR? No. Can you do as many moves as SvR? No. But this game isn't trying to be SvR, it's gone for the old arcade style which was popular with the time it's trying to promote. For those that remember playing "Wrestlemania" on the SNES or "In Your House" on the PC it goes for this kind of style, albeit more advanced. I personally don't have a problem with it but equally I can see why some would after several years of SvR games and controls.
The roster is certainly robust and can be added to with importing the currenty wrestling crop from an SvR 09 game save. With this you're looking at around 80 superstars. With additional room for a further 30 create-a-wrestlers.
The Relive, Rewrite and Redefine portions of the game are great fun and the objectives you are required to do during the match really add something to it. Other game modes include Singles, Tag, Triple Threat, Royal Rumble, Cage, Hell In The Cell and Ladder.
In conclusion I can see why some have gripes. For today's crop of wrestling fans used to today's WWE style and superstars, this game isn't for you. If like me you were a fan from the early nineties to early noughties then I would certainly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.