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UFC 2009: Undisputed

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Realy Good Game

| | See all StevieDVD's reviews (46)

This game is great fun a little getting used to

Its not all about button bashing there some cool moves to pull off and great with your mates... Graphics are Awsome...

People take games too seriously its all about having fun... Whether u button bash or pull off the ultimate move.. You Win You Lose its only a game :) Top Key with game is Fun and this has it

  Just a Fun Button basher Really

| | See all Leech123's reviews (1)

Not really a game for the person who wants in depth story or more beyond just fighting as this plays out maining in the "ring". Someone mentioned having a BT home HUB which is the "best" wireless but if your miles away form your BT exchange online play will be slow the HUB may be the best but BT are years behind Virgin on the broadband front. The game tho is decent button basher and provides no real thinking but i would try out the demo frist and play that a few times first before buying the blu-ray Copy.

  the average persons opinion

| | See all david22's reviews (3)

I have to say that i never got into the whole UFC thing. i never like the look of the sport. i downloaded the demo from the playstaion network because i friend told me that the graphics were amazing. when i started to play it turned out to to be just a beat 'em up like i expected but a complex game that requires you learn how to play rather than button bash. i would recomend this even if you do enjoy the sport

  Possibly the Greatest Fighting Game you will ever Play!

| | See all qprledge's reviews (20)

This game is fantastic, and very addictive, the quality of gameplay and realism is outstanding. I'm not a WWE fan but this game is incredible. I thought well the demo is very addictive and lifelike, so I thought I should invest on buying it. I was not dissapointed, the graphics outstanding, realism perfect. The main reason I like it is because of how addictive it is, I absolutely love this game. Definately the best fighting game I have ever played, the demo was great, the game is outstanding, apart from CoD 6 I don't know if there is another game as good as UFC. The career mode may be short but just as addictive as exibition mode, and having all the equiptment licences makes the game feel more realistic. If you have the money, please buy this game, you will not be dissapointed!


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  Terrible Disappointment

| | See all steff242's reviews (2)

This really was a huge let down, I decided to purchase the game after playing the demo, I thought the demo was quite good but of course was looking for something even better when the finished product came out. But to be brutally honest it was like playing the demo over and over and over again. The career mode is extremely boring there is no real storyline or live scenes, you don't get to move around like you would in the WWE games or other games in a story or career mode. And further to this the story finishes extremely quickly leaving you no room to progress your created character further or anything else of that nature. Moving on from this I really bought the game for the Online play, but that too was a major let down. It's extremely slow when you're trying to fight someone, so much so you can literally see a kick coming towards your head. This most definitely has something to do with the UFC server and not my connection seeing as I have a BT Home Hob which has the best Wireless connection going and i've had none of the online problems with any other games. I am very let down by this game and don't see myself playing it again any time soon, looks like i'll be going back to the old faithful games like GTA and COD. The price is ridiculous for what you're getting, a complete waste of money - DON'T BUY THIS GAME IT SUCKS!!!

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  Addictive and brilliant!

| | See all TarantinosHeir's reviews (62)

I downloaded the demo and couldn't stop playing it for 2 hours straight. My mate came over and we played against each other for ages just pounding each others faces in (me beatin him) and thats how long we played it with just two wrestlers available to play as!

You can get loads of combo's with each character and a lot of moves so you dont get bored. Were both getting the game to play online aswel which is great and another feature is that you can make your own character which is sweet.

Deffinate must buy.


| | See all XDEATHLOCKX's reviews (1)

I downloaded the demo and the controls at first are hard to get the grips of but when you do its amazing, beating the pulp outa somone and then then jumping on top of them and beating them senseless untill they knocked out. TRY THIS get to controllers and set it to 2 player, but only use one controller and beat the other guy up just standing there, BUT only use JABS dont do power shots.
its AWESOME! trust.


| | See all Dunham's reviews (18)

This game is amazing, the gameplay is so good and is quite easy to get familiar with, the graphics like the blood and sweat are unbelievable; the graphics overall could easily be the best ive ever seen!, this game is a must buy and for £40 is well worth it!

  Ground and Pound!

| | See all WarlordArchaon's reviews (1)

im abit fan of mma especially ufc, pride and k1 and this game is just as exciting as you can get a knockout or submission from anywhere!
as most ppl here i have only played the demo and was abit lost at first but after going through the tutorial i found the controls easy and how you would want them. i havent put the demo down since downloading it and just preordered it here.
another thing i love about this games is the physics, and graphics. i could write an essay on this game based on the demo but chances are if your thinking about buying it u have a ps3 or xbox so download the demo and try it for yourself!

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  Must buy

| | See all Juggalo71's reviews (1)

I will start by saying I am a huge fan of MMA and of the UFC in particular. I love beat em ups. This is not a beat em up however it is a sports simulation. It is however simply amazing.
The graphics are great, the fact the fighters get damaged, even as far as bruised if you kick them repeatedly in the mid section or legs, is amazing.
The controls are intuitive. Easy to learn but you are always discovering new moves/combos/feints/takedowns/submissions.
The gameplay is the one thing that makes this game stand out however further than all before it. It is simply jaw droppingly good. The single punch knock out to the three round war. If people think this game is too easy push up the difficulty for a completely different experience. Tactics and stratedgy then come into play. The demo only contains two fighters but I have not stopped playing it both on my own or with my mates round since I downloaded it.
It seems to be the one game that all my mates have and are talking about who have either the PS3 or the Xbox. It shows how good this demo is that everyone of my friends have it on pre order.
There are some reviews on here that don't rate this game well everyone has their opinions. Mine is that this is going to be one of the greatest games on the PS3.