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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Like God of War (or better)

| | See all plamia's reviews (1)

Impressive game, bought it second-hand and didn't expect too much, but was surprised. It's beat'em up with a great variety of scenery and a lot of different weapons and moves, and it's hours and hours of fun.

  a true game to behold

| | See all SirMuzza99's reviews (3)

the minute that i started to play this game i was completely blown away by the amount of detail and artwork that was put into making the beastry and the characters as well as the amount of lore that was put inot the game, it also shattered my perception of the general hack and slash action rpg the minute u start to play as war useing all of the arsenal that you pick up as well as the environment to your advantage it is a defonate game of the year and will be venerated by all action rpg and hack/slash players

  Excellent game...thoroughly enjoyed playing this

| | See all TheFours's reviews (2)

Although it can be a quick game and may seem a bit easy for some I like it because it has a good and solid storyline and most importantly you don't have to hours upon hours of your life pointlessly repeating the same parts over and over.

If your fortunate enough not to need a job and can spend the time playing those games then your lucky, otherwise if your like me and have a job and find your spare time taken up by other things also then I cant recommend this enough.

  ok game

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

not really everyone cup of tea i am one of them people that could not get in to this game fair enough it probs is a good game but just not for the life of me get in to it.

  Darksiders...taking ideas from every other game...AWESOME

| | See all MisterBliss's reviews (4)

What to say about Darksiders...well its fantasticly good fun for a start. After getting stuck on a certain point I left the game for a few months and played some more recent games, I decided to pick Darksiders back up and was sooo glad I did.

As said in previous reviews this is not your run of the mill hack and slash, the story is really really good as are the weapons War can wield. I dont want to say too much about the story or give away any spoilers all I will say is the ending gave me GOOSEBUMPS!!!

The graphics arent the best but that doesnt seem to matter when your decapitating demons left right and center!

All in all and great game, they have definatley "borrowed" ideas from other games...pretty blatently too but you just dont care.

A definate buy, for the price you cant go wrong!

  Great game!

| | See all GunsOfLiberty's reviews (17)

Darksiders is a great game overall! It has sort of cartoon style visuals complete with blood and gore, and a nice plot to keep you hooked till the end! Gameplay is solid enough although the fighting system is not as deep as GodofWar but it has some quite interesting moves. Audio is good overall, particularly the voice acting is top notch! Overall the game is worth playing and the series seems that's going in the correct direction!

  Very good indeed...

| | See all chumpy101's reviews (4)

I missed this when released and so bought it only recently and have to say was very pleasantly suprised. Big fan of God of War and Uncharted 2 and I enjoyed this nearly as much.
Also recently bought Castlevania - Lords of Shadow and graphics aside, the gameplay in darksiders is much better.
Hope there's a few more out there like this that I've missed..


| | See all Leamonde's reviews (2)

When having a look at trailers or videos you can think this game is another boring GOW clone, but the reality is much different!

This is not a hack & slash with no brain, Darksiders uses the best virtues of several games and put it on together to make a winner.
In fact, when playing, it reminds me more of Zelda Twilight Princess than any other game.

Brilliant graphics, interesting story and ambience, action combats without crazy combos (not like Bayonetta), challenging puzzles,once you start it you want to carry on playing 'til the end.

So: GOW+Zelda= Good game? With Darksiders the answer is yes, despite the fact nothing is really too original here.

On the cons side, once you finish the story there's not much more, so re-playability is absent. The story is long enough to enjoy and don't complaint about.

It will not make history, but it is a very solid piece of software, I wish all games would be that honest.

  Good Game

| | See all steviebhoy73's reviews (18)

Above average button basher with some good puzzles thrown in, downside is once you've completed it thats it, no bonus games shame really but overall for 12 quid snap it up !!!

  good game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

really good game everthing you want in a hack and slash with game play good graphics with the extra bonus of having to think its not just a straight walk through great game

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