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Madden NFL 09

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This is the first Madden game i have played on PS3 and it is a treat to be had. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay just as much. In my opinion its up there with the Fifa series as the best sports game around and is a treat for fans of the NFL to control their favourite team and land Super Bowl glory and in my case with the San Diego Chargers. If you are looking to understand this great sport then playing this game is a must. Enjoy

  Madden 09

| | See all iankilroyjnr's reviews (2)

NOTE - This is a review for players who are not experts within the Madden Series / American Football

So after watching a bit on the internet and viewing the recent history of my new team (The Patriots only because they have England in the title) I decided to venture into the world of Madden. This wasn't my first journey in as I have owned the 2007 360 version but couldn't really remember why I didn't like it apart from the huge selection of available plays and the complexity of it. This time I promised myself to actually learn how to play the game before I judge it.

I will make it clear now that after 48 hours I have sold the game on as I utterly despised it in its entirety.

First off the graphics are good as all the Maddens have been and the movement of the players are good.

Now the rant begins. I knew a little bit about the game yet still was lost with the game and the numerous options for every single action. as a beginner you can get John Madden to select your plays for you which does work well for beginners. The expert mode would be ideal if you did know everything about Maddens and was a bit of a fan boy. The problems are in the middle. The progression from beginner to expert seems a non-starter. Madden does let you choose between 4 different plays each in three different sections and a little bit of time spent on the game shows the player what works best for him. What annoyed me was that there was no advice given for what section to use when. Run, Pass or Special plays are the options but no advice is given over which one to use when in possession. If this was added it would be possible to learn the game no doubt but EA have nothing there to help.

This year Madden has raved about the IQ test available in-game which personalizes the difficulty of the game in relation to your performances. What a load of crap! After never playing the game before I pass with an IQ of over 500 which put me in the top difficulty bracket. After the first quarter of the first game I was 24 - 0 down. This gave me negative view of the game before I even got too far into it.

I understand this game is more of a sim than an arcade still game but surely EA can do a better job to cater for both types of players within one game. The difficulty of the "Franchise" career mode was also rock.

Another pain in the behind was the time taken for each play. A team gets 40 seconds to decide how to set up their play and this works perfectly when in possession. When in defense the opponents really take the biscuit and often take over 30 seconds which slows down the game ridiculously. A simple "press X for instant play" would remove this problem totally but EA ignored this potential feature.

At the end of the day if you are a fan boy or an expert at the tactics involved with the NFL then I would say you will enjoy the game as it has been design for you. Tr the players wanting to learn the game or just wanting to give it ago I would strongly suggest you stay away as EA seem not to be interested in catering for you in the game.

Rating (for non NFL experts) 3 out of 10.

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  Good game but Ive got a problem

| | See all swan141's reviews (19)

I really like this game and online it runs smooth apart from when i try to play my friends. We live in the same are and play online with cod4, Grid and a few other games with no probs. Anybody else had this problem?. Apart from that its a good game graphics and gamplay are both excelant. But because of the problem playing my freinds ill only give it 3*.
P.S if anybody has any info on this prob let me know

  typical madden!

| | See all arthurboyo's reviews (2)

If you like American Football, you will enjoy this game! To the previous review that gave it 1 star, I take it you don't watch American football... Changing tactics happens pretty much after every play in NFL, considering you have four downs to make every 10 yards, you kinda do have to change your tactics all the time to try and make it...


| | See all itsadz's reviews (2)

very boring i admit it was my first madden yet but so anyoing you get tackeled then you change your tacktics whats the the point iy might as well be madden maneger 09 to sum the game up boring very disapoinying and dony get it

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  One of the best games available on the PS3....

| | See all ChrisSmallUK's reviews (1)

Im a big rugby league fan so when my team's season ended last september i was left with a 5 month gap to fill.

My mate recommended i start watching the NFL and to purchase Madden 09 as a way of getting used to the rules of the game etc.

Now, Im that hooked on the game and the NFL that im glad i bought this one just so ive something to do during the NFL off season!!

Having not played previous games in the series before, i cant offer a review on how different the gameplay is from previous games. But one thing i can comment on is the Madden IQ feature, which adapts to your gameskill level throughout the game. This is a great feature and allows you to compete against yourself by producing ever improving matches. I hope EA decide to implement this into other games such as the FIFA series.

  The Best Madden Yet

| | See all MANBEARPIG08's reviews (19)

This is the best Madden game to date. First off the graphics are fantastic with brilliant weather effects, muddy fields turning white jerseys brown, being able to do your own endzone celebration and the jerseys, helmets and players all look perfect. Gameplay is much improved from previous years with you being able to break tackles and telling linemen where to block, plus the players movement is very realistic. This game just flows and feels great when your out on the field. The commentary is brilliant and makes the whole presentation so much better with Cris Collinsworth analyzing where you went wrong and what you should have done to make a good play. Its presented just like watching it on TV and that makes it fantastic. Franchise mode is pretty much the same plus the AI has been improved to make it so much more difficult, you really have to be aware of your surroundings this time and that makes for a great challenge. To sum up this game is superb and the most realistic to date so if your a die hard NFL fan or even if you have never played it before it well worth a try and is not hard to pick up. More brilliance from EA. 9/10

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| | See all bumbleheed's reviews (1)

EA sports are always incredible but have somehow improved and this can be seen with how they've closed the gap on pro evo. Your old copy of Tiger Woods will get you through this year adequately but Madden 09 is an absolute must have. trust me

  Its Still Not The Greatest. Let Me Explain

| | See all MacAttack's reviews (7)

First of all im probably going to get bad blood for this seeing as everyone else has put great reviews lol but here goes....

For gameplay on offense its improved slightly...The fact you only get about 7 audibles is a bit stupid especially if your Peyton Manning for example who has more audibles up his sleeve than play.com has dvds.... Another thing is that when you drop bck to pass your pocket always collapses, what happened to being able to stand tall for 5 seconds??? meaning that if your sacked its at least a 7 yard sack....

Running the ball out of the shotgun has never been harder, and i dont know if thats a good thing especially considering when I do it on say 2nd and 14 theres no eliment of surprise to it even with 5 wideouts on the field, whats up with that??
There are some good things though, i mean Tom Brady is rated 99 for once, and slide protection does seem to work better for stretch plays, but other than that on offense no great strides have been taken.

ON DEFENSE: right first of all is Ladainian Tomlinson always covered in baby oil or something??? You cant bring him down for crying out loud..Oh and AP is almost on that scale...And what is up with tank ass Jamarcus Russell always scrambling and completing passes?? If that was realistic then the Miami Dolphins were the ones who went 16-0 last season!!!! I think stopping the run, no matter what difficulty its on is way too easy, (except LT or AP) but yet defending the pass on defense is really tricky. I mean u can only control 1 defensive player, i tend to be the DEF TACKLE but i swear the computer purpously turn your secondary into a bunch of idiots, i ask myself why is Champ Bailey covering like a 1 legged dog??? Thats the gameplay sorted..

As for the game modes madden get a huge well done for the madden moments which is terrific fun.. The franchise is the same old cropola were you just win superbowl after superbowl and trade for good free agents.. i did a funny trade actually...im the patriots and before the start of a season i traded my 1st round pick with kansas city straight swap 1st rounder for 1st rounder. Please tell me why would the Chiefs ever do that??? I dont think ea gave the other 31 head coaches a brain in the making of the game...

Im going to wrap this up by saying if you want a fun, arcady style football game please go ahead and buy it and break even more records with brady and moss, but if its realism and the real smell of turf you are after then leave this game firmly on the shelf because the only realistic thing you get from this is that Brady and Manning are Rated 99, even if it should be 100 lol.

Anyways its your choice and I just hope you make the right one...as for me Im going to go win a 5th straight bowl with the pats. as mr cadle would say bye for now bye bye

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| | See all Redman316's reviews (2)

This game is awesome, they finally got the and throwing down to prefection. Kick returns are now more likely I have done bout 6 kick returns and bout 9 punt returns so far and I've only had it bout two weeks, the defending is a little bit tougher but you just have to get used to it, also the side games such as mini games and madden moments are good fun. I dont know what you are talking about when you say it freezes I havent had this problem maybe you should look after your games better or sumin. Anyway if you like nfl the slightest you will love this game. This will keep you busy untill pro evo 09 hits the shelves.