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Need For Speed: Undercover

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  awful game

| | See all savir17's reviews (2)

The steering is pathetic, drives like a toy racer, graphics are pretty pure considering nfs pride themselves on graphics beyond their time, the graphics are similar to games from the PS2 & the free roam mode is the worst aspect of the game

  Official Review- NFS Undercover

| | See all thebogieman10's reviews (2)

The storyline is good and I like the twist but unfortunately the game seemed to only concentrate on the storyline and the acting, the graphics aren't very good especially the surroundings, the car customization is very poor, seems very rushed, miss most wanted and carbon and even undercover 2. NFS WAKE UP!!! it seems to me like they're trying to displease their fans before they finish the franchise.


| | See all RajaMedare's reviews (9)

this is by far the worst need for speed game ever. Firstly it has terrible frame rate issues and the screen cannot keep up with the action. The story mode is ridiculosly short and the story line is also terrible and has been done by need for speed before or it seems it has. This is a complete waste of money if you want a racing game for playstation 3 go for midnight club LA the best racing game around or burnout if youre looking for something a bit less serious.

  Don't waste your money like I did!

| | See all gibsonexplorer12's reviews (1)

this is a terrible game that only took me under 4 hours to complete. this game has a bad storyline and terrible online play modes, meaning after you've completed the story mode there's pretty much nothing left to do. don't waste your money!

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  Not the best.

| | See all Goffin19's reviews (7)

As a big N4S fan I bought this game on release and enjoyed it the first time through. Just started playing through it again before the new one comes out and re-discovered all the small niggles which make this particular N4S very average. As most other reviewers have noted a particular problem is the game loading a new area of track whilst you are mid-race causing the screen to freeze for a second or two. This can happen numerous times per race and is incredibly annoying! Also the car customization has gone a little downhill from previous titles. Visual upgrades such as hoods are car specific and i'm not a big fan of the colour wheel for paint. I've also noticed how it is very easy for your opponents to bash you off the track or spin you out but give them a shunt back and it's like crashing into a brick wall. The races are pretty repetitive and the only thing which really keeps you going late in the game is the desire to race in the Veyron. The police in this one seem pointless, i think they need to take a leaf out of Most Wanted and re-introduce the bounty scheme if the police are going to be a successful feature in future titles. I know the team have had their time frame reduced to produce the N4S franchise but come on, they need to be better than this to keep keen fans like me on board.

  why so bad?

| | See all DJTM11's reviews (9)

why are need for speed games becoming so bad. I have been let down on the last 3 nfs games. Still no 'be a cop' mode and graphics still look like a ps2 game. the new nfs looks good but why bother when the new colin mcrae dirt is coming out.

  A poor game.

| | See all DarthQuentin's reviews (12)

I bought this game as a bit of filler between other better titles. I played midnight club la and found it infuriatingly hard after a while. This game is not that. It is quite easy.
The reason for the poor review score is that it has been some time since i have played a game so badly designed. The pop up and load in is awful. You will be racing down a street and suddenly the game will freeze up while the game loads the next view, and then there will be a hard corner that you couldn't avoid as it has only just loaded. If it's not a corner it's an oncoming vehicle.
I didn't think things like this went on anymore but this is a poor example of this and makes some races a lot harder because you cannot plan or react to what is going on.
As for the story, this is at best naff, and seems to have been written with hormonal teenage boys in mind. Lots of glossy scantily dressed ladies trying to add intrigue to what is a fairly poor story.
On the whole a very poor game, and only worth playing if you are truly desperate and getting for a very low price.

  A game for the novice

| | See all Crewe8's reviews (165)

I've been playing this game for about 6-8 hrs, i'm 55% through it at the moment ,i am enjoying it as its not rock hard like some games and i would call myself a part-time gamer.
The only problems i've found with this game are...The screen goes white for about a second, when its trying to catch up with its self, and the races can get a little repetitive, Not a game for a hardcore gamer ,or a expert in racing games...


| | See all Metal1's reviews (14)

welcome to the glitchathon by EA the lazy ones. i told myself i wassnt going to buy this game because of horrible reviews but i did cus i was bored and needed somthing new.

Well its not bad, the list of cars are very good and they all handle very well and the customisation is not as good as Midnight club but the cars feel alot more realistic.

another plus was the barriers in races because in midnight club i would have a habiit of taking the wrong turn, getting lost or crashing straight in a wall becasue im looking at the damn radar, this was a fine addition and concentrates more on the racing. The soundtrack is very boring and short i seem to hearing the songs over and over again and you cant change them ahhhhh.

Finally the glitches, its full of them which is uncommon for racing games as usually they are pollished. But they come in many varietys such as: the black hole, where the track go, and my favourite the 456 mph atomic drop haha, where you fall through the floor.

the games funnish and has some cool stuff in it, too bad its owned by a lousy company.

oh and a good glitch, if your car gets impounded as in three strikes, or just the one and you have no money, immidiatly turn of your ps3 amd you will have it returned to you.

  NEED FOR SPEED IS... not back yet

| | See all ianking's reviews (18)

This game is quite fun, but it's only a tiny bit better than the PS2 versions of NFS. E.g: The graphics aren't that much better, not very realistic in terms of every car that isn't yours looking exactly the same on the road, but can be a bit of fun.
If you're a fan of the franchise, get this game. If you're not, don't bother.