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Need For Speed: Undercover

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  Need For Spped Under - ACHIEVER

| | See all TwistedThistle's reviews (4)

Honestly dont see what ever is raving about this game is one of the worst in the series so far. It trys to Be Most Wanted and fails in ever way. The environment is lovely and free roaming around it is great.........however being unable to set GPS waypoints to drive to your next race leaves you opening the map and autojumping there every time.

No real sense of direction or storyline and just a seemingly endless list of meaningless races pieced together occasionally by a very beautiful but pointless cutscene.

Better off buying Most Wanted if youve not already played it and if you have and enjoyed it just avoid this in my opinion. 40 Quid down pan for me should of bought new Tomb Raider......

  Brilliant but has it's down falls

| | See all Laawwrreennce's reviews (1)

I really like this game i think it is brilliant but there are two things that annoy me.

1. You can't drive to races can only press down to get there
2. At the moment the races are easy. Most of the races I win by like 8 seconds or more and i'm not even that good. I hope they will get a little more challenging.

Apart from them I love it. The graphics are amazing. I saw a review where they said they were poor. seriously they really aren't. The crashes are realistic as well like pro street where if you crash you have realistic dammage to the car. The music and sounds are very good. Sound is very realistic and there are more cars to choose from like Zonda, Buggatti Veyron, Mc Claren and Porshe Carrerra But my favourite part of the game are the police chases. They are so good. In most wanted the beggining chases are easy to evade but on this they are actually quite hard and fun.

So basically get the game it is really good and worth the money. Deffiantly up there with most wanted.

  Need for Speed Undercover

| | See all VoidSpirit's reviews (21)

Good Points
Fantastic sense of speed
Brilliant list of cars

Bad Points
Poor framerate-why EA cannot produce a nfs game with a framerate that can stick at 30fps is beyond me, regularly drops very low
Large steering deadzone-meaning you have to really push the analogue stick hard to turn at times.
Difficulty-ridiculously easy

Worst of all though is the general design of the game, theres a free roam mode but its useless since you cant drive to races, you just press down on the dpad and it skips to a race. This renders free roam useless and keeps cop chases to a minimum which is rubbish as the game is based on cop chases within races. You cant drive to performance shops or car shops as you just press start and choose cars. Upgrading cars is useless since a more powerful car is cheaper and better than getting a poor car and upgrading it.

However, I'm a pretty big nfs fan and I can see past these to get some enjoyment, I wouldn't pay £40 for the game however, I can see this dropping in price very quickly after the awful industry reviews it has.

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| | See all thisgamerocks's reviews (1)

I too experianced a tiny weeny bit of lag but not as much as the dude above me implies very good game i think if ea wer to make another one i would say make it the same as this one but more traffic and still again make it even more realistic. I mean thats basicly what there aim is-to make it as fun and realistic as possible i really do enjoy this game so ea if u readin make a like...a undercover 2 that would be good any1 who likes racing,street racing, suping up cars i would say this is a must have game for you i still dont like the fact that theres no multiplay...tis a shame that but still this game is very good=)

  new nfs as good as most wanted

| | See all kvll666's reviews (3)

I just start playing and im in big shock!!!i though they wont ever make something good like most wanted (if u still remember).game worth this money and if u like racing games this 1 should be the #1 repeat the #1 game on ur list to buy it (if dont have it yet ;p) thrust me im playing nfs series from hot pursuit on pc.just 1 minus in this game its to easy.nice one ea and play 4 it.

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  Pretty good!

| | See all Boro28's reviews (1)

well what can i say? a great game to play , after playing for a good few hours i realised that this game was alot more fun than pro street. i didnt like pro street at all to be honest , having to go round circuits was pretty boring.
undercover starts by putting you in a police chase , you being the escaping driver , this is similar to NFS carbon , this game feels alot like carbon in the way of free roam and handling of the cars.

the controlls are simple to get used to and the handling of the cars is gread , FWD cars really feel like FWD cars , the same for RWD cars, the graphics are fantastic , detailing the car spectacularly .The sounds of the cars are jaw dropping , i litteraly sat there for 30 mins reving the engine of my simple nissan 240sx , it sounds awesome. and when you acqure upgrades for performance of the car , the engine sound changes slightly to give that power-feel
there is also damage which is nice, it looks realistic too , one race i hit some traffic and my bonet was dented and when i hit over 100 mph the bonnet flew off behind me! which was pretty cool. to sum up the good points i would say this game is highly addictive and the selection of cars is real good .

now for the bad points , there isnt that many really , one major point is lagg, sometimes whilst racing you might experience a little bit of lagg/slow screen rate. this is a little annoying at times but dosent spoil the gameplay that much. another downside is the actual speed of the cars, it might just be the first few cars but i was doing about 140mph which felt like 14mph, but again this might be because it was the first car i started with , the city itself seems a bit quiet , theres not alot of trafic really and theres not alot going on there , the last 2 bad points i would have to make are the fact that this game dosent have multi-player offline mode or a mode where you can simply 'do-up' a car when ever you want, you have to go into career mode and do one up which costs alot of money.

so overall i would reccomend this game to anyone who is a fan of the series or to anyone who likes modifying cars. i personally think NFS underground 2 for the PS2 is still the best , the customisation on that game and the activities you could do make that game the best for me , if your reading this EA , if you would make the next NFS game similar to underground 2 , i would bow at your feet .

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