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Need For Speed: Undercover

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  6 stars

| | See all connerjack's reviews (1)

this game is the best, it has the best graphics ever and the controls are the simplist ever. the game does not have a story to it altho apart from that this is by far one of the best games ive played so far. the best thins abput this game is the cars you can do them up better than and other NFS game :P

  A let down

| | See all MikeMcc1972's reviews (20)

After ProStreet I was looking forward to this but....a welcome return to street racing from the more track based pro street, good grahics and who needs much of a story - it's a racing game. However the races were way way way to easy. Winning by "miles" despite hitting the wall/on-coming traffic just isn't fun and I am by no means an expert racer. Here's hoping Shift will be better!

  Such a shame

| | See all Twitcher2403's reviews (2)

I was really disappointed with this. I played it through to the end just to get my moneys worth, but honestly, stick to Pro street if your an NFS fan. Lets hope NFS Shift is going to be better

  Whats Happening!?

| | See all kevingerrard's reviews (4)

I have always been a NFS fan up until Pro Street and now this. The game has excellent graphics and half decent gameplay, however is a let down for NFS fans. The game has no storyline behind it, therefore just pointless races. All in all half decent game but not a NFS game.

  What's all the moaning about!?

| | See all Bushido666's reviews (19)

I tried to keep this game aside untill I got a good HD TV, but I couldn't resist!

I'm a huge NFS fan, and this game is wicked. I only give it four stars because, firstly, I'm old school and I like to use the X button to go and the D-Pad to steer, but NFSUndercover only allows you to steer with the analogue sticks. Secondly, I played for maybe an hour when I first tried it and found that I had already gotten a good bit of the way through the game.

Car selection is great, storyline has just enough to keep you interested and the new 'Jobs' feature is alot of fun (stealing vehicles, making deliveries, bashing the bad guys cars off the road)

  What the hell was that?

| | See all SquadCarChaser's reviews (10)

Worst NFS game ever. No storyline, just pointless racing. Still no "Be the Cop" mode available either. Good graphics, but you sacrifice gameplay.


  NFS Undercover

| | See all Jacknicholls's reviews (10)

Wow what a game...
The graphics are really good are the game play has improved dramatically... for instance when you are driving really fast the image blurs a bit like it would do in real life which makes it more realistic and also the AI cars finally crash!
That is funny to see when your racing seeing the computer actually crash for a change instead of finishing the race in immaculate condition that makes it more realistic.
Overall, I will give it 10/10 for being such a great game..., which is good considering I own every NFS game out there, so I know my stuff when it comes to these games ;)

  is this a need 4 speed ?

| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

Well first of all is this this game up to the n.f.s standards? This one is nowhere near as good as pro street or most wanted the races get boring and a bit repeatitive. The grahics are awesome just what you want in a ps3 or xbox 360 console also nowhere near as good as midnight club la but please dont buy this game. Not a very good game.

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| | See all Gemlou66's reviews (2)

I thought the game got very boring in all. Started the game and thought it was good, as it had different reaces from NFS Pro-street. But then it got too repetative. I think that people will be wasting their time and money on this game and i regret buying it! Lets just see how the new NFS is when it comes out this year!

  Need For Speed Undercover

| | See all forbzi's reviews (2)

First of all this game is a big disappointment, ive got all the need for speeds and this doesn't come close o what they have previously made such as need for speed underground 2 and need for speed most wanted.
When i heard this game was coming out i was really excited but when i played it i was slightly disappointed but i thought it would get better well i didn't and this is what i think is wrong with it

-its too easy i completed it in 5 days and i played on it about 2 hours a day
-it a really short game
-handling is poor e.g. i can turn corners in my porsche carrera gt at 150.
-you crash into a car at 190Mph+ and you lose about 50mph and the car you crashed into just moves out the way too easily
-the police chases are rubbish no way near as good as most wanted
and thats all i can think of
the only good points about it really are
-mods on your cars
-the range of cars you can get
-how easy it is to get (trophies or achievements)