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Need For Speed: Undercover

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (107 reviews)"

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  nearly 5 stars

| | See all Aguero's reviews (9)

This is a great game!
** the driving is good and easy to get used to
** cars have great control and even at speed its easy enough to judge corners
** cars look Great and have decent customization

the only thing i feel is wrong with this game is that these amazing driving menouvers you are MENT to be able to pull of are quite tricky, slow you down a LOT!!!!! and and dont help you at all wen evading the police

but everything else in the game is top notch

would defo recommend to others

  Patch available for PS3 online now.

| | See all Ozric670's reviews (6)

Just downloaded an update for this online and it has made a difference to the movement of the car.

  Solid racer, but basic

| | See all stucoupe's reviews (23)

I've played all the NFS series to date. Those that have not, just remember its a tad arcade. Having said that, its no worse than Burnout, and possibly better.

This copy of NFS is more like Underground 2, in that you tour the streets looking for races; finding a race is easy mind. There are the added bonus fun factor, in that there are police too; much like Hot Pursuit.

So, yes, its arcade; smashing into barriers is allowed and does not penalize. The handling of the car is not all that real (thought Pro Street did a better job, and no NFS comes close to GT games).

Graphics are fine; on par with the last PS2 games. However sound FX are much improved. Pro-logic 5.1 loves it.

Lastly, online is improved compared to Pro Street. There is no lagging or ghosting; crashes are real - you can bump. The downside, I havn't figured how to select races; so end up in the High Performance catagory, where the cars are just stupidly fast; too fast. If they're going to be this fast, then the courses should be longer and more sweeping, a bit like Pro St, or even the old Road Rash bike game; point to point.

  excellent fun - 4.5 stars

| | See all reviewking's reviews (52)

It seems, for most people, gaming fun is in direct correlation to the amount paid for a game. I was lucky and didn't have to pay a lot for my copy of NFS.
I think it's a great game. The graphics won't have you salivating, but they're as good as they need to be. There is a good selection of cars and the racing is really really fun. One of the best street racers on the PS3.
There are no menu's either, unless you go to options to upgrade or purchase new cars. It's a sand box city, but unlike the diaapointing Burnout Paradise, you simply press down on the D-pad to continue the story mission. You also don't have to look at the map during races as the wrong turns, except short cuts, have been blocked off. Being chased by the police is also really good fun. I play most racing games and I don't agree that this one is too easy, in places, it can be quite challenging. You don't want this sort of game to be too hard otherwise it would get dull.
Also, and i've never said this about a game, the surround sound and music is excellent. Possibly one of the best i've heard. Most surround sound uses low level noise for the rear speakers. This dosen't, which gives an extremely emmersive feel.
I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys racing. I've had it for a while and don't think i'm too far through it, so it has a good life span.
Like I said, if you expect your world to change after paying £39.99, wait until it gets cheaper. If you pay a fair price, you'll agree that this game is simple, excellent fun !

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| | See all dobby002's reviews (7)

This game is gd fun and great to play at the start but it just gets so boring after a while i havent even bothered to finish the story mode its just the same thing over and over again

  Best NFS

| | See all NeNiMel's reviews (2)

Did you like nfs mw. You will definitely like this game. Both gameplay and graphics are great and the online part is very nice. The only complain i have is that you can't customize down to the small details like you could in nfs u2. But the game is worth every penny.

  Not great.

| | See all jimbob8's reviews (18)

Fun...for a little while. it just seems as though you do the same over and over again. races are stupidly easy to win. the only good thing i can think of is the cars and graphics, everything else is a let down. :(

  good cars, good graphics but repettative gameplay

| | See all 1181181's reviews (2)

Better cars than normal and good graphics but easy repettative gameplay. Worth playing for a few days entertainment.