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Race Driver: Grid - Special Edition (Exclusive)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Best yet

| | See all capello's reviews (6)

Ofcourse better games will come.
But at the moment this one is the standard.
Best combination between arcade and simulation to date. Lot's of racing action combined with having to actually drive a good race to win.

  The BEST RaceDriver yet

| | See all simpson1's reviews (29)

This game is stunning; the detail of the cars and landscape is far better than any racing game to date. The specators are now no longer just a motionless blob, with individual emotions for individual people. The physics are brilliant too, the game really makes you feel like you're travelling at 200+mph. Damage is exceptional also, in previous racing games the whole bumper would fall off, however if only half of the bumper is damaged on Grid, only half will fall off. Online multiplayer is great fun, with options for choosing locations and disciplines within different continents, you really get the grasp of every kind of race. Buy this game, you won't be disappointed.

  Absolute quality game.

| | See all Chunk1986's reviews (2)

I think this game is absolutle awesome and a must buy. Yeah the ai does bump you and try spin you off the track but this game is soooo addictive and fun to play. You dont have to be experienced to play this game u just have to know how to race and brake when corners come up. I find this game the best driving game i have played in ages gran turismo needs to learn a few things off race driver: Grid as gran turismo is gettin boring.

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  ok but not for a nfs fan

| | See all Keron123's reviews (16)

the game is ok but the action starts the moment you enter the game, the ai is too real in my point of view, sometimes the ai can actually get jelous of you being in front or thats how it seems, when ever you actually get in to first place they dont mind destroying their $10,000,000 sports car to get you off the road, or even damaging their engines, but that doesant seem to matter as they know every secret there is, they accelerate rediclousley fast going from 0 to 60 in under a second overlaping you if you even spin out for one second,

my advice is that unless your an experienced race driver and are not used to nfs, dont get this. im giving it 3 star purely for the graphics.

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  Totally Awesome!!!

| | See all cufc90's reviews (2)

As the title says, Grid is Totally Awesome!!! It is very realistic and great entertainment. Best racing game out for the PS3 so far, woot woot!!!

  Looks Stunning But....(Review Revised)

| | See all Gormless's reviews (13)

A major disappointment this game i have to say, after playing and pretty much mastering the demo off PSN i bought this thinking i was in for some top quality fun but i find the game incredibly frustrating. The AI of the other drivers may well be described by Codemasters on the DVD as realistic but i would be more inclined to describe it as a nothing more than a cheat.

Once you get in to first place you are constantly nudged up the jaxy and sent scuttling off the track only to rejoin in last place, now i like a challenge in a game (I loved the original Wipeout and that isn't what you would call easy) but Grid never seems to reward your efforts. Unfortunately i prefer driving games from the bumper view and in Grid this is not implemented very well, the camera angle is too low and you need the reflexes of a horny Ninja as the track comes towards you are a terrifying pace with a view too low to see the corners and curves, the bumper view isn't much better either being nearly the same angle but with a big clunky bonnet in the field of view.

I should love this game, it has looks, it has lots of variety and when you ain't getting shunted up the sphincter it is awesome but it has that terrible AI so only 3 stars from me.


Well, Well, Well what a difference a setting makes, turning off the stability control turns (for me at least) Grid in to the highly playable superb racer i thought i was buying in the first place. Now when you get shunted you do not go flying off the track and you can shunt back and give as good as you get. Because you are no longer in fear of flying off and hitting the wall through no fault of your own all the other points i raised above now seen so trivial, yeah the game moves at an electric pace but it is funny how it is so much easier to handle when you are not thinking to simply stay on the road.

I have upped my score to 4 stars, Grid is a stunning game but my initial disappointments prevent it from getting a 5.

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  Truely awesome racer!

| | See all joew39's reviews (1)

I really do love my racing games and have played or own most of them and this really is one of the best! fun from the second you start, loads of variation and pretty slick graphics to match. if like me you like this series of games or any type of racing game this really is a must!!


| | See all Ownagenator's reviews (4)

This game has received 9/10 in a lot of reviews, and I can see why!
The graphics are awesome, it has excellent damage, the cars are spectacular, and there's none of that tuning and customising rubbish; just pure racing! And you can race online! I'd say this is the best racing game out! And it's much more fun than GT5 so this is a definite keeper!


| | See all mattyc898's reviews (2)

ok now i have bought the game and it is absalutly amazing i cant stop playing it i can think of no better way to spend my money on a ps3 game, one of the best games i own and i hope they make a second one, this is defenatly one of the best driving games around, it provides a challenge wich many others dont i love it