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James Bond: Quantum Of Solace

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (113 reviews)"

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  Very Good Game

| | See all paky90's reviews (1)

Quantum of solace is a good first person shooter where you can control the awesome characters of James Bond.
The story is a mix of the plot of the recents two films.
I like so much this game and the cheap price is a good opportunity to play it.

  Good enough for an old game

| | See all BrianGT's reviews (16)

If you prefer sneaking around sliting throats rather than runing in guns blazing this is the game for you. The graphics are good enough and gameplay is excellent. You will have hours of fun creeping around with a silencer on your gun so to kill undetected.
The controls are easy to pick up as are trophys but the game actually hard enough. Their is alot of alarms, cameras and locks to disable througout the game.
The online modes are excellent but no offline multiplayer modes which i was disapointed to see after the hours of fun i had on the wii version.
Overall i would say a great game but it depends what type of games you like. At 8 euro its a steal and even if you didnt like stealth games buy this it will turn you around.


| | See all starr69's reviews (25)

Quantum of Solace is a great game to play, this is one of the best action games out there!!! i was hooked onto this game for weeks!!! Great game.
4 stars because it could be improve a bit more but very close to 5 stars

  Supurb Game, Better Than I Thought It Would Be!!

| | See all Yonzinho17's reviews (27)

This game was a great shock to me, since the N64 golden eye game there hasnt been a decent James Bond game release in my opinion until now, the graphics are brilliant, the storyline combines casina royale film AND quantum of solace which is a bonus and the trophies are quite easy to obtain on the game which is another plus, a must buy for all James Bond (and non) fans out there!!

  The best £6 ever spent

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

Although the game is short, it is very entertaining.
I completed the story mode in only a few hours solid. The trophies are very easy to obtain, and the graphics are surprisingly good. If you like Bond, you'll like this. Can't wait for the next one in November.

  classic bond

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

i thought when i was getting this game i was taking a gamble as the last few bond games were not very good but this is a really good game its up there with golden eye on the n64 it has good flow good trophys a really good game and at the cheap price now well worth buying

  Names bond, james bond

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Now thirst, the graphics are ok but not the best. Secondly easy to complete and the mission are fun, enjoyable and worth the money. Thirdly the onlining is great. My favourite ones are bond versus and bond evasion. For a game that has a movie to it i thought that it would just be a normal game, but i wouldent of thought there would be onlining and that it is popular. This is an exellent game. Keeps you into it for some time, story mode was short but fun and theres the onlining which is great. Although i would of could it casino royale. Great game cant wait until bond 23 comes out and hope there will be a game to it.

  Good shooter

| | See all Nafemeister's reviews (12)

Nicely done with a good 007 feel. Some of the levels are rather frustrating but some are absolutely fab. If you like to take your time sniping rooms full of bad guys then you will find some levels spot-on. Overall a very good shooter.

  Don't be put of by only 3 stars!!!

| | See all MilesWS's reviews (16)

This game is fun, the graphics are not bad (kept the feeling of the previous james bond games). The first impression wasn't great but play on and it draws you in, but it does finish abit short... and sudden, but worth the money!

  A really good "inbetweener"...

| | See all Sungod's reviews (6)

Nice game play (mix of COD4 and Vegas2), very good graphics too. To hard to play in the 007 mode. And not too short, like lots of people say. For around 10 pounds - a buy!