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James Bond: Quantum Of Solace

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (113 reviews)"

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  James Bond: Quantum Of Solace

| | See all russdude13's reviews (9)

This game is brilliant!! If you have seen the movie it is so accurate. It combines both Quantum Of Solace and Casino Royale. The story mode is long and entertaining. Each level as its own trophy, such as use stealth without getting seen.
The online is great, with many different modes such as golden gun, deathmatch, bond versus, and more.
This is a great game.

  Bond... James Bond

| | See all Gilly11's reviews (7)

good game, graphics are good and game play is great, the overall game is short with hardly any replay factor, the best point after you complete story mode is the skill u have 2 use online which makes this game a must, enjoyed through out!

  ok but not great

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

ok fun but there are much better shooters available, and to be honest i would skip this one in favour of resistance or call of duty.

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  Good game to Short

| | See all anthony1992's reviews (8)

very good game the multiplayer is very good a mix of rainbow six and call of duty ..... it is also very easy to get the platnum tropy

  very addictive, dissapointing story

| | See all Millz2410's reviews (15)

This was a very addictive game, a good couple of hours gameplay well spent but i feel it should have been more in order to beat the game. I spent half of the Game in flashbacks to Casino Royale and because of this i was dissappointed. The graphics and general gameplay i was happy with. The online feature helped this title greatly. many different game modes and a heafty amount of players constantly online met my online needs time and time again especialy with headset compatability, i was able to organise my team and socialise with other Bond gamers. it it wasnt for the in game conversation which took me back to casino royale i would have rated this game 5 stars. but it was still pretty darn good. :)

  Not bad but too short

| | See all tinynic's reviews (22)

My score is based on if you RENTED this game... It's too short, in my opinion, to be worhy of an all out purchase... I played and finished it in a couple of days.
To be honest this game is good fun to play... Gameplay is fairly straight-forward with just moving through the levels, killing the bad guys, collecting the collectables and unlocking doors... Even though it's a tried, tested and well worn set-up the parts with stealth and leaving the hotel after having your drink is spiked in Casino Royale add a bit of variety.
As mentioned in another review each level has it's own trophy upon completion but there are also additional trophies for doing certain things or completing an objective in a particular way.
The story combines both Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace and is as engrossing as you probably expect it to be... All the voice cast appear to be there with both Daniel Craig and Dame Judy Dench making appearances voicing Bond and M respectively.
The graphics are ok, nothing too special... Bond looks like Bond and the places you are look like where they're supposed to but they're not going to make you sit back in amazment.
There are plenty of weapons to take your pick from and lots of things to blow up... Alongside the weapons you can also 'take down' the bad guys hand-to-hand... As well as sneaking up behind them and doing a stealthy take down. The cover system works fairly well although sometimes I couldn't get Bond to blind fire over it at enemies... Could be the angle I was at, could be a glitch but never the less it didn't really spoil anything.
I read alot of bad reviews for this game upon it's release and rented it the other day as it was all the library had and I was a bit bored and I'm glad I took the chance on it as I very much enjoyed playing through it but, like I said... This game is definately a rental game and not a game to buy... Rent it, try it and if you really enjoy the online mode then it may be worth £25 but definately rent it first. 4/5 if you rent it... 3/5 if you buy it as the single player story mode is just a wee bit too short for me.

  Weeelllll all i can say is OUTSTANDING!!!!!

| | See all grovester5's reviews (1)

I got this game for Christmas and comepleted it on easy sooo quickely, i am not a gamin freak but i was addicted!! I am still baterlin' through 00AGENT even now though in May which shows how long lastin this game really is.

The Graphics are amazing, everything is perfect and certainly not rushed. 9 out of 10.
The storyline is great because it starts all the way back in da begging and skips out the boring bits so u are always left with a misson to do. I don't know why this is called Quantum O f Solace it should really be called the whole James Bond package!! 10 out of 10.
Great online graphics and online gameplay. I was disappointed that it was only a 1 player game but it makes up for it with the online play. 9 out of 10.
Ovaral a great game with few faults. I give a 5 out of 5!!

  Not bad

| | See all Grey123's reviews (1)

Played this and thought it was ok, Good idea bringing Casino Royale into it. Great controls if you are a COD fan, nearly identicial, Activision for you. Good weapons and hand to hand combat, as long as your quick with your fingers. No real bad points just a good game. My rating of 3 is based on COD4 been a 4/5 (not including online) and GTA been a 5, i like a good story game, hope this review helps.

  Mediocre Bond game!

| | See all JonNy90's reviews (11)

Repetitive gun battles that allow almost no room for experimentation - just duck behind the cover provided and slowly pick off enemies in level after level of painful linearity.

Some environments look better than others but they do stay varied. Explosions are lacking and animation repeats happen all too often.
SCORE: 3/5

Lasting Appeal:
It's a dreary, repetitive affair that never makes you feel excited to be in the shoes of James Bond. I'll stick with Everything and Nothing, thanks.
SCORE= 1/5


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  takes you back to a simpler time somehow

| | See all Tyke2007's reviews (30)

i love this game, controls not unlike COD with some R6V thrown in. Recommended