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Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  funny, creative and playable!

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dont listen people who said that this game is poor. This game is one of the best spiderman game's, no doubts. There are so many missions (repetitive? well, you are spidey and you have to save people, fight, etc... as the comics history, so it's not repetitive). The story is so much interesting to begin and finish the game. Maybe sometimes there are a few problems with the camera (only when you are climbing and fighing) and some clipping but nothing dangerous to play. I really think that this game for this price is a very good option, i liked it!!

  i like it

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best spiderman game to date easily the best spiderman game to date and if you don't think so rent before you buy silly

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  Not as bad as it COULD have been.

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Having played the first three games based on the movie and only bothering to complete the first two, I was expecting this game to get caught in the web of the terrible pathway their games have been heading lately. But as a matter of fact it did NOT.

It may have been because it was not based on the movies or because the producers decided to make the game what it once was when it started. Fun, not too difficult and whitty.

It also has a bit of an "Infamous" vibe to it as well in regards to the choices and the publics perception towards you. Overall gameplay is pretty refreshing, especially with the upgrades which are quite handy.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it can be completed in about 7-10 hours (solid gameplay). This game deserves more credit than it's receiving, due to the fact that it seems as if they went back to the drawing board on this one to make it a game that people would actually care to complete.

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  Huge let-down!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

| | See all handyman7483759's reviews (2)

This game had huge potential. A totally original game with no connection with a spidey film,episode or story. But how did Activision manage to get this game so wrong? This was the first game I ever inserted into my PS3, and I was immediately terrified that I had just wasted all of my savings on an over-rated console which didn't really have amazing graphics. It took a couple of hours playing Uncharted (my other new game) to reassure me and bring my heart-rate back to normal. But that's not it. The missions are repetive, and believe me, although they may seem real cool at first, those wierd symbiote monster people are so plentiful that they become boring.And don't even get me started on the dozens of missions in which you have to either destroy like 10 symbiote pods, or save a bunch of people from certain death. Although you meet many different characters, having to then listen to them constantly boss you around and send you on practicaly identical missions will have you seething with rage at not being able to tell spidey to throttle them or something. The unlockable move combos are cool, and swingin through the city's as wicked as ever, but that's about it. The game has no replay value whatsoever and maybe the worst thing about the game is the boss battles. Although the bosses may seem incredibly cool and the story's build up to them's quite good, it just takes too long to beat them. It gets repetitive as you have to destroy hundreds of pods to stop the cascade of baddies pouring out of them only to inflict some damage on the boss, see the pods sprout back again, and repeat the whole process for dozens of times. This game gets two stars from me, but thats not a one because of the great combos, the amazingly flexible swinging, and the fact that you get to pause at some times of the game to choose whether you want to choose the the path of evil or of good. But really, this game was a total let-down apart from a few good factors, but if you've got a pocketful of cash to burn, I'd spend it on something else.

  No no no no no!

| | See all Roughers's reviews (3)

The graphics were a major let down! I was expecting gta4 style graphics and it is nowhere as close! I would say the graphics were only as good as a ps2 game. Shocking. However, the actual game play is alright with a good enough storyline. Camera angle goes wierd at some points which is very annoying!!

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  Best 1 yet

| | See all sadact's reviews (17)

I'll make plain and simple for anyone who is not sure if to get this.
If you are a fan of spiderman comics, get this game.
If you are a fan of the movies, get this game.
Graphics: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10 (some dodgy camera bits, but not a reason to not get it)
Lifespan: 9/10 (A lot to do, missions are good and long, but nothing to do once you've cpmpleted it)
Main point is that if you are a fan of spiderman get this game.
Add me if you want- PSN: Blackmore92

  good, but...

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

This is a great improvement on the previous movie tie-in spiderman games. The story line and characters are good and although the voice acting is terrible it doesn't spoil the experience really. This is definately a step forward for the spiderman game series, the controls are tighter, the combat is better and the terrible camera issues have been resolved...mostly.
However there a few things which annoy me about the game 1) once you finish the story there's nothing to do, you can't free roam your only option is to restart the whole game losing all your upgrades etc 2) there are frequent glitches and the frame rate isn't the best 3) my game froze on a few occations, but that could just be my copy i guess lol. Most of the annoyances from the previous titles have been rectified but some are still there, along with some new ones.

Overall this is a must buy for spidey fans and if you enjoyed the previous games but felt a bit let down, like me, this is definately for you. The best spidey game out there! (Apart from ultimate spiderman, in my opinion).

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  Is he strong? Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood

| | See all Webslinger's reviews (10)

Well I was dubious about getting this game after the dismal Spiderman 3 game but somehow this is a great game! The fighting is responsive and arcadey, which makes it lots of fun and you can actually see spiderman on the screen compared to the incredibly dark lighting issues of the last game. Changing between the red/blue and black suit on the fly never gets old. If your like me I've wanted to test drive the black suit since Spiderman 2. Spiderman 3 allowed you to wear the suit but it made very little difference to gameplay. But in Web of shadows you can essentially do everything you'd expect spiderman to be able to do(with the exception of of sitting on flag poles and lamp posts and that pointless "hanging upside down and sliding down the web" move from previous games).

One bizarre design choice was that they have reverted back to spiderman's webs seemingly attaching to the clouds when swinging through the city. At first this seems like a backwards step, but this break away from realism never hinders the freedom you get from propelling yourself around the city and if anything, just adds to the arcadey fun and for once spiderman finally feels like the A-List superhero he is meant to be. You actually feel powerful. Gone are the rubbish fighting mechanics from previous games where you had to fight a single mugger then run away from his friends to regroup to plan your next attack. Now you can wade in without a plan and take on a bunch of bad guys without ever touching the ground or taking a single hit.

The game environment is enjoyable destructible, things break how you'd expect them too when spiderman gets through at them or you through a bad guy.

The voice acting is pretty terrible, but you do get used to it. And the camera canhave a mind of its own. But then it does have to contend with a character than can go up or down by hundreds of feet at the touch of a button, so it's sorta forgiveable.

Getting to chose between good or bad choices at certain points in the game may not change gameplay in a dramatic way, but it does at least simulate the feeling that you are a hero in a living breathing world and you can make important decisions. Do you cheat on MJ for example and start hanging out with black cat? Or do you stay faithful and tell the tramp to bog off?

Despite my beast intentions the temptation to stay in the dark suit is pretty much overwhelming. Its more powerful, you can pick up cars and through them and as you unlock more moves you can shoot tendrils out to grap people 100 yards away etc. The downside is people stop cheering your name and run away and scream the more you rely on the darker option. And you can see why, as when a car knocks into you as your walking across the road are you really not gonna tap circle to pick it up and through it into the ocean. For the first time you can experience the inner turnmoil peter faces when he wears the dark suit. You can't fight the dark side it would seem.... It's the most fun i've had in a spiderman game since playing as Venom in Ultimate Spiderman. Imagine that throwaway fun experience and through in better moves, a more arcadey feel and the incredibly ace black suit and you've got yourself a fun free roam sand box superhero game. Something of a rarity at the moment. I got this for 25 quid. The game is not worth more than 30. And 25 quid for a bit of what you like aint too shabby at all.

  simply amazing

| | See all alopolis's reviews (8)

This is an awesome game. It beats every other spiderman game by far. Combat system is much better, the game is just more fluid. A must have for spidey fans

  Good or Evil you decide

| | See all converted's reviews (32)

To start with this game is a great improvement to Spiderman 3. Unlike Spiderman 3 web of shadows has a totally new and original story for the game which helps break the game away from any restrictions from a movie or comic deal.

You're thrown into the game with the city in chaos over run by symbiotes shield solders trying to hold them back while you're trying to find MJ. After a quick intro you're taking a few days into the past where the current events started to unfold.

After this intro part of the game the next hour or so you will meet up with Luke Cage who will help train you for the game, doing various missions/ tasks and training spas etc and once you have completed these tasks Luke Cage will join your allies list which is a new addition to game that allows you to summon certain characters you meet through out the game into battle to help you take care of the games many enemies which can prove quite useful.

You have total free roam of the city ground a sky there are a lot of random crimes that pop up on your map and can help stop if you choose to. Some of these crimes help you complete optional bonus missions such as stop 10 bank robberies etc in previous games where stopping gangs you've never really got much out of it but yeah doing so will gain you valuable experience to help upgrade and obtain new movies.

In previous games transporting someone to a hospital used to just appear on your map as an extra job to do in web of shadows though you won't find this instead while fighting enemies if a civilian gets in the way or is trapped in a car while is explodes then you must try and save them and get them out of harms way or to a hospital adding a more heroic feel to the game rather than people in need popping up on you radar.

The graphics have improved from the last instalment as well rather than trying to look to serious the game has a nice comic book/ cartoon feel to it that works really well.

Another good thing with the game is that you can either play down the path of good of evil. Through out the game you will have to make choices which will lead you down one path or another meaning you could essentially play through the game at least twice to get both sides of the story.

The biggest improvement to the game has to be the combat its very fast, there are a lot of moves to learn and upgrade and both you normal suit and black suit have their own moves in addition to this you can web zip onto your enemies and fight in the air which is fantastic. No longer do you have to worry about falling to the ground while fighting flying bosses and enemies if you do start to fall you can web zip back up to that enemy and start pounding him again with little effort.

The game does have a couple of faults. 1 the camera now and again decides to have a mind of its own and will keep looking up to the sky easily corrected by pressing the R3 button. Easily solved but still annoying. 2 there are a few graphic glitches in the game enemies will sometimes get trapped in walls or cars or even turn invisible altogether.

Overall though this is a fantastic game, fans won't be disappointed and will welcome the new improvements. The game looks and plays great and is a lot less irritating and fun than the last.

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