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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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| | See all Ianjong's reviews (19)

I went into this game not knowing what to expect...and what I found was an awesome FPS with a good storyline, and the best enemy AI of any FPS ever! One of the few games I have played to conclusion without getting bored. And i dont understand those who say it is too short as it has around a 10 hour campaign....Get it, you won't regret it!

  brilliant game

| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

This game is a very good shooter, graphics are brill and the gameplay is excellent. People who say this game is way to short really must have had it on easy and only followed the story missions and never did the side missions or the races. I just finished the game and i had over 13 hours of gameplay which is not bad for ten pound.

  really fun game

| | See all JensonButton09's reviews (9)

enjoyed this game all the way some really fun missions and side missions with mutant bash tv is so fun to play over and over its also a good way to farm the money and trophys good game to play sound story and graphics not as long as boarderlands or the like but still worth going for

  Top notch

| | See all wuggis's reviews (1)

I nearly didnt buy this because of the mixed reviews. But i'm so glad I did! Best story in any game of this type for years. I havent enjoyed a sci fi shooter this much since ,dare I say it?, halflife2!
And forget all this"I finished it in 5 hours" crap. If you did then you missed more than half of the game. Go and have a look at the percentage of awards in your trophy collection I bet its not even 40%.
I just finished it on easy and already know I will be doing it again on the harder settings. Like your supposed to do with an I.D game. Easy is meant to be just that to let players of all abillitys see all of the cool stuff in the game. Now go and play on nightmare and tell me you can finish it in a few hours.
Fantastic shooter with some ok driving action added to the mix. First class story and a lot of replay potential. A couple of years ago this would have won every award going. Nuff said


| | See all DaveJarvis's reviews (1)

Brilliant shooter, incredibly fun with side missions and races available as well as the story missions!


| | See all rozzer8's reviews (13)

before buyin this game i did read the reviews on this site ,,,,, i dont know wat the other guys are doin (you must be missing alot of the missions),,,its borderlands come fallout ,,,very smooth running very acurate great graphically so much to do ,,, improve your vehicles , weapons , ammo , armour i think it is outstandin well done ,, but am not so sure why it was only 15 quid ,, its not long since it has been out ...

  here's hoping

| | See all chrissdad's reviews (2)

I didn't get this as a new release so only paid 20quid for it and can understand where those paying full price feel a little short changed . The ending spoils the game in A) it's suddenness and B) it's lack of anything solid story wise..

however Should this be a starting point for a longer game in the form of a sequel then sign me up now . The graphics are a lot better than most games of it's type with rich environments and a great feel but there is a lot of restriction in where you can go . I wanted to get out of the vehicles more and explore up the cliffs and in waste sites etc but it simply doesn't let you . take away these restrictions and throw in some mutants etc to shoot at in the wastelands and you've got a better game straight away ..
Also a game like this needs open play .. whether it comes at the finish of the game or while on your first run through open play in a style similar to red dead and it's ilk would really suit this game.
For the completion fans and trophy hunters out there there is a challenge but unfortunately a frustrating one .. card collecting being the main .. every level / area you visit in campaign mode usually culminates in you causing something to explode or damage blocking off areas you didn't fully explore first time around and once you miss them they are gone no going back .. This means it offers a different type of gameplay where a second run through leaving no stone unturned is necessary. but I would definitely prefer having repopulated levels to visit and find things.

the ease of the game has been mentioned by a few but for me I don't switch on my PS to have my brain fried I switch it on to kick back and chill out for a bit and shoot some stuff. for this the game is great and some of the best characterisation of bad guys I have come across.. shoot the propane tank on the back of a flamethrower enemy with AP rounds and see what I mean .

race engine is simple but smooth enough although the often gravity defying and difficult to control at speed on bumpy areas get's frustrating .. There are a lot of side missions on the job boards and from strangers but would love to see more ..

all in all don't expect to be overly challenged by the game avoid playing the last mission .. ( one straight after you get the pulse weapon and a lot earlier than you'd think) and have a good explore to get the most out of it and hope that a rage 2 with more depth is on the horizon

  too much hype.

| | See all Nikey1's reviews (19)

This game was hyped up wayy too much. What a disapointment. Played it once and that was enough. Was a waste of money, dont buy this game you will regret it!

  RAGE: fun, but far too short.

| | See all Soothslayer's reviews (38)

Overall, this is a fun FPS with all the usual trimmings (big guns, head splatter, extremely violence), but I just completed it in a day of casual Sunday gaming so I'm feeling rather cheated. The game's much hyped graphics are superb and the game play is fluid. Sadly, the story is very one dimensional and the format of the game rather repetitive concluding with the usual cliffhanger to keep us interested while they develop RAGE 2.

Despite Fallout 3 comparisons, this isn't a sandbox or an RPG, it is a good old fashioned FPS, so don't expect too much else besides. There are plenty of nice touches, such as the racing component of the game, but even with this the game was all over too quickly for my liking. My advice: wait for a bargain.


  Brilliant !!!!

| | See all Rhodri1981's reviews (12)

I have no idea what people are getting stroppy about with this game... it is flinking awesome !!!

People are comparing it to the likes of Borderlands, but to be honest apart from being set in a post apocalyptic world, inhabited by psychopaths, general nasty people and the obligatory "wild west" theme... thats it. Borderlands, to be honest doesn't even come close to the quality of this fine game.

The graphics are amazing. Look totally authentic. Game play is spot on... it is a true homage to Doom; a game I'm sure the vast majority of the complaining gamers weren't even around when originally released !

The longevity of the game seems fine. I have only played 3 hours of the game so far, but it feels like I have barely even scratched the surface. Plus, when completed there is an extremely challenging multiplayer option that can be played single player too. As well as some vehicle racing (albeit a bit second rate).

In fact, the only gripe I have with the game is sometimes when turning around, the textures take a moment or so to update causing the landscape, walls, etc to appear flat and texture-less... Although it occurs few and far between, and is only for a second or so.

The game is that good, I'd give it six stars....