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Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  How can anyone give this game 5 stars????

| | See all MarkPhuket's reviews (2)

I never written a review for a game in my life, but thought i must on this one.

Same as the other low score reviews, simply this game is to short by a mile.

What turns out to be the last mission is where i thought it was just about to start get interesting. To my shock a very, very easy end segment and the whole game is over.

Don't get me wrong there are some nice touches to the game. The racing is fun, and a couple of the FPS shooter levels like the gun shooting game show level are fun.

But overall it doesn't save the game at all. No level was over ally challenging and it hasn't got any replay value.

This game boasted so much from the TV commercial and i must admit i fell for the TV commercial and brought it from the strength of the advertising and no real research like i normally do.

I honest wouldn't recommend buying this game.

And i would once again say this is no way a 5 star game, and my 20+ gaming years this is prob one of the biggest let down in gaming I've played and feel slightly robbed from it.

  1 Word Amazing!!!!!

| | See all sijigzmania's reviews (1)

Well i got this game didnt have a clue what it was and i was blown away, everything about this game is awsome. To start the graphics are really good, the shooting and wepons is refreshing, having to gamble and sell random items is great and the racing puts the ice on the cake. People say its short trust me it left me wanting more. So buy it its not a waste of money and you will love it as i have..

  Solid but nothing new

| | See all Shikakka's reviews (25)

Got this the other day as I needed something to tide me over until battlefield is released next week.

I have to say that the game is itself is very very strong, good action and gameplay (cant argue with that) totally amazing graphics the guys at ID did a brilliant job and have raised the bar again for what a game should look like, I had no idea my PS3 was capable of the graphics and display that RAGE delivers, epic.

As people have said before Rage is like Borderlands mixed with fallout but far more linear. There is no exploration whatsoever, so fallout fans may want to watch a few vids before they make a purcahse as this kinda dissapointed me but its not that type of game (just presented that way) .

The biggest problem I have with this game is that it just feels like every other shooter out there, it does nothing new apart from the graphics. Once the buzz from that dies off your left with a very basic shooter and this is why today im trading it in for BATMAN AC :)

Dont get me wrong its a very good and solid game which im sure tons of people will enjoy, I just expected it to be more like fallout with tons of scavenging and exploration but instead it feels like killzone 3 with new skins and a buggy to drive. lol

  What a disapointment!

| | See all Manicman's reviews (1)

Rage made Doom, Quake & Wolfenstein. Classic on any console. Bethesda made Fallout, Elder Scrolls etc. Again, amazing games. What the hell went wrong here? Whilst the game look fantastic, and for the short duration plays ok. The problem? It's far too short and far from original. We've seen it done before. And a million times better. It's like a jumped up little upstart to the immensity that was Borderlands. For me this game failed on all expectations. Bring on Borderlands 2!

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  Lots of Promise but WAY too short

| | See all JonnyW81's reviews (1)

Visually the game is excellent and after playing both Fallout and New Vegas, i had high hopes for Rage. Unfortunately i completed the game within 6 hours which is similar time it took to complete the last James Bond game (rubbish).
Purposely left a lot of the side missions till the end which was a mistake as when you complete the main game, the titles appear and the only option is to go back to the main screen. if like me you keep overwriting your previous saved game, you can only continue campaign from where you last left off (generally towards the very end) which means you have to start a complete new game again.
Wish i hadn't paid 38 quid for this and just rented it as it can easily be completed over a weekend.
On the up side, you do get a short time of excellence but it ain't close to Fallout.

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  Short game makes this a huge dissapointment

| | See all deckard44's reviews (14)

Only seems like I just started playing this and its over. I got near the end and was thinking "right, this game is about to get really good now with whats going on", and the credits started rolling. Total rip off, do not buy this game, rent it if you want to play it. Also the discription mentions an "expansive world to explore", maybe I missed something because it didn't seem very expansive at all. It's certainly not an open world and you are very limited on where you can go, and even when you do get there, there's not much point of being there as there's barely anything to collect. I thought this game was going to be like Fallout, I played that for 72 hours and still haven't explored the whole map. I'm not really into the online multiplayer side of games, so spending close to 40 pounds on this has really anoyed me, especially since it's not the kind of game you can re-play over and over. Will be seeing if I can trade this in towards Resistance, wish I'd just bought that in the first place as I was originally going to do. I think I will steer clear of Bethesda games from now on.

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| | See all Scooper's reviews (12)

i'm on my second complete run through and the game does not get boring on replay due to the variety of game play and that you can do the missions in various orders (some of them anyway). Great graphics and a great shooter.

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  Good but has faults

| | See all Dannyboyy's reviews (59)

Okay well i love the fighting in the game and weaponary and the graphics are good once they've texturised and its fun enough. But and there has to be a but, it has some issues for one i was totally let down by the end i literally said out loud what the f**k. Also the graphics are not that well textured it beats the hell out of the fallout engine but still does'nt have me blown away. And the story is way to short and has absolutely no substance. However the multiplayer will make up for it and there is more good points to bad, but it does'nt necessarily live up too all the hype. But no way does it deserve one star like the one guy has put it as.


| | See all blazikenowen's reviews (3)

when the second "weapon" the reason I go "weapon" is because in game its seen as an item but anyway when the second weapon is the only thing you need to complete the game it kinda just destroys the game also this weapon is the wing stick it instantly kills pretty much anything so yea I mean sure theres about 2 parts where you need something else but thats it this game wasnt even worth the money I definatly recommend buying another game

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| | See all Lennymcgra's reviews (20)

This game started off ok and i thought here we go its just like all the other dull games but i was wrong, the more i play this the more i think this game is a step up as regards to graphics and gameplay, really enjoying it after about 7 hours in. If you like Fallout and Borderlands it is sort of on the same track as those games. You can tell this game has a new graphics engine. I would highly recommend it, go buy it

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