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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Best in co-operative

| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

I'm playing this through with my little brother and it's great fun, not the best graphics or gameplay but as with most co-op games it's more fun with someone else.
Some boss fights are a little difficult though.

  not as good as the 1st game

| | See all paul4lin's reviews (12)

i fort it was just to borring for me because i have played the 1st 1 and the gameplay and stuff r the same and i think its just so fake this game i liked it at first then i got so bored of it after 5 levels like i got bored of the 1st 1 but the 1st 1 was better then this 1 i fort im not a fan of this game its not my tipe and if there a 3 coming out im not geting it so its ok at first then bad after a little wiyle ok thats what i think eneyway

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  simply fun

| | See all liamhawk's reviews (1)

this games is fun it has good graphics 2 storylines and challenges great game worth buying and reccommended to everyone that likes marvel games


| | See all lethalsaint's reviews (15)

If they had just put more effort in the movement and the graphics it could of of been brilliant but it kind of reminds me of ps2 at it's best.Easy controls with a huge variety of heroes to pick,good story,quite long,cool multiplayer but not a game that can compare with the rest that came out at it's time.

  Fun Game

| | See all Irons821's reviews (4)

Its an interesting storyline with a fun game play aspect that never loses appeal; however the collectibles are impossible to fully complete. But the character list is amazing and you can use all of your favourites, it is not terribly difficult but reasonably challenging on legendary. But all in all a very good, entertaining game, worth the price.

  Nice graphics, interesting gameplay but not for long

| | See all harakis83's reviews (1)

I could consider myself a fan of the last MUA game. Unfortunately, though the sequel features great graphics and a nice storyline it didn't live up to my expectations. It's gameplay is totally repetitive and the story is just short. After you finish the game you have the option to repeat it in legendary mode, which is in my opinion a way of the publishing company to avoid further fuss with creating and actual storyline. To sum up I don't think that it is worth paying for that game. I got it last week, finished it and want to sell it already.

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  Alot of fun

| | See all Millenwagon's reviews (34)

This game is suprisingly a whole lot of fun! I played it through twice, Pro-reg and Anti-reg and both times i thoroughly enjoyed it. At first I wasn't keen on the camera angle and the fact that there are so many characters and enemies on screen at once you can easily lose your character and forget who you're trying to defeat, Though you do get used to it after a while and it becomes much less of a problem, especially if you're using a character like HULK who sticks out like a sore thumb. My main issue with the game that ridds it of 5 stars is that it is too easy, it's very simple button bashing and doesn't really require much skill, but on the other hand this makes it much more enjoyable and is a great family game for the kids and the adults.

I'd definitely reccomend this game, especially for the 1 - 4 player because it is so much fun, the more players you have the easier the game gets, even on legendary the game is very easy to beat. And as a nice touch the trophies aren't TOO challenging, maybe a little time consuming though if you want the platinum, a potential 20 - 25 hours gameplay (which doesn't sound like alot but a couple of trophies such as the trivia trophy and gold fusion combination prove very tedious)

All in all, great fun game to just wind down to and enjoy.

  Great Game Improving on the First

| | See all MichaelPSwain's reviews (1)

Great fun game that really does improve wen playoing multiplayer.

I have played and completed the first game a few times and thought that was good but this has improved the gameplay greatly. Love the fact that you are playing during the civil war period which adds to the enjoyment. Also the Fusion attacks are great and the fact you can save them up helps with the boss battles.
Defineite worth the money

  Definetly an improvement

| | See all 27eskay27's reviews (8)

I played and completed the first one and to be honest I thought that was a great game. There are only a couple of little niggly bits I thought could have been improved considering what console it's on. The graphics being one. The PS3 is probably the greatest games console in existance at the current time, but I feel the graphics on this game have been rushed somewhat. Also, the interaction bit where you can respond to questions, I got the same answer from Nick Fury with 2 different responses.
This game is 10 times better when you play multi-player, so I would suggest that if you do buy this try and get a few mates round to play with you, it makes it all that little bit more fun when doing fusion attacks.

It's probably not a 4 star game but you can't do 3.5 so I rounded it up

  So Far So Good!!

| | See all xNinjaCaTx's reviews (11)

I have been playing this game for the last couple of hours now! it plays very much like the first one. With improved graphics and charcaters! Graphics arnt amazing for a next gen console but by no means bad! just to add also has fully destructble enviroments which adds a nice little touch!

I love the story idea of getting to pick which side! soo technically thier are 2 seperate games involved depending who you go for! I think it is a big step up from the first one and any fan of the original one i belive will love this.

It has all your favorite Marvel Characters all in one game, you can combine powers to deliver ultimate finishers. So far in my eyes definatly worth a buy! and been playing it for a good couple hours and story is just starting to really kick in!!

one really good thing i like about this game is that it is 4 player co-op either on one console or online doing the full campaign so it makes the game alot more enjoyble as you can play with friends!!

This is any Marvel fans dream! (shame disney own Marvel now haha lets hope they make them as good as pirates of the carribean :)