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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (115 reviews)"

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  Good Game

| | See all BrianGT's reviews (16)

I like this game, the amazing environments and good graphics. THe gameplay is good but because of the huge amount of players you die quiet freequently. The guns are not the best and with no single player mode I didnt love it. The armies are all different but its fun customizing your soldier and picking his/her gear.
Another down fall is that you can only have one profile so you cant experiment with the different armies.
The action and battle graphics dont come near COD MW 2 or battlefield bad company.
I would not buy this game for 55 euros, at most 45 but overall an good enough game.


| | See all Charochodon's reviews (5)

i think this game would work better if people actually played as a team,
but otherwise the guns are bad the gameplay is weak and sniping is impossible as everything over a certain distance turns all misty and dont get sucked into the 256 player battles as the battle field is split up so its just lots of games happening at once.
save ur money and get modern warfare 2 as you get one of those new fangled campaign thingys


| | See all Dalfresco's reviews (1)

You can not call yourself an FPS fan until you have played this game...there is almost no lag on 256 player battles, the weapons are awesome, the maps are awesome, the support from Zipper is pretty good as well plus you get to t-bag red dots :D


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  Truly Awesome Game (TAG)

| | See all Alexis87's reviews (12)

It started out rocky but over a year on its now in its second generation (MAG V2.04 at the time of writing) and with two pay-for expansion packs out at GBP 8.00 ea it covers multi-player games from twelve-a-side to thirty two-a-side three way to a massive sixty four-a-side battle with a huge amount of battle gear.

With one character slot by default and the option of two subscriber slots to expand your experience you take control, this game is a must-have in your library if only because the massive amount of players means you will always get a good game no matter the time of day or year.

Only consider reviews of the game since August 2010 because it has changed so much since release (Until of course they go to MAG 3.0), at GBP 25.00 its a little pricey but if you want to guarantee disc quality its worth it, never pay more than GBP 15.00 for a pre-owned verison.

See you on this digital battlefield :)

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| | See all Dragonator's reviews (13)

It is like playing Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Back in the day lol, healing and reviving ya m8's etc, i only give it 4 stars as there can be a long wait to get into a game and also found hat it can crash on occasion, they are always updating the game to make it better and all the updates so far have DRASTICALY IMPROVED an already great game.
A must for all those OLD SCHOOL die hard delta fans from the pc gaming days.


| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I like the concept of this game but it doesn't always work for me. It sometimes signs me out of PSN for no reason, meaning I have to start all over. This doesn't happen with my other games and it definitely isn't my connection.

The game play reminds me of Battlefield 2 and is very entertaining. I like the fact that you can be revived by a team mate too.

Get the bluetooth headset on, and tell your friends to get it.

  Truly awesome :)

| | See all Samladdy's reviews (20)

I just got this game today and have been on it for about 2-3 hours and already I am very impressed with alot of things in this game.

My favourite thing about the game is that it does no lag and its just so fun to play with 256 people online, everything seems to run fine so no complain there. I believe theres alot of good things about this game but there could of been room for improvements, the weapons could of been better and things could of ran a little smoother especially with your characters movement it seems pretty stiff and stuck at times, also graphics arn't brilliant.

Although after you put these things aside and just except the game for that it is you will have alot of fun, easily as fun as any other online FPS at the moment. Theres alot of room for improvements but if there is a sequal it will be A LOT better.


| | See all peckers's reviews (60)

MAG is such a great game, everything about it is just brilliant. This is why ps3 is better than xbox because of the ps3 exclusives like this.


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  OK game

| | See all RajaMedare's reviews (9)

this game is good but does not do it for me as does modern warfare or battlefield. I found the physics of the game very off and found this game boring at times. However this is just my opinion and many people do enjoy this game alot.

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  amazing game with okay servers

| | See all ConnorC's reviews (10)

ok so the game itself is really good
but make sure you have a good internet accsess if your internet is just ok you WILL lose connection a lot
if you have a good connection this is a must buy as the game itself is great