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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (115 reviews)"

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  Awsome online shooter multiplayer, a headset is essential !

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Best team war game fullstop, playing without lag, though the game graphically is not as polished as MW2 or Battlefield2 (both are only 24 online players only incomparison) which is expected with so many players ingaging in total online war.

This game is just massively incredible, even if your not a great FPS player like me, you can be an engineer repairing gun batteries/anti-aircraft guns or medic and run around healing/resecessitating other players in your army which could tip the balance of the huge scale battles with large maps, 5 mile squared!

Similar points system like RPGs as you get points for following frago'd objectives, shooting enemies, destroying enemy assets, repairing, healing, reviving comrades.

A very stable motion FPS that is playable by 3rd person gamers that suffer from tunnel vision eye strain. As I can't play killzone2 etc without getting a headache

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  Hmmm OK

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First impression : The gunshots sound is terrible and the graphics are not that impressive. Not to mention you have to get killed like a gazzilion times before you rank up or get better weapons. I reached the 256 players level and the game was still the same. I can't find any other game to compare this to since it reached my bottom list.

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  a fresh look at a dated genre

| | See all oddball260's reviews (1)

i didnt expect much from this game, however i was pleasentlly surprised. with solid gameplay mechanics, no lag and an easy to use squad control system this game is easy to pick up and play, defo 5 stars

  the more you put in the better it gets

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i wasnt sure about this game at 1st as i was getting killed all the time abd really struggled but as you level up and equip your guy with better weapons,armor and perks etc it becomes alot more fun and as soon s you hit level 8,the fun really begins with the advanced game modes.
i love it now and its really addictive with excellent,realitic combat,up there with flashpoint dragon rising.
i now prefer this to bad company 2 which i didnt think would happen lol
BONUS the DLCS so far are both free!


| | See all DryBlood's reviews (1)

Take my word for it, if your fed up of games where you know whats going to happen next and where the bad guys are going to be then this game is for you, due to being online only with up to 256 players at the same time, there is always a good fight going on. by the way my characters name is DeadFrosty ....... So come hav a go if ya think ya hard enough.

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  Superlatives cannot explain this game

| | See all Seanybeast's reviews (5)

Right i bought this on release day (from the wonderful PLAY) and have only decided to write a review as well my PS3 broke and munched the cd with it! (damn YLOD)

I've got 6 weeks to wait till i get my copy back. free 160gb in return though, cant moan.

Back to the review. World class game. As most people have said, teamwork is the necessary to win in this game, if you get a good squad it is perfect in every way. Maps are huge and there are nowhere for campers to hide! too many people online to hide. It can take a while to level up and so forth i found when i first bought and played this BUT thats cos i didnt play the game properly. Play this game properly and you can progress incredibly quick.

For an online game with as many people as it can the servers are reliable, graphics are brilliant for so many people at once and gameplay is awesome, easy to control and you start to feel like a soldier with your choice of Faction. you get to understand what makes them tick and the best ways to go about your tactics.

I could go on all day about this.

just buy and find out for yourself!

  A Marmite game? I happen to love it.

| | See all Daddage's reviews (44)

Some of the earlier reviews seemed quite polarised, so I held off, and recently purchased it used from PlayTrade to minimise the risk!
However - I'm going to come out on the side of - love it.
It works you harder than games like Killzone 2 - you may find yourself playing the same maps a lot.
But then - if you don't, you won't be any good at this!
So if you haven't got the patience, you're probably not going to get it.

If you get into a squad that actually has someone who is directing properly, the game is considerably better.
You need to be a pretty good shot. Spray and pray isn't going to get you very far, unless it's a turkey shoot in an enclosed area.
So - I'm keeping on at it.
I judge it this way - I have been horribly addicted to KZ2, but find I am spending my precious time in MAG now instead.

As for it not being COD - fine by me. if you find COD online leaves you cold, you may find this is more your cup of tea.

  Great FPS title, with a few flaws

| | See all tselby17's reviews (37)

I am only reviewing this now, after a good couple of months playing it. It is the sort of game that requires a lot of time an effort before you can really evaluate it. The gameplay is a mixed bag, you have to take the rough with the smooth, when the game is good it is astonishingly good. On the flip side, when the game is bad and a 12 year old is hurling abuse at you, it is not enjoyable. The gameplay itself is solid, little or no lag, a good frame rate and enjoyable visuals. This game will win no awards for design, it has a typically militaristic colour palette, and is pretty standard run-and-gun. However, the gameplay itself, blending a large number of people with military strategy and tactics works well on the whole and is the games real strength. Zipper, the developers behind the game, have continued to support the game by releasing a free add-on pack with various improvements. They very much listen to their community, something which is missing from bigger titles. Worth a punt at 36.99, you'll get hours upon hours from this game. A word to the wise, a microphone is a real advantage.

  one word...... awesome

| | See all senrat1's reviews (6)

this is better than cod by miles, maps are huge and it is much more detailed, hundreds of people online, best online game ever.

  Perhaps i'm getting old.

| | See all BobbyRice2's reviews (6)

Being a gamer since I was 10 years old, and constantly gaming since then, i'm not sure if the quality of games or the thing that appealed to me is disappearing, or if i'm just getting old.

MAG is a pretty solid game, it doesn't do anything that will 'WOW' you. I can see the appeal of why people would buy this, and if you've got a bunch of friends to play with, and intend to play with them constantly, by all means, teamwork is valuable and it will be an enjoyable experience. However, if you have no friends with PS3'S and want to go into this alone, not many people have microphones, and it is the same verbal abuse that you encountered in Halo and other games today.

Graphically it's okay, I personally didn't like the shiney graphics as they seemed odd looking to me, but it's certainly not an ugly game considering the amount of players in the same room.

Gameplay is solid, it is a decent shooting game as that is what it was intended to be, it is no hybrid.

It never sucked me in, as I only played for a week or two, I fear the next time I want to give it more of my life, and another chance, there will not be thousands of people playing it Online.

If you're considering this game, and you have friends that are going to play it too, I would recommend it.

If you're going in alone, i'd suggest renting the game or borrowing it from a friend, as personally it didn't grab me as much as I thought it would have.

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