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God Of War III

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (145 reviews)"

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| | See all BALDYMAN1's reviews (60)

Supberb this is a brilliant game worthy of a
10 out of 10 all the god of war series are brilliant
can,t wait for Gow accession to be released
any way i highly recommend it supberb


| | See all ofwgkta's reviews (2)

one of the best games you will ever play,epic from start to finish. its a shame you cant add another star on

  God Of War 3

| | See all tommyboy33's reviews (1)

Wot can I say about this game but it is absolutly amazing the graphics the game play is just superb I've just recently brought GOW 3 and as soon as I started playing it I was blown away could'nt believe how I did not get this game sooner I will be definitly buying the god of war collection and the god of war collection volume 2 which is g.o.w chains of olympus and g.o.w ghosts of sparta I can honestly say I am HOOKED.


| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

I didn't enjoy God of War 3 as much as the first 2 games as the level design is not as good, but it is a very good game with no flaws and some spectacular set pieces.

  The most Beautiful Game

| | See all kss8ar's reviews (6)

This game get 10/10 in every aspect except one.

The graphics are the best ihave ever seen, the gameplay is amazing, the puzzles are well thought, the boss battles are great (sometimes abit too easy, but still good), the score is amazing, the sound effects are great, the GORE is spot on.

I would have given this 5/5 but i had to deduct it 1 because i felt let down by the story a bit, it didnt make much sense and sort of ruined the game for me as i didnt feel the purpose of what Kratos was doing. Compared to the first 2 games the story does not grab you or even really interest you, it is solely the graphics and beautiful gameplay and settings that will keep you playing. As mentioned before the boss battles sometimes feel a bit too easy considering your facing GODS, its not a huge deal but it would have definatly added to the feel of the game if the story made some sort if sense and their was some sort of conclusion and moral. I really hate it when you finish a story and there is no meaning to it what so ever, no resolution, no real consequence, and you just left feeling a bit empty, as opposed to the end in the second one which left you feling like woah!....


| | See all MagicMal2010's reviews (14)

This is the probably the greatest adventure game of the century and will be hard to make something better than this. The graphics, game-play, story line are 10/10 for sure and at this low price you cant go wrong.

  God of War III = Masterpiece.

| | See all JustThatGamer's reviews (2)

Graphics= 10/10, Gameplay= 10/10, Sound= 10/10, Story= 10/10, Everything= 10/10!
This game is absolutely phenomenal, it's simply the best 12 hours of gaming I've ever experienced. It's undoubtedly my favourite game of all time, highly recommended to anyone who owns a PS3. (Get God of War: Collection and play through them first for the complete story!)

  in my top 10

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

loved this game had it when it first came out and it is still a great game to play not knowing much about the story and stuff it was really easy to get in to also the game play is really good as well evan the graphics are pretty good over all a great hack and slash style of game great boss battles and the controlling when in the fights of this game is really good.

simple a 10/10 game

  Almost the complete game

| | See all Rigobear's reviews (8)

The God of War franchise finally comes to a close with it's biggest game of all yet I felt that besides all the work put in and the size of the game that there was something missing? Don't get me wrong, the graphics are quite simply breathtaking and the gameplay is amazing but once I had finished it the second time I have never gone back. I bought the original GOW games and found myself immersed as though I was reliving the past. I loved going back to the originals and may find myself doing the same with GOW3 in the future. Still a must have but I have almost 70 games and of those I could rate 20plus higher in level of entertainment and longevity!

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| | See all drummop's reviews (97)

Without doubt one of the best games available on PS3. Stunning graphics make this as beautiful as Uncharted 2, which is a real compliment. A must play game, but is it my imagination that normal mode seems slightly easier here than in 1 & 2?