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God Of War III

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (145 reviews)"

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  the best game HANDS DOWN

| | See all SirMuzza99's reviews (3)

the minute i started plaing this game i knew it would be a brilliant sucess and it was from start to finish the last of the god of war series held all sorts of action, violence, suprise twists and amazing game tactics and mechanics that has surely placed the final god of war game into the halls of gaming legends

  Great game but the whats the last 20 minutes all about?

| | See all MattyR80's reviews (11)

First and foremost this is a great game with fantastic graphics and a great storyline. I've not played any of the other God of War games but for me this was like Heavenly Sword on a bigger scale. Anyway, my only criticism of this game is the last 20 minutes....after killing Zeus. What is the point? There isn't any gameplay involved and frankly it was just a bit boring. I'm sure for those people who have played through the whole series it was the grand finale that they wanted but I just found it weird and pointless. It seems to be a common theme in games these days with F.E.A.R using the same tactics to drag out a game. I personally would rather go out in a blaze of glory and after slaying the big man, let the game end rather than running around in the dark with rave paint on and enduring 20 minutes of boredom.

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| | See all AndyStrang's reviews (4)

What a game I purchased this and god of war collection and played 1 through 3 in a few weeks, lets just say the jump from 2 to 3 was simply mind blowing the graphics in this game are the best I have seen on an format! Not to mention the story and gameplay match the incredible graphics like for like a definite must buy if you own a ps3.


| | See all joelamundo's reviews (1)

i bought this having not played the first 2 titles or hearing much about this one but honestly this is one of the best games i have ever played. i didnt take it out of my console from start to finish. baarrrrrrrrrrm

  Must Play!

| | See all calisto's reviews (3)

This is the best game of the series and that's saying something. God of War 3 is EPIC! The graphics are inspiring and the gameplay is storyline complete this title!


| | See all davidmcveigh's reviews (16)

Your favourite game ever? NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS,

My mind was blown to a million pieces in playing this, il break things down.

The Characters: 5 STARS

The Story: 5 STARS

The Gameplay: 5 STARS

Length: Couldnt be long enough but 5 STARS, i havent took it out of the console!

Price: 5 STARS, i would pay double!


| | See all Rav1234's reviews (1)

GoW3 is one of the best games I've ever played. Everything about it earns 5 stars - the story, the gameplay, the graphics, the characters.. it's excellent. The only downside is that it is the last of the trilogy!This game is a MUST HAVE!


| | See all RajaMedare's reviews (9)

I pretty much have nothing more too say, for a ps3 owner its a MUST BUY.
im on my 7th playthrough just because this game is AMAZING
hope this helps :D

  EXCEPTIONAL!! ...an epic experience

| | See all lpsoulja's reviews (2)

5 stars without the slightest doubt. easily in my top 3 games EVER... the visuals are by far the most impressive ive ever experienced in a game. it constantly surprises you and outdoes itself numerous times throughout, with not only amazing gameplay, enemies and detail, but with an epic experience delivered by unyielding background action sequences that play out, in addition to the task/ battle that Kratos is currently involved in.

i cant big this game up enough. i defy ANYONE to not be utterly overwhelmed by the exhaustingly impressive thought that has gone into this incredible game...

...it is exceptional!

  cinematic heaven

| | See all Ghost0fSparta's reviews (2)

Quite possibly the best hack and slash adventure game ever made. The combat mechanics have remained similar to the previous two titles but with a few tweaks. The storyline links in very well and is a fitting conclusion to the God of War storyline. The boss battles are visually the best you will see it to date on any console. You won't be disappointed if you buy this game even if you have not played the previous two titles on the PS2, however I would recommend in order to get grips with the storyline you should play the previous two first or at least watch the cinematic clips on YouTube. Bring on ghost of Sparta!