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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (151 reviews)"

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  Could be better.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

Infamous is a good open world game. The graphics and character movement feel a bit last generation though.


| | See all tennerfeeches's reviews (3)

Love this game,.i thought it was a wee bit tough to start with,.but once you get used to the gameplay,.its awesome.Didn't get bored once! The story just keeps you hooked,.add to that trying to get all the blast shards,.(there are 350 of them!!) i got them all,.BTW.

The only thing i thought was a bit frustrating was when Cole died,.you respawn ,.usually no where near where you died,at a health centre.which is fair enough,.but quite annoying when you need to ride round rail tracks for miles to get where you were originally . Cant wait to try inFAMOUS 2.


| | See all bubble81's reviews (16)

this is one of the games you got to get. graphics brilliant, story brilliant, and gameplay is awsome, especially for the price. Cant wait for infamous 2.

  Brilliant Game

| | See all ProEvolutionX's reviews (26)

I wasn't too sure about buying this game to start with but I'm glad I did, it is an awesome game with a good storyline, The graphics are top notch and its actually a real fun game to play, I really enjoyed this and its a game that you can easily sit for hours and play.

I would certainly reccomend it, and I personally cannot wait for InFamous 2

  An Exclusive that make happy any PS3 gamer

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

This is a glorious game, not only for the story and the graphs, but the gameplay is amazing.

  Awesome Game :)

| | See all FuberFurl's reviews (1)

Recently bought this game as i heard it was good and i have not been disappointed...both graphics and gameplay are superb and offers many hours of fun definitely a must for your PS3 collection .


| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

i got this cheap 2nd hand and didnt expect much as i didnt know alot about it but man,this game rrocks!!
looks and plays superb,great smooth controls..wicked powers and a pretty decent story.
my favorite part is how the more evil you turn,which is how im playing it,the more nasty cole looks as you go on.
will most definitley be getting the sequel!!

  hero or infamous

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

really good game and a good story which ever route you take good graphics good length there are quiet a few hours to keep you going and its just so addictive hard to put down a must own and a great addiction to the collection

  Your either the Hero or your the Villian. You decide?

| | See all markyytee's reviews (8)

Sony have really gone and out sold themselves in 2009 and inFamous is a fantastic example of a very stylised and unique game overall. Set in a an Apocolypse scene when something known as a RaySphere is detonated in Empire City, it leaves crime to rule the streets.

However hope lingers in the name (or does it?) of the protagonist (gameplay character) Cole.

This is where the gameplay is interesting. The game judges you on your actions as you clean up the city and whether you'll be the city's Hero or whether they'll potray you as the very symbol of crime your are trying to defeat.

This gives the game incredible replay value, not only for the trophy system but also so you can replay it and see how the story and the characters unfold as you play the game on the other scale of your actions.

The gameplay reminded me of the Spiderman series I saw on the PS2 where you would roam New York doing mission after mission and where this intial thought made me dislike inFamous at first it really grows on you because Sony have really brought the city and characters to life.

The story mode will take you about somewhere beyond 10+ hours you frirst time round and youll really get thrown into the rythum of the gameplay.

I think its a shame there was no online features with this. A simple deathmatch or something would have been acceptable i thought and i think this is the only reason a drop it a star. Other then that a great single player campaign.

inFamous is really a must-buy for and PS3 user in 2009.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Overall 8.5

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  The BEST

| | See all LazieboiTom's reviews (1)

OH MY F!!!!! God wat a game leaves prototype in the gutters, the only thing wrong with this game is that "cole" is a bit boring and you should be able to customize him, but this is not a barrior from stopping you from buying this games, simply the best, and its cheap so you got it sorted !!!!!!!