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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (151 reviews)"

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  Very powerful, but somewhat lacking..

| | See all davyev's reviews (6)

inFamous seemed to come out of nowhere, suddenly a Vin Diesel-ish stuntman was on our screens frying folk with lightning... cool!
And indeed it was cool, it is a VAST game. An epic story, tons of extras. Replaying the game while frying civilians could not be more fun.
However it lacks something that is hard to really designate. It partially has to do with the fact that as a main character Cole Macgrath is the PLAINEST superhero ever to grace our screens, now dont get me wrong plain is good... sometimes, but it seemed like storywise there was a lot more potential there, for something with a higher meaning.
But lets not get dragged down with story too much, we're here to play and play we do with this game, its a great experience. Though Cole's powers may seem fairly limited, once you are raining heavenly doom in the form of a lightning bolt down on unsuspecting villains that all goes away.

In summary - An amazing addition to any PS3 collection if not leaving you feeling a bit cold afterwards. Good fun.

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  Got for my birthday. AMAZING, SUCH FUN!! No repetition

| | See all LayerCake's reviews (67)

This game rates out brilliant games to date including Terminator Salvation (from my point of view), Ghostbusters and Ratchet and Clank (All from 1 to Quest for booty apart from size matters ugh!). Its easy. Free running increases the enlargement of the scale on how open worlded this game is. Complete free roam adds to the excitement and never have i been so enthralled with a storyline in a game before but this game ticks the box. Amazing graphics, so beautiful. Addictive. People say there's repetition but i tell you now, there isn't any in this at all. Missions are amazing, my personal favorite being el train and dark water. Story missions are just as exciting. Game is incredibly long but has enough difficulty to keep you challenged. Bosses are varied but still good. Powers are fantastic with lightning storm, megawatt hammer and the proverbial lightning bolt. Exciting, non-repetitive and enjoyable of every minute. Oh and Cole is no doubts the new ultimate computer game character, im like who does not like him.

  Wow - what a game :-)

| | See all gaving7095's reviews (5)

I loved this. Definitely one of the top 5 PS3 titles in my opinion. An even an enjoyable platinum trophy to earn, if that's your bag.
If not, then still an ace game which I'm sure many people will enjoy playing through twice. It took me over 20 very enjoyable hours to complete it once - this game is just brilliant. It's designed to just be fun. Challenging enough, but fun, and (unlike so many other games) NEVER punishes you.


| | See all MrAPrice's reviews (7)

People complain and whine how this is rubbish compared to Prototype, but I'm one of the few (perhaps) that never liked the look of prototype. As for InFamous that is a different story.

I would recommend InFamous to all the PS3 owners that want a good, open world game that allows you to be the hero or anti hero. The Karma system works very well and you actually feel for the characters as you steal their food or share it generously. Enough, Buy it!

  Very good game

| | See all Carroll24's reviews (6)

This is a very good game that is exclusive to the ps3 the features on the game are very good with all of the different powers you have a choice to use you can also choose wether to become good or bad good game!

  Wanna be a superhero/super villian?

| | See all jonnymagicpants's reviews (15)

Fantastic game, graphics are mind blowing!! Its GTA IV with a super hero twist, who doesnt want to be a superhero hey?? This game lets you experience just that! This game is immense it's just like a Hollywood blockbuster movie that you're apart of. Best game i've played in ages. Just finished the game as a good guy, now i'm gonna try the bad side!! A+++

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  Infamous or Prototype?

| | See all xNinjaCaTx's reviews (11)

I bought infamous first because alot of my friends wer excited about this game so i gave it a try, i have to say the graphics are very nice but the game is wayyy to competitive i dont know if i gave it much of a chance but everything i was doing was the same over and over again. Kind of like Assasins creed really good graphics but too repetitive. Also like the spider-man games just doing lots of the same side missions.

I then played Prototype and although Prototype isnt as serious as Infamous i prefered it, you seemed to beable to do alot more and was alot more fun but Prototype isnt a very long game but did keep me more entertained then infamous. It's just a matter of oppionion i suppose.

  Boring Or Not?

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

When I first got this game it was fun and interesting. If you like big scale games such as roaming cities then this qualifies. After a while I started to find the game a bit stale and did not play it for about one month. I recently got back into it and for some reason I could not put the game down. I love the power ups and the option of being good or bad. I have completed the game now and really enjoyed it. Sure some of the bad guys look the same but this is a large scale game, plenty of hidden items to find, side missions etc etc. I recommend it if you like games such as GTA IV, MGS4, RSIDENT EVIL 5 and no doubt PROTOTYPE (I not yet played this one)

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  a major let down

| | See all Haddock's reviews (12)

I am with the few on this one, in my opinion one of the biggest let downs apart from the terminator salvation game. For games that are exclusives you expect a lot of effort to be put into them, they are meant to push the sales of consoles they represent. Especially with a price tag like the "P$3" you'd think they'd put alot of money and time into a game like this for the reason mentioned. Personally i think it felt rushed, for the obvious reason of getting it out before Prototype which in my opinion is by far a better quality of game AND it's not an exclusive!

But as for the game itself, it promised huge amounts of gameplay hours and the interesting feature of playing as good and evil, unfortunately they failed in most respects....epic fail. I felt the story line didnt differ from good or evil enough apart from attacking innocents in one and helping them in the other and the look of the abilities changing but really they were just the same. I got bored very quickly because of what i like to call "assassin's creed syndrome" by which i mean its repetativeness, once you had done a mission or side mission there were many others that felt the exact same but with different dialogue etc. You would of thought they'd have learnt from assassin's creed, but obviously not.

As i said a major let down that i feel sony lovers have hyped up to give the "P$3" validation that it just has not yet proven yet. Come on sony by thinking of the players you can make more money than just coming up with blatent money making schemes.

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  Very Good, Addictive

| | See all Lukeyy19's reviews (7)

i personaly am not a huge fan of shoot-em-up games so was skeptical, but i rented the game and bought it the next day i was so impresed, the game is very good, normally with this sort of game i would think to myself its a ridiculous story, but its done in a nice way, obviously it would never happen but its as believeble as Spiderman etc, not to over the top, and the powers really do make you feel powerful and the way they progress through the game is good, i personally chose the Good Karma route, but i still have the chance to play the game again differenlty which is good.

Buy it, you'll Love it