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Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (151 reviews)"

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| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

I completely afgree that this game is just not as good as expected. Sure it looks good, has plenty of powers and the storyline isn't bad but I found it very boring and repetitive. I left the game lying for a few months as I found it too boring to even consider playing it and I've never been so bored of a game since Assassins Creed.
I haven't played Prototype so I can't recommend it but I did find Red Faction far more fun than this. I'm not sure what it is about it as other people I know love it but I don't. Maybe my expectations were to high after all the hype...

  not as good as expected

| | See all TobiWong's reviews (2)

i was suprised to find this game got so many stars by other people. While i agree graphics are good, storylines interesting enough and powers are varied. I just didnt find it any fun. Im not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that i played and completed prototype first which is much more fluid and fun though granted has its own issues.

Particularly annoying is the enemy AI. Which is awful. enemies who are are out of reach for you can spot and shoot you from very far away. Also the powers while interesting and fun in themselves dont work well in the game environment. One of the powers where u can make a kind of shockwave by jumping of a building and crashing to the ground to wipe out enemies can explode vehicles and cause u a great deal of damage. being that your in a city this makes the move a risky and fairly pointless one. Also, possibly my main annoyance with the game is the climbing. In this game you will spend a great deal of time climbing up the sides of buildings. While the movements look ok and the process is responsive it feels very slow and repetative. the motion feels simple.. (just pressing up and jump occasionally).. so after 2 hours of gameplay im left feeling why does it take so long to scale this wall when all the action and fluid (and more fun) movement/ action takes place once im ontop of it.

Then again im obviously in the minority here so perhaps read more reviews than just mine ;)


| | See all petrosc's reviews (11)

I wasn't sure about whether to purchase this game having played the demo; I found myself getting bored after a few playthroughs. However, in the end I did and am very happy.

The story is gripping and the characters fascinating. It is all told out in fantastic graphic cut scenes, and I never lost interest.

The gameplay is also solid. Every building in the gameworld is scalable and pretty soon Cole is able to "ride" rails and wires around the city. His electrical, upgradeable powers are awesome and destructive and there is a variety of enemies on which to unleash them. There is also a stunts list and stunt trophies, as well as collectible blast shards and dead drops which add plenty of playability and replayability.

Another major part of the game is the karma system. Several of the missions (of which there are plenty) cause you to make moral choices which are fun and intriguing. Your karma has a fair impact on the city and Cole; if you're good (heroic), then the city is bright and relatively cheerful, the skies blue, and Cole looks normal (with blue electricity); infamous, then the skies turn dark, and the city falls into further disrepair. Cole becomes sinister and looks corrupted His electricity turns red.

However, if you choose to play the story twice (which I highly recommend), you will notice that your karma really has no significant effect on its outcome, nor in its buildup, although it does slightly change Cole's powers.

Also, the graphics are perhaps not what they should be; they just aren't that great, and neither is the draw distance.

Nonetheless, do not allow this to detract from an excellent gaming experience. Infamous' combination of platforming and role-playing is striking and never dull, while the city feels alive and responds to your actions. The karma system adds a whole lot of replayability, and the trophy list is perfectly balanced; each one is "getable". Overall, this is one of the best PS3 exclusives, and indeed one of the best games on the market. This is a must-buy.

  Brilliant game!

| | See all Alby1990's reviews (83)

Think GTA 4/Saints Row + Bioshock in a third person view and you get the idea of what this game is about. This is one of the best games on the PS3 and anyone in doubt should download the excellent PSN Demo to try it out!! Addictive game, really good graphics, interesting gameplay, captivating storyline, what more could you possibly want in a game?

Highly recommended!

  Plenty of longevity to be found here

| | See all carter91's reviews (17)

This game has a VERY long life to it. Ive already poured 4/5 hours into it and am still exploring the first sector of the game and seeking hidden items and completing side missions, of and just tooling around free-roaming, killing the reapers and healing the injured pedestrians. The graphics are great, although the lip-synching for speech is a bit off but that is a minor flaw. The gameplay is good with a vast amount of moves to be beefed up and mastered with plenty of space and depth available. Overall a good game and worth adding to your collection.


| | See all Gordy1988's reviews (14)

Got this game free with my ps3 as well as resistance 2 and motor storm pacific rift, awsome,played it twice, once being good once being evil , seems like a different game each time


| | See all maverick1987's reviews (3)

this is a great game! with twist and turns everywhere, great weapon upgrades. any game that gives you the chance to affect the way the game progresses has my vote. superb grathics. best game on the market at the mmoment.

  A must have

| | See all dickyw's reviews (7)

Considering this and prototype came out at the same time I am amazed at how little coverage inFamous seems to have got. I have completed both this and Prototype and I must say this is far and away the better game. The world is more fluid with better design and much better graphics. The enemies are varied and interesting and the story in inFamous is one of the best I have experienced in a game for a long time,the twist at the end is great and I never saw it coming. The Karma system ensures that you need at least 2 plays through to experience everything but to be honest as soon as I finished it I wanted to play it again its that good. This is something the PS3 desperatly needed and needs more of, accessable AAA titles that are exclusive to the system. I have many friends with xbox 360's that are desperate to play this game and with good reason, it is brilliant. I highly recommend it and this should be an immediate purchase for any ps3 owner.

  One of the best!

| | See all Gozymandias's reviews (15)

InFamous is a sandbox action game which departs from the usual sandbox archetypes such as GTA, Saint's Row and The Godfather franchise to give the gamer who enjoys an open world environment a refreshing break from banality. It's good for at least a second play-through with its Karma system that allows you to become a goody two-shoes or the ultimate badass. The trophies make the game all the more enjoyable and act less like pointless tokens to prove your gaming prowess than most games. The early stages of the game can prove frustrating as you begin with limited powers but it can easily be completed on the hardest difficulty as you become accustomed to Cole's abilities. Cole was an urban explorer before he discovered his new powers, so he has the ability to scale the small buildings of the predominantly art-deco, Empire City in similar fashion to Assassin's Creed. It's a lot of fun, and one of the best Playstation 3 games available. The story offers an interesting take on the Superhero genre and it's easy see why there are plans for a movie adaptation. The only negative aspects of the game is that the dialogue is occasionally cliched and that the framerate should have been a fixed 30 FP/s as the animation is sublime in some areas, but slows every now and then. Hopefully a patch will resolve this, but it's really not a major issue. Enjoy!

  Great game

| | See all cheeseboy559's reviews (4)

inFamous is a amazing. the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want is spectaculer. i wouldn't be suprised if they made it into a film.overall its a must ave