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DC Universe Online

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  great game and pretty big.

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i got this little gem through a recommendation of a friend and now im hooked.the amount of customisation of your hero/villain will keep you entertained for a long time then the actual game itself is huge with so many diffrent looking online characters with diffrent powers to play along side and fight if you want.a truly great game and very addictive when u get going!a must buy for any super hero fan.

  Had so much promise

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I have played this game alot,Reached level 30 and gained both T1 & T2 Armour.The game starts out great.you get to explore both metropolis and gotham and meet iconic characters.Then you reach level 30(not that hard),after which you get to do some missions you have already done again and again and again and again.Just so you can equip better armour.The list of glitches in this game is too long to list but here are a few-It freezes your system constantly(ps3 played),it has horrible pop-up,missions are dull,combat is dull,with each patch to improve things it seems to make it worse.I bought this with a 6 month sub and I cant be bothered to play anymore.There are rumors about that this will go Free to Play in abit due to micro-transactions being added so i'd wait and see if I were you.Its really not worth the subscription fee at the minute.

  DC Universe online.... I guess its not a bad MMO

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I wrote a long review on here was interruped so play didnt save it so I can not be bothered to write a full review again sort it out play your site lacks sometimes anyway

DC Universe Online

Really good game graphics great gameplay decent bit button mashy character detailing and creating is great to very in depth and creative missions good bit tedious at times though still is great to run into or side along DC characters

Game has major crashing and freezeing problems apparantly SoE have even dropped a hotfix update to fix freezeing issues which is not kl but yeah game crashs way to much like everytime I play it and its begining to annoy me truth be told

Subscription is what lets the game down its certainly no WOW and its not worth 10 pounds sterling a month which I am paying at moment for this game that crashs all the time

Game can be addictive but soon gets frustrating when in need of a soda and not having any when fighting a boss also game has glitchs a lot to and why the hell are common enemys like science police things so strong I find a boss easier to fight in terms of battle

Menus are not so good to and bottom left cornet chat box doesnt even display fully seems stretch and im running in hdmi 1080 full res with a sony hdmi cable also takes time to get to grips with menus and features also havent figured out a lot myself yet

I expected more from this game only bought it few days ago for 11.93 pounds and it was cheap but oh my the subscription isnt!

3 out of 5 stars good game buy it and try it but be prepaired to pay a fortune for this also make sure you use it enough get your moneys worth if the game would not freeze so much and have such a steep subscription id of rated higher

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  Good game but ...

| | See all BoneGnash's reviews (3)

The game is good, fluid combat, same fairly good customisation options and inbuilt ability to reset your talents and skill for very little in game money.
The problem with this game is that is too fast, in a week you are lvl 30 (3 days if you work hard on it and you know how to do it), the best gear can be achieved in a month of raiding (a team of 8 players) and doing hard alerts (a team of 4 players).
So you are left with grinding for feats that will give you extra skill points to max you skills but truth to be told many player will not have the patience and spare time to just do races over and over, collect collectable that spawn randomly, etc.
The other option is of course PvP (player vs. player) and that is always fun if you find a group of other player to join forces with and find enough players online on the opposite side to join the various arenas; PvP is fun but is also repetitive after a while and you do it mostly to grind feats or PvP armour only available through PvP arenas.
The truth is, if you are a hard core MMORPG player this game is a simplified version that appeal to bore hard core MMORPG players or people that never played a proper MMORPG before.
By all means, I am not saying that this game is not a good purchase I only say the longevity of the game is limited because IMHO it is a quick and dirty MMORPG. And the situation is even worst if you are an International Player (non US) as the servers population is dropping fast and that makes most of the multiplayer activities hard to do, especially for new characters.
On the other hand, a word of warning to all the console players out there that did not play a MMORPG before, they are proven to be quite addictive and even if grinding is boring the lure of the possibility to get that extra feat to show off the extra skill point is very difficult to resist.


| | See all portugal2's reviews (1)

what a game if you love comics and games ur gonna love this, monthly payments is the only draw back but hey what else r u gonna spend ur money on. Also it should be on all the consoles instead of just pc.
i had to buy mine pre-own because it was sold out everywhere i went to and it was the last pre-own copy. WORTH EVERY PENNY.


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  Playstation Plus Beta Test

| | See all Himalia's reviews (4)

Considering its a beta its excellent.. Not perfect but did improve in the short time i used. All round good fun but the monthly charge seems abit steep. Nice customisations but with a monthly charge i expect extra to be added at semi regular intervals and for there not be extra charges for content added at a later date.

  Loving the BETA

| | See all elmoman's reviews (3)

my title says it all, now all i have to figure out is what i can cut back on to pay the 9.99 per month when it is released :)

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  The beta

| | See all donk3yk0ng's reviews (4)

OK, I'm giving this game five stars because this is a great experience on PS3. This MMO really shows what the future is like for PS3 MMORPG's and I have to say, it looks promising. First of all, it has mainstream graphics, physics is better than average, gameplay/storyline is excellent (fighting well known villians is great) and the opportunity to become the next legend is quite something. The only down side to the beta is well, it's a beta, of course they will have bugs/problems but fortunately they have released a 3 GB patch so in total this game is 19 GB. The bad points after the patch are NPC distance animation seems to be too close, hearing the same voices on certain missions shows the budget for this game and some parts feels like I'm playing a PSX Marvel game like how you pick up any items is always above the head. That being said, I don't think this game deserves four stars because it's the beta at the moment and I'm pretty sure when it's released it will be even better.

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  very addictive game

| | See all bengarry0's reviews (1)

i have playstation plus and been on this for a few days now, it does take awhile to install from download but when started its great as it is beta there are still a few bugs but none that would put you off the game, its what you would expect from an mmo game good fun loads of superheros n villians on the lose although you dont play as a real superhero eg batman, superman etc. u do make your own and have one as a mentor loads to customize on your character. very addictive game and a must for any dc fan i will be buying it and as for the on-line subscription who cares if u have ever played an mmo u will know it costs alot for the developers to make the worlds are ever changing as well as characters and other stuff, well worth it

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  Based on Playstation Plus Beta.

| | See all DarrylHolmes's reviews (4)

DC Universe was a title I originally intended to miss, until my step-dad downloaded the Beta and I saw him playing. It looked like an action game so I gave it a go myself and "wow!".
The game doesn't feel like a standard MMO at all, I was expecting City of Heroes/Villains or World of Warcraft with tights... but unlike your standard MMO the combat is thick, fast and exciting.

I played as a similar character to Batman. Since I'm not a superhero fan he's pretty much the only character I can stomach. I then customised the character how I wanted and once happy with him I entered the game.
I woke up on a strange ship being talked to by a women called Oracle, she hacked into me somehow and is sat somewhere talking to me, guiding me through the ship as I smash robots to pieces.
As you fight your way across the ship it pops up little helpful messages to help you learn the controls and get used to combat.

The combat starts out pretty basic, Square is Melee, Triangle is Ranged. It gets very deep and interesting pretty quickly and starts to feel a lot less like an MMO and much more like an action beat-em-up.
As soon as you level up you, get your first skill. My first skill was a Grappling Hook that stuns enemies and drags them next to you. To do this all you have to do is hold L2 to access your skill bar, and press Square. It feels natural and you don't have to think about it in combat, you're not even scanning your keyboard for the F7 key. It's great. Then when you level up further you also get Combos similar to Hack & Slash games.
Between the skills, combos and the speed of combat, it creates an action packed experience that makes you feel like your playing a very deep brawler.

Outside of the combat system is the standard MMORPG stuff of grabbing loot and customising your characters appearance and stats... which is where it shines once again. The Stat system on the equipment is easy to understand and when you hover over a piece of gear in your inventory it shows you clearly how much you would gain or lose from equipping the item. No maths involved or having to dig through fan sites and forums to find out what a vaguely named stat actually does.
Once you find something that is better, you go to equip it and you get a pop up window asking if you want to allow the piece of equipment to change how your character looks... You can equip new gear without sacrificing your characters aesthetics? Why the hell don't all MMO games do this! The guys behind DCUO obviously understand it's important to some players to have their characters look good, as well as being hard.

I can't comment on the world or the characters, I don't know many of the DC characters or locations. But in reference to other comments about the voice acting being poor, they are speaking a load of rubbish... well it's an all-star cast and honestly, it really pays off.
You have Adam Baldwin playing Superman (Full Metal Jacket, Mass Effect 2, Halo 3). Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill and Arleen Sorkin returning to their roles of Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn (respectively) from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Will Wheaton as Robin (Stand By Me, Star Trek: Next Generation, Fallout: New Vegas and Everquest 2). Michelle Forbes as Circe (Half-Life 2, True Blood, Kalifornia). James Marsters as Lex Luther (Smallville, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Superman/Doomsday). And a whole load more.

Overall the gameplay, controls, cast and features are great. Topped off with the fact that it's an MMO, as well as an MMO that actually suites a console... well that just makes it an astounding achievement.
Despite the fact I have no idea who the characters are, I was still able to enjoy this game and will certainly be enjoying it on release.

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