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Afro Samurai

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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| | See all redderz93's reviews (4)

This game is truely brilliant. The graphic style, voice acting and gameplay are all top-notch however, the story is far too short and doesn't follow the anime like it should.
Still a must buy, countless hours of hack n' slash fun :)

  good not great

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this could of been a really good game but for me it just lacks that flow some times and sammy l is a bit much sometimes two but a good game worth playing and very enjoyable at times

  Samuel rules

| | See all kemkaa's reviews (3)

i like that game and Samuel makes it even better but it was short 5:30h took me anyway it was very enjoying for me , it can be better

  i like it

| | See all razorman's reviews (2)

very funny game with lots of blood spattered moments the gameplay starts off easily enough for some good gory bits then you can start using some of the combos its got the voices of ron pearlman and samuel l jackson if you like simple fighting games this is for you if you like tombraider and more complex games then this might not be for you !

  well cut scenes are cool.....

| | See all neosamurakid's reviews (3)

battles dont feel real (way of the samurai is beter for battles ps2 game) even if you watch afro like me its not all that gd but on a good notie its got boobs in it lol

p.s dont bother to much money for what it is

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  Great game for the casual gamer.

| | See all Transgurner's reviews (1)

I wouldn't be British without moaning first. This game is really short. Two days play will have you complete the game and maybe a further day to collect all of the murders of crows you need to look for. Which aren't trophies either. No multiplayer and very limited replay-ability.

On the good side, it looks, sounds and plays great. Its enjoyable fighting system has your screen covered in blood in a matter of seconds. The combos are good but don't really provide much reward for cracking out the longer chain combos.

As a long time gamer, I miss the days of games which took you weeks to finally crack and Afro is a good example of how games these days are shrinking.

Overall, Afro is a 3 star game. Worth buying up if you are a fan of the anime but only worth renting otherwise.

  Its fun BUT!!!!!

| | See all Gamer22's reviews (19)

Dont get me wrong this game is tons of fun but it isn't something you can spend a saturday playing due to it getting very repetative after an hour or so. However it does have alot of great features that still make it really enjoyable, for instance dismembering youy enemies is always fun and once you start linking combo's it get's even better, allowing you to finish of the enemies in fantastic style. now i have never heard of afro samuri before and i bought this on a whim for 20 quid and i was shocked that the storyline was actually ok as most slash'em'ups are pretty mediocre in that department. also with the voice of samuel J narrating it adds a little more class to the game. a worth while title if you don't have a huge amount of time to play.

  its good

| | See all gameslegend's reviews (3)

i like the game play and the style of the game the gore of it and the style he music though is the best part with the rap mixed with the gore and blood and the fighting its just great

this is what i will say to you buy it love it and enjoy

  well i love it

| | See all dan5750's reviews (15)

hi i got this game friday not knowing what it was going to be like.
But with a love for manga/anime i thought it would be good.
At first i thought it was a bash and slash game but that changed when i found if you push select you get loads of moves to go through and the combs are endless, so it become move than a bash and slash in my eye's.
The game jumps alot from parts of afro's life so it does get a bit comfusing along with the "loading" screen's there's are flash backs too, so if you are used to anime you will get it if not take no notice of them cos they dont help with the story any way ;-) graphic's are the nuts you can slash people in half, this is bloodly so children should not play this. In all i am glad i got it and im no way finished so hours of game play