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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Console with 80GB HDD

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all TheBulluk's reviews (3)

So far so bulluk, very reliable, entertainment system all in one. (Deniz_ Dead Nation Invite, taylan just kut your hair.)

  The Most Powerful Gaming System Yet

| | See all amzy89's reviews (3)

By far the most amazing, funfilled and adventure driven console yet and all thanks to Sony Corporation for creating this amazing machine. Extraordinary graphics, HDD and blu-ray you cannot want more. Exhilirating software such as Rainbow 6 vegas 2, NFS Shift, GTA and Burnout etc make you glued to your seat and make it never ending. further more the online system allowing you to play multiple player allow to test your skills and tactics and take your gaming to the next level.

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  Wonderful grownup Entertainment machine

| | See all Watchall's reviews (24)

I had an Xbox 360 for 2 an a half years sadly it did the 3 red rings things and sent it off to Germany for repair. Once i got it back I traded it in and got the PS3. 3 weeks later I'm still exploring the things this wonderful console can do. ( i've not even watched a blu ray movie yet )
The graphics are super, bit better than the 360.Games yes PS3 has just the same amount of great games as the 360. Online play is just as great and fun.. The PSN store is fast and easy to get around to download your games, demos etc.. But it's little things like streaming video, music & pictures through wireless from your PC to the PS3 and the net browser and you can add a printer that make it more fun. Really theres so much more. I will be getting An xbox 360 again no dout but for now i'm glad I traded in for the PS3.
There is a price decrease and a slim version coming plus a game called M.A.G. ( massive action game ) where you will play 256 players online. PS3 has a very bite future ahead i'm very happy to be part of it. If you really want to see what the PS3 can do go download the manual from the official site.

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  Fantastic Console - Bad Software

| | See all DanielM2006's reviews (5)

As I am sure some have read my Nintendo Wii review. It will be very similar. This is a fantastic console with a such huge potential, but let down by garbage cross-platform software. The design and set up of the PS3 is amazing and the technicals specs make it one of the most powerful consoles on the market with one heck of a future. But it's the lack of good software letting it down. There are so many cross-platform games and movie tie-ins and when you play them, they are pathetic (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one of those - so disappointing). And the worst part, none of them are taking advantage of the consoles power, it is all wasted. Only one game (that I know of, others may disagree and I respect that) has been specifically designed for the PS3 - KillZone 2. I've heard all sorts of stories about how much the game utilises the graphic processors of the console (4.5 out of 5 of them or something) If that is all we have after a couple of years then what does future does the console have?

I'll say the same to Sony as I did to Nintendo, make use of your console or it will die far too quickly. Lets see some more consoles that utilise the consoles power. No Cross-Platforms, just games devoted to the console and uses it's power to the fullest. What happened to those game manufacturers.

Final Word: I would only recommend people to buy the PS3 when the software content has improved. For now, all it is, is a glorified Blu-Ray player.

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  PlayStation 3, worth every penny!

| | See all Lukeey's reviews (14)

Okay, First of all I must get a few things clear, I am not a "PS3 Fanboy" and I do own all of the Next-Generation console, this review is in no way biased.

The PlayStation 3 is first and for-most a gaming console, and an awesome one as well.
It also doubles up as a media-centre that can access all the essential media.
Although people have started to dis-regard this console, it still remains the highest quality console on the market.
So far the games released on the PS3 have mostly been developed on platforms that use different rendering technology, so for now the graphics will remain rusty, but in 2010 they have an amazing schedule, with Exclusives that have been specifically developed for this console, Gran-Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII Versus to name but a few.

This Console beats my XBOX360 elite hands down, and the only area that the 360 even comes close in is online, and even the PS3's online features are becoming better; FREE aswell!
The PS3 has a good build quality, and i have never heard of them breaking down even after intensive use.
On-top of everything, its a BLU-RAY player aswell, you can't ask for more really.

Oh, and just one more point:
over 3 years the PS3 will cost a maximum of £300 to run on-line (including the original console price).
The XBOX360 will cost atleast £325, so thinking about it; you actually get more for your money.

I have Recently Upgraded from a 40GB Model to the 80GB Model.
I can say that this model s the best yet; it's slightly faster at accessing the media stored on its HDD and it comes with the new(ish) DualShock3 controllers (they are very good).
Play.com has the cheapest price i have seen for this model, although i would say that you should either buy the Killzone or Infamous Bundle because they offer a free game aswell.

Overall this is a very sophisticated machine, the high price reflects that; but even with a price nearing the £300 mark, it is worth every penny!

5 Star Console
5 Star Price

  Faulty 80GB PS3

| | See all Kyle78's reviews (8)

Bought my second one of these consoles in April this year from play.com which has now broken down. My first one lasted about a minute before it switched itself off for good. Stick with the Xbox 360 if you want a good games console. I know it doesn't have a blu-ray player but it has better graphics than the PS3 and is half the price. Also alot of the PS3 games aren't in full HD. They are displayed in 720p unlike the 360 games which are usually all full 1080p HD.

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  Amazing so much better than xbox 360

| | See all speedy1234's reviews (10)

I have had it for a while now and Im still amazed by it. It has blue ray,HD,free online and the best games. If you are stuck between buying a xbox or this I would say the ps3 its way better. Recomend it.

  Next-Gen Console, Blu-Ray And Free Online Play!

| | See all mon5315's reviews (56)

Next-Gen Console, Blu-Ray And Free Online Play.......says it all realy, xbox is a lot cheaper but you dont get a blu ray player, you dont get free online play, you dont get wireless built-in, this is the console to have what you pay for now you easily make up for when you use the free online, and every time you use the blu ray player, oh an did i mention you get free online and a blu ray player with this next-gen console? and its got built-in wireless

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  Best gaming console of this generation

| | See all Amino2's reviews (9)

This is my second PS3 now, the first being a Japanese launch 60GB back in '06. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said, this is simply the best console out right now. The games are amazing and showcases the PS3's Cell Processor in full effect when combined with a HDTV. The Blu-Ray which is sold for about the same price as the PS3 comes built in. There's built in wireless connection with a web browser as added bonus. If you have a PSP, you can opt for remote play meaning you can control your PS3 from your PSP apart from games and movies - which means you can watch YouTube, something you can't so with the regular PSP web browser.

The PlayStation 2 managed to introduce DVD into the average household, the PS3 is doing the same with the powerful Blu-Ray. And even if you decide not to purchase any Blu-Rays, your DVD collection will still play well on the PS3 with the new DVD Upscaler.

All in all, this is THE console to have. Remember to keep in ventilated and upgrade your warranty every year to avoid the expensive repairs Sony is offering at the moment.

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  Xbox is good, but this is better...

| | See all StuffYouCanTrust's reviews (16)

I know you'r probley sick of people comparing the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 but its the only way to truly say how good this console is.

Xbox 360 is a great console, cheap, decent games, great controller. However PS3 is that and much more...

If you want next gen at a cheap price, xbox 360, but if you can afford it, PS3 is a must. 360 is a games console and not much more but the PS3 is a games console, (with better exclusive games) a blu-ray player, wireless wifi built in, free online gaming, Internet browser(i can now browse the internet on my 37" HD Tele in the living room, on my sofa!) and because it's Sony you get reliability and good build quality. The PS3 is wispper quiet when running and compared to the 360 (which battles for sound against a vaccum cleaner! it's very loud..) its so quiet. No more turning up the volume to cover the sound of the console.

The only 2 niggles i have about the PS3 are:

1. the price, BUT as said you get alot more for you'r £££ (maybe they should bring out a cheaper model without the blu-ray player, to make it a little more affordable)

2. the controller, the quality doesn't match that of the console it's self, it feels cheap and it can be awkward to hold due to it's layout.

I'm impressed by this console. I didn't realise it was going to be this good, so im glad i've got one. I would recommend it.