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Wanted: Weapons Of Fate

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (32 reviews)"

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  Great Game

| | See all MonTheHoops's reviews (14)

I really like this game. Overall controls are excellent and the game has a nice gradual build up. Having read other reviews I wasn't sure what to think but I was really impressed and have to say this game is well worth the money. A must buy for anyone who likes shooter games.

  Short and sweet!

| | See all Banksey94's reviews (1)

The game play flows really well in the game, and its always thrilling to chain moves really fats from out of no where. The levels are varied and their are some variations including slow motion bullet colliding.

Although the game is short, around 3 hours long. It has various difficulties and a close combat and head shot mode, making it 9 hours of different game play styles (This includes the normal mode as well as the special modes, not difficulty changes.)
Some of the trophies will make it last longer.

Overall the game is good, but ends up making you want more at the end! worth the reduced price

  Not quite the game you "wanted"

| | See all Plato67's reviews (45)

Most of us will have become used to accepting the fact that film-based video games do not always live up to their big screen counterparts, and I am afraid that Wanted: Weapons of Fate is not much different in this respect. However, there are a few elements of the game that make it passable to most gamers` standards - including mine.

In terms of the story, those who have watched the 2008 homonymous film will notice that the game picks up exactly where the movie left off. Although there are no explicit links between the two story lines, the game is closely based on Wesley`s origins as the youngster is in pursuit of the truth behind his mother`s death. In this respect, all chapters are organised in flashbacks where past and present intertwine, and you will play as both Wesley and his father, Cross, following an adventure that will take you from the windy American metropolis, Chicago, to rural, war-torn areas in Northern France.

Where the story line might generally be interesting, the same may not be said about the game play. As the game is mostly a slick cover-to-cover shooter, you will soon realise that when you are playing as either Wesley and Cross, the motions are exactly the same throughout the game, alas including boss battles. As the game has a rather easy-to-use interface, you will easily slide from behind crates and hide behind walls avoiding enemy fire coming at you. Regrettably enough, such basic strategy remains unaltered all the way through the end, making you wish you could find other ways to interact with the game. Beyond this smudge, the game might warrant kudos for the cool bullet-curving feature, which is the element that truly connects the movie to its video game adaptation. For instance, while crouching behind a crate, the arc of your bullet will project on the screen, and you will be able to adjust the angle, allowing you to deliver lethal headshots or to smoke out enemies from their cover. A prop to this feature is that you just cannot curve bullets as you please. In order to do it, you first have to kill a fair amount of enemies to fill up the adrenaline gauge, which will deplete each time you deliver full-throttle curving bullets.

A further point I would like to bring up is about the game modes. The game is structured into a story mode, sub-divided into three difficulty levels, with the hardest one (killer mode), which you will achieve upon completion of the intermediate (assassin mode). However, the game also allows you to complete the story mode in two different settings: headshot mode and close-combat mode. Make no mistake: you are not getting a different story here, you are basically going through the same chapters all over again, with the sole difference that in order to clear each level, you have to carry out a certain number of killings in either mode. The negative aspect to this is that you cannot just choose either option from the game menu; instead, you need to unlock them with certain game codes.

On balance, the game is not utterly shoddy, and given its simplicity it might well appeal for its trophies. In terms of its lasting appeal, provided that there is no multiplayer feature, and the story mode is quite short, I would recommend to rent this game rather than buy it.

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  y dnt people like this!!!!

| | See all hen1014's reviews (37)

i expected this to be a terrible short boring game nd never wuld buy it. But thought i mereswell borrow it off mi mate as i can get the trophys that look easy. i played it and its so fun the movement for example the rolls from cover to ccover close combat is gd but cud be more vary nd freedom bbut still feels gd. shhoting is gd overalll gamplay is gd graphics r gd nd the story is very gd nd relates to the film. 4 stars becaue i completed it the night i got it, which is redicoulsy short nd the game cud hve a vary of different gameplay, like the review ps3 addy is hen1014 . im lonely obviously as im writing reviews so need more friends lol thnx

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  Alot better than expected!

| | See all felixz's reviews (5)

I haven't had so much fun with a shooter since playing Siphon filter on the ps1 ;) If you loved Siphon Filter, go get this right now! Alot of bang for the buck! Recommended!

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| | See all unitedreg's reviews (75)

Wanted is boring gameplay boring graphics are rubish me and my friend completed it in about 2 hours not a good game do not buy.

  too short but rather cool

| | See all Haddock's reviews (12)

This game was far too short and rather dissapointing i felt, not terrible and the fact you could bend bullet is always incredibly fun and most useful at points. The price of the game was rather steep and kind of felt that the "free" film was included in the price. The fact you go back to the same level a fair few times meant i felt a little cheated with the content but overall was a fun game to play with some brilliant element but far too short!

  good but.......

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

they either need to half the price of the game or double the size of it, but it is fun and visually stunning.

  I "Wanted" a Little More For My Money

| | See all Stuntman3000's reviews (29)

Completed this in two and a half hours...no joke. Don't get me wrong, the game is good. The gameplay is solid using an really good cover system and the curving bullets works really well but....come on. Two and a half hours, ye sure there are trophies to go get and headshot mode and stuff but a few more, no no no, a lot more levels would have been nice. Finished all the modes and completed the game 3 times on diffrent difficultys in less than a week. ( I do have a life).