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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (227 reviews)"

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  It's fun!

| | See all PabsPabs's reviews (1)

Great game, very good start for a great saga which does not disappoint hardcore nor casual gamers.

  your highness

| | See all BALDYMAN1's reviews (60)

if you want a great game then this is it.
it has a trillogy i completed the first the 2nd is quite brilliant
just like the 3rd if you got a ps3 for xmas then any drake game you buy will be worth it i traded my xbox 360 4 a ps3 just 4 these games

  Short but well worth the money

| | See all flash1969's reviews (6)

Thouroughly enjoyed this smart adventure shooter game. Some nice touches and enjoyable gameplay, better than Uncharted 2.

  I'm a PC snob but...

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

I'm a PC snob but... I just got myself a ps3 (which has great graphics for a 5 year old console), and after getting used to the controller I've had a ball playing this game.

On PC I usually play fps and WoW etc, but I like the look of this Tomb Raider type of game, so tried it first.

I have to say that it looks and plays great... the characters are involving (I can't remember when I last cared about a video game character) and the gameplay strikes the right balance between shooting, exploring and puzzle solving. Total play time was 13 hours, so I got good value for money.

Overall, a very good game.

  The Game That Started It All.

| | See all ZappaInMyVeins's reviews (6)

The game that started the franchise. This is sort of like the test for checking out the perfect balance between shooting and exploring.

Basically its a really good game (must for ps3) but as you know. The 2nd and 3rd games a even better so start on number 1 and move over to 2.

Love PS3!


| | See all Nails1976's reviews (45)

This game is superb i played the 2nd uncharted first but this is just as good. The graphics are very good and the story is fantastic. There is so much to do and some tricky puzzles to. 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Story 10/10
Gameplay 10/10


| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

I decided to purchase this game after reading a number of reviews and watching clips posted on the internet. I was not sure about this game at first as I did download the demo and I could not get on with it. I waited a while until I had some spare cash to buy this game as it was not on the top of my wish list - this was a massive error on my part.

This game is brilliant and I love everything about it. I have only played for an hour or so at the moment and if I didn't have work the next day I probably would have completed this in one sitting throughout the night. The storyline is very captivating and makes you want to play. The dialogue is cool and even made me laugh. The gameplay, sound and graphics are quality and I really cannot wait to complete this game and move onto the second.

As everyone has already said, if you love Tombraider or Assassins Creed you will love this even more. A top, top game.


| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

Think Gears of War, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and you have the main kind of gameplay of Uncharted Drake's Fortune. However it takes all those great aspects of play and combines them with high quality production values, a great story, amazing attention to detail, beautiful/stunning graphics and levels And a complete style of it's own to create one brilliant adventure that you must experience if you own a PS3.

Follow Drake on his adventure along with his friends Elena and Sully to find the lost treasure of El Dorado which leads to the discovery of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After they become stranded, they must fight their way to survival as they uncover the dark secrets hidden on the island.

Most of the gameplay in Uncharted will have you shooting enemies which includes a really great aiming system and the option to take cover behind structures to regain health. There's also a decent amount of platforming including climbing, jumping, swimming, swinging from branches and puzzle solving. Also included is a thrilling jeep chase and the ability to ride on jet skis. Everything you need to take you on a great survival adventure.

The graphics in Uncharted are absolutely amazing. Attention to detail is very present and plants and trees will move as Nathan passes by them, leaves and trees will blow in the wind, making the world feel real and full of life. Water in the game looks fantastic and Nathan himself has around 3000 animations making him one of the most fluidly moving characters in a video game ever. His clothes will get wet in water, they wrinkle as he moves, his muscles bulge under them when he raises his arms and sweat pours from his forehead. All this makes for a fantastic looking game that will blow you away.

The game uses motion capture like we saw in Heavenly Sword using real actors. The characters come to life and are believable and all great people that you will come to love. Sully is such a funny guy and will even follow you around, telling you stories as you are walking around as Nathan. Elana is a cool strong female character but she's also a character you can relate to, much like most of the characters in the game. They aren't stereo typical game characters who you can't relate to but very real, making you feel as you're watching actors in a movie.

In terms of story you will have to buy the game and see for yourself but be prepared for one of the most epic adventures and best stories you will see in a video game with fantastic twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you ever wanted to play a game that was like a Hollywood blockbuster then treat yourself to Uncharted and you'll not be dissapointed. 10/10

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  The legend that is uncharted drakes fortune.

| | See all DrakePri's reviews (2)

So initially I was a massive xbox man but had a go on a ps3 at a friends house and thought well i wouldnt mind one myself actually so anyway i bought myself a ps3 and not knowing what sort of game i intended to play i posted on another forum asking for ps3 essential games as previously when i had a xbox i did believe i had an essential game which was forza 3.

Anyway so someone suggested uncharted drakes fortune but when i read up on the story of it i was a little erm no thats not my sort of thing so i decided to nip and purchase midnight club LA however when i got to game i spotted uncharted drakes fortune and i read through the game and just by a gut instinct i thought id purchase this simply on the basis that upon looking at the midnight club la case the graphics did seem a little flakey.

Anyway MY MY MY i was absolutely astounded with the game the whole story line is very well thought out everything just flows into place but basically the thing that got me more then anything is that its not just a game its very practical and you have to think what its telling you i normally get interested in games but this one gripped me like a earth size magnet i just couldnt pull myself away.

This is well worth the money. Seriously buy it.

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