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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (227 reviews)"

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| | See all Bushido666's reviews (19)

I only bought this recently as I try to wait until PS3 games come down in price. 15 quid is a bargain for this game!

It's challenging in parts, it's funny, the story is gripping and the gameplay and graphics are fantastic.

I didn't have very high expectations for this, being that it was one of the PS3's first releases, but it blew me away! So much so that I kep going back to it to try and increase my trophy collections! Very addictive and utterly enjoyable

  One of the best adventure games this generation

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

Naughty Dog hit the nail on the head when they released this masterpiece, whilst it may be rather old, the graphics, gameplay, sound, visuals and story still beat most games to date. If you own a PS3 and have not played this game yet, i strongly recommend you pick this up. It has everything you would want from a cinematic game and plays beautifuly. As a whole, it is not as good as the second game, but this game out a few years earlier when naughty dog was establishing themselves in the next-gen market, and now it is still a absolute joy to go back through the jungles, and over the forts again and again just to watch the story unfold.

  Tomb raider but better!

| | See all jayd77's reviews (14)

I got this as a present about a year ago but never played it until now. The reason being, I though it was just another Tomb Raider clone. Well I put it in my ps3 3 days ago, and I didnt take it out until I cleared it today.
Firstly, I was right, this is along the lines of Tomb Raider....but its so much better. The graphics are stunning to begin with. The Story, pretty good for a game. I had to shush the wife so I wouldnt miss what was being said. The gameplay, and this is the important one.... OUTSTANDING! From the very start this game is action packed. Gunfights are great fun and in parts very hard...which I think is good. The control system is very well laid out. The puzzles are mostly quite simple, but hey, if you want puzzles, then get a ds and brain training. My only regret is that I didnt play this game a year ago. Now Im going to buy Uncharted 2.

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  Not as good as the second one. try again naughty dog

| | See all drakehunter46's reviews (8)

the game is very good and the storyline is easy to follow. But thier are way to many gun battles to fight yuor way through and if you try it on crushing. good luck to you. but apart from my nitpicking a good game and watch out for chapter 7. so much fun.

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| | See all bigun007's reviews (5)

i got this february 2010 many years after it came out i got this so late cause i was unsure but then i saw gameplay from the 2nd one and wanted to get this to understand the story of nathan.
For this game though WOW what a game, what i played of the story is brilliant the graphics are good and the puzzles sometimes get u to look around for 5 mins max.
A very good game i only wish i got it when it came out.

  A cinematic engaging fun Game

| | See all Connor92's reviews (3)

Its a cineamatic experience with graphical brilliance and the story line is so intresting the characters are so beliveable so many twists in a plot amazing gunplay and puzzles got the formula right it takes you through so many amzing settings and enemies the only issue i have with this game is you want more after you finished it thats why i got a platnum trophy on this game and im still playing on it. I recomend you buy a ps3 for this game

  10 OUT OF 10

| | See all peckers's reviews (60)

This and uncharted 2 are my 2 favourite games on ps3, great story, great grahpics GREAT game. A must buy

  What are the languages of the game?

| | See all Filipe21's reviews (14)

Hello everyone, I want to buy this game but i want to know if the game have only ENGLISG or other languages like FRENCH or PORTUGUESE.

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  Suprisingly amazing!

| | See all Callux's reviews (14)

Think Gears of War, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and you have the main kind of gameplay of Uncharted Drake's Fortune. However it takes all those great aspects of play and combines them with high quality production values, a great story, amazing attention to detail, beautiful/stunning graphics and levels And a complete style of it's own to create one brilliant adventure that you must experience if you own a PS3.

Follow Drake on his adventure along with his friends Elena and Sully to find the lost treasure of El Dorado which leads to the discovery of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After they become stranded, they must fight their way to survival as they uncover the dark secrets hidden on the island.

Most of the gameplay in Uncharted will have you shooting enemies which includes a really great aiming system and the option to take cover behind structures to regain health. There's also a decent amount of platforming including climbing, jumping, swimming, swinging from branches and puzzle solving. Also included is a thrilling jeep chase and the ability to ride on jet skis. Everything you need to take you on a great survival adventure.

The graphics in Uncharted are absolutely amazing. Attention to detail is very present and plants and trees will move as Nathan passes by them, leaves and trees will blow in the wind, making the world feel real and full of life. Water in the game looks fantastic and Nathan himself has around 3000 animations making him one of the most fluidly moving characters in a video game ever. His clothes will get wet in water, they wrinkle as he moves, his muscles bulge under them when he raises his arms and sweat pours from his forehead. All this makes for a fantastic looking game that will blow you away.

The game uses motion capture like we saw in Heavenly Sword using real actors. The characters come to life and are believable and all great people that you will come to love. Sully is such a funny guy and will even follow you around, telling you stories as you are walking around as Nathan. Elana is a cool strong female character but she's also a character you can relate to, much like most of the characters in the game. They aren't stereo typical game characters who you can't relate to but very real, making you feel as you're watching actors in a movie.

In terms of story you will have to buy the game and see for yourself but be prepared for one of the most epic adventures and best stories you will see in a video game with fantastic twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you ever wanted to play a game that was like a Hollywood blockbuster then treat yourself to Uncharted and you'll not be dissapointed. 10/10

  gr8 game,good graphics, A must have for all ps3 players,!!!!

| | See all jonnersnlilbird's reviews (4)

I brought this game the other day and have not been able to put it down since,fantastic graphics and scenery,i like that when you go in to the water when you come out of the water it looks like you have been in the water,your clothes are darker and drip with water,good storyline, i got this game for just over 13 pound on play.com and it;s an absolute bargain and worth every penny and more.

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