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Assassin's Creed (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  altair rocks! it is too repetitive!

| | See all bovmalta's reviews (29)

it is a good game but it is too repetitive every time making the same types of missions. sequences 1 was the best. I think the best sequence from all ac games. after that everything gets the same. graphics 8/10 characters 7/10 story 7/10 gameplay 6/10. overall it is a good game but it is too repetitive. if you like assassins creed series then this is for you to collect

  Good start but too repetative

| | See all Fatman88's reviews (46)

It's a good proof of concept, but it's far too repetative and I found I wasn't interested in the story until the last mission.

  Very disappointing and repetitive!

| | See all musy31's reviews (26)

This game was bought 4 years ago, when it came out, and is still one of the biggest disappointments to come out on ps3. The game is utterly repetitive and requires you to kill a marked person in every level and, whilst this seems engaging, the nature of the game simply just revolves around killing a person and then moving on to the next target.

The repetitive nature of the game hinders it but it still is engaging to traverse the city. The city is amazingly detailed and full of wonderful things to see (especially considering the graphics are simply stunning). However, there is very little to do in the game as a whole and this takes detracts from the experience.

Additionally, the worst feature of the game is that the whole city isn't open for you to explore unless you climb a marked building in a few areas of the game in order to open up the city. This is frustrating because the game doesn't do a good job of guiding you or telling you which exact buildings you need to climb to complete the task.

Overall, whilst the game has decent gameplay (I love the wonderful climbing mechanics) it is hindered by a few odd design choices (climbing stupid towers ehhmmmm....) and a lack of tasks to do. If you want a similar but better experience, play Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood which are far superior games (especially the 2nd game).

  Assassins Creed Fan, but not the best one of 3,

| | See all Dani2009's reviews (2)

Just want to say, I have usually nothing but compliments for plays delivery but this time I was disappointed, took a lot longer than usual.
Bought this game for my boyfriend and he loved it, definitely will buy the others.
Kinda boring and slightly repetitive but the graphics make up for it.

  Style over substance

| | See all PYates's reviews (6)

Boring! Every city and memory block is exactly the same. Pickpocket this guy, interrogate this bloke, assassinate this dude, collect flags in 3 mins before going after the main target.

I got very bored and almost lost the will to complete the game on account of the boring repetition. The graphics are amazing, don't get me wrong, but the free running doesn't make up for poor combat, which consists of hammering X, or the segmented story.

Sorry folks, I know there are a lot of fans out there, but I'm not one of them.

  Really good

| | See all dodo12's reviews (19)

This game is really good. although i prefer the second i found this game extremely fun! The story lines amazing with lots of twists. This is a great game!

  Part of a great collection

| | See all Jscanners's reviews (1)

I picked up this game for around 8 pounds, that was the only reason i bought it, did'nt know what it was about, played it, very much enjoyed it. It is repetitive yes but if your like me and you've finished all 3 AC games then it really doesnt matter as it all ties in nicely. As for re-playablilty i can see where some of the bad reviews are coming from. Well worth the money. Was a nice suprise when i first played this.
AC Brotherhood was far from repetitive.

  really good

| | See all GameFreaks1's reviews (16)

Assassins creed is a blend of action adventure and free roaming heaven, with compelling gameplay and an impressive storyline. Assassins creed gives the player a sense of immersion throughout, you will not regret gettin this game, plus if it wasn't good there wouldn't be two more.

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