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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Of The Year Edition (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Anyone who gives this lower than 5 stars is a COD noob.

| | See all bigmitch20's reviews (2)

Oblivion is fantastic game that gets you hooked right from the start. The amount of things you can do is endless and it will have you playing for hours on end. I agree that the graphics are poor but the gameplay more than makes up for that. Get this game now.


| | See all elgreenmachine18's reviews (14)

A lot of RPGs try hard to achieve what this game has in terms of content, weather that be the story, missions or size of explore-able landscape. I loved this game, it was an epic! It simply cannot wait for Skyrim. Buy this game, truly it is awesome.

  Best game on the ps3 changed my views of gaming!

| | See all ImmortalUK's reviews (36)

Picked this game up for 10 pound bought it for a laugh my friend told me it was good i played it and to my surprise fell in love with it and now love rpg games it is also my favourite ps3 game and it is better than dragon age 2 tbh cant wait for elder scrolls v to come out buy this game its a must have! it will turn you into an rpg freak and I love the fact you can become a vampire in it!


| | See all dodo12's reviews (19)

To be honest this game was the main reason i bought the ps3! The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is vast! You basically have an entire world to play in and do what you want! If you want an amazingly fun game that will keep you occupied for weeks this is the right choice!!

  Wonderful and vast

| | See all Mefistofeles's reviews (1)

The game is big, and I mean big. The graphics are ok; the characters do not look too good, but the surroundings are beautiful. You can see far into the landscape. Find a mountain and enjoy the view. I thought the side quests were more interesting than the main quest. The actors are quite good, and it is fun to walk around in Shivering Isles and talk to the strange people there. I will probably start with another character and play it again. One thing that bothered me a little, is that when I level up, the monsters also (kind of) levels up, so I cannot fully appreciate that my character got stronger. Great game, and I cannot wait for the follow-up.

  dungeons,dragons cheese

| | See all britain's reviews (13)

elder scrolls is a game which helped set the standard for role playing games on next gen consoles. a massive game expanding as far as the eye can see enabling a great chance for exploration if very lengthy travel time. dungeons,monsters and treasure hunting are some of the fun elements of the game. the graphics were very good on realease however they no longer can be really compared to newer titles. the story is great but the game enables you to not even do it you can just wander off into a cave and kill something which is a great feature and has been copied in similar games such fallout 3. the combat is not great however other things make up for tha like customisability of your character and a huge number of things to do. elder scrolls is a marvellous game which can bring a lot of fun for people whether they love story or just the freedom to do whatever like eat cheese in a corner unusual but the game lets you do it so whatever just get it i mean dungeons,dragons and cheese wots not to love apart from the reptive voice acting only flaw really anyway BUY IT!!!

  One of the best games ever played

| | See all Beazmeister's reviews (5)

Let's just say, before this game I hated RPGs. The fiddlyness of upgrading my character quite frankly I couldn't be bothered with. Then one day speaking to a pal, he suggested I try Oblivion.
Knowing what oblivion was... I largely ignored him till October when play.com did a good deal and I dived in.
And I don't regret it one bit.
Ok the graphics are dated compared to the likes of Dead Space 2, the voice acting is quite poor at times. But what do you expect... It takes you over an hour by horse to get from corner to corner of the map.
There's so much to do and to see. It's really up to you if you wander off on your own or follow the main game. I was then randomly went looking for the secret door.
I'm about 15 hours in & have hardly scratched the surface! I guess that's the only other downside. You may never complete this game!


| | See all donk3yk0ng's reviews (4)

We all love a good RPG now and then and Oblivion really top's them all by giving you good graphics, great storyline and so much things to do. I do believe that this game deserves five stars because Oblivion is best for this platform except PC (Bethesda was able to port this for PS3 to use some of it's potential), because it has quick loading times and decent frame rate. It has sharp graphics with noticable anti-aliasing and it's free from bugs as far as I know. I would recommend this to anyone, you just have to give it a chance at first because it may drag on for those who can be a little impatient. Character creation is unusual but it works, the faces that you can design are very strange but you can make a normal face with a bit of work, the physics are not the best and the NPC's are very dull, they stare at walls and when they talk to you it seems as though they are up to something. When NPC's talk to each other it seems like the most boring conversation you'll ever hear but it's to make it look as though they can at least socialise. The character personalities that you come across are quite unique but I've seen better. Weapons and armour are good looking and unique items feature multiple skilsl/attributes. Using magic and bow & arrows is probably the best skills you can use to fight enemies. But, overall, for the size of this game and it's expansions I highly recommend it and as for the price well, It's hardly much. I highly doubt I'll be getting The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim because Bethesda is known to design buggy games after Oblivion.

  Out of this world

| | See all skullspawn's reviews (1)

Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls series has got to be one of the best games ever made the world is huge and theirs so much to explore the character creation and personalisation is amazing its the only game ive ever played that has been able to sustain my attension aswell as me never getting bored of its well worth it!!! :) it will have you playing for hours you wont put it down.