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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game Of The Year Edition (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  still the best RPG around!

| | See all JaconSIX's reviews (1)

This game is great for so many reasons.
Its huge, and offers so much fun. I bought the original back when it came out, and still play it.
Havent had the chance to play Shivering Isles yet, so I just placed an order for the Goty edition and hope it arrives soon :)

I have a question though for everyone that ordered this game from Play.
Is this version multi lang?
I see in the product info that it has a BBFC rating, and sometimes that means its just English while the PEGI version of the same game has multi.
Reason I ask is the cure-vampirism-bug. I know the quest can can be completed if the game supports German lang, so I really hope this one is multilang.
If any kind soul want to share their knowledge about this, its much appreciated!

But again great game anyway, and as many said, its a must have!
oh and sorry for any misspelling, english is not my main language ^^


| | See all DChaundy's reviews (7)

This is one of the best games I have ever played! It's a massive game with a 100+ hours of gameplay, tons of interesting quests and characters, a level of immersion that is rare to find in most games and is quite simply one of the finest crafted rpgs of this console generation. Any rpg fan should have this game in their collection. Essential.

  Astonishingly Fantstic!

| | See all Sagma1's reviews (3)

The game Oblivion isn`t just a brilliant RPG, it`s a whole new world you can live inn and interact with! The entire game is enormous, with tons of quests, people and locations.

The graphics would have been considered great if the game had come out today, but the fact that this amazing game was released back in 2006 is mind-blowing!

Money Well Spent!

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| | See all cloudburst1's reviews (3)

Well Play keep changing the price of this game from 15 quid to 12 then to 10 then back to 15, It doesn't matter! if this game goes back up to 30 pounds it's worth every penny, I still find it hard to believe that this game is 4 years old, I bought it 2 years back and I'm still not bored of it, first of all I was amazed that how huge this game is, seiously It's massive! Another thing I was amazed about was how other people and creatures in the game react to the enviroment, for example you could wandering in the forest to see guard pelting arrows at a goblin or a bear and the fights are really interesting to watch, and after that just kill the winner of that battle, there are so many side quests that it would take months to do them plus with this you get the Shivering Isles expansion which is like a different game altogether and is just pure genius and more challenging, I could write postive stuff about this game for ages so I'm just going to stop while I'm ahead, my conclusion is: Just buy it!

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  Great Game!!! absolutely huge!!!

| | See all sexysanta's reviews (109)

The game starts off with you as a powerless fellon and gradually you build up power, might, magic and status through various levelling up systems. I have never seen a game as large as this one for the ps3 or perhaps even the pc, there are many missions, sub missions and other taks to be completed in the quest for power. Everything is customisable from the way your character looks to the way that they dress and even the decor of you houses within the game. Absolutely mad!!! keeps you entertained for at least a year!

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| | See all bartons's reviews (1)

this game of the year edition of oblivions means that curing vampirism is not gonna happen however this is overall an amazing RPG much like its brother FALLOUT 3 getting this is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  For £11.99!?

| | See all Razmate90's reviews (2)

11.99!!! still can't believe how much of a bargain this is, i bought it when it was at nearly full price and it was worth it then. Needless to say this an absolute must, fans of GTA / Just Cause / Far Cry 2 will be impressed with the sheer scale as even those games pale in comparison. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons / WoW will also enjoy that strategic gameplay and endless customisation options. The variety of missions, side quests, guild quests and exploration is vast and you sometimes can be tempted to just put everything on hold to go hunting treasure in dungeons and selling them off to improve ur fortune. (plus has anyone else found the unicorn yet? lol i did and it freaked me out so i set it on fire). Plus in this edition yu even get 2 expansion packs, the Knights is a lot of fun but th Shivering Isles just amps up your play time by another 50+ hours or so...absolutley NO shortage of gameplay. Trust me.

The only negative things about this game is the voice acting is somewhat limited (but for the size of it isn't that expected) and the character animations are a bit plastic sometimes. But nothing gamebreaking in my opinion. Overall I really preferred this to Bethesda's more recent Fallout reboot as i love the wilderness settings and the quaint villages, Fallout is too industrial and frankly, drab and boring. But tht's my view.

There's so much to say about this title that I cannot say it all here, testament to the games incredible scope, i had the game for about 6 months and did not even get past the the 3rd main story mission because i got lost in everything else. You will not regret spending the mere 11.99 on this title, I would even buy it again myself for the price alone.

Bargain. Buy It. Simples.

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  Simply Brilliant

| | See all waterdragon900's reviews (1)

One of the most addictive games I've ever played. The depth and variety of gameplay are breathtaking. It's Dungeons and Dragons brought up to date and then some. To the person who commented how hard it is to defeat monsters, just go in to options and change the difficulty setting. I confess to using the easiest setting as I don't have the quick reactions that I had 40 years ago....
If you only want gung-ho shoot-em-ups, this isn't the game for you but if you enjoy a mixture of 1st person action and stealthy strategy as well as puzzles and story-lines, then this is the game to get. This game is largely non-linear giving you the freedom to explore and do stuff in any order. If you want to do all the quests, explore every cavern and experiment with every weapon and spell, there's enough gameplay to last you a year. More than can be said for most of my other favourite games such as CoD which are completed in a week. And if you ever do finish, you can always re-play the game using a totally different character.
The only negative I can give this game is that very occasionally, your character can get stuck in the scenery. But then, that happens in many other games and at least there is no limit on how often you can save so just make sure you save frequently.

  Odgesta3000? are u mad?

| | See all b00nie's reviews (11)

This game is fantastic, one of the best RPG's ive ever played offline. The graphics are v good concidering its a few years old using an older engine. If people think its too hard or get stuck like Odgesta3000, turn the difficulty down for a while. The storyline is truely great and its obvious a lot of effort had been made. If the storyline isnt your thing, then join the various guild and complete the side quests e.g. the mage's guild. All in all the deptheness to Oblivion takes the game to another level. I dont think there is another game that has met the massive scale of monsters, spells, weaponry and map size in which oblivion has to offer.

  Ignore Odgesta3000- Amazing game

| | See all GaronGirl's reviews (1)

This game is amazing. i cannot get enough of this game. He was abviously expecting the game to send him into space or something. Get this game!!

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