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Guitar Hero: World Tour (Guitar Bundle)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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| | See all KiLlErHaDoCk's reviews (6)

ok well I have this game on xbox but mines dead an I have a ps3 now, also I have it on pc this game is one of the best I have ever played with a amazing range of songs, quite quick to get a hang of about a week or 2 on easy, then medium now im playing on expert an some songs on hard with my friend who always plays bass an is brother of uses the drums but all in all i prefer this game to cod and i would defiantly buy again

  I wanna rock!

| | See all miniminty's reviews (66)

I couldn't for the life of me understand what all the hype was about when Guitar Hero was first released. Some people said it wasn't a game for girls, which angered me, so I tried to play it a few times but couldn't get the hang of the button positioning and the strummer for each note so gave it up and agreed with them! My brother then bought this game and I heard a couple of the songs so thought I'd have a go and it's fantastic! Definately the best music game there is. My fav songs are "Lost Prophets - Rooftops" and "Paramore - Misery Business". I'm not particularly a rock fan and am not keen on some of the songs on this game but if they have a good beat they are fab to play so it doesn't matter. It's a little pricey wherever you buy it from but totally worth it. If you're not sure it's for you, try it at an arcade or round a mates house before you buy it.
It doesn't take too long to grasp (I managed it after 4 songs and, a week later, am now playing on medium). You can start on beginner mode which is just using the strummer, and progress when you're ready.

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  Best music game there is!!!

| | See all fartingbird's reviews (41)

First of all, this is the first guitar hero game i played. My Nan and Grandad bought this for Christmas. As soon asi got it i went to playy it on my PS3. When i opened it i expected it to be a whole guitar not realising i had to build it. It is very simple and i didnt even look at the instructions. So, i plugged it in and started playing. The first song i played was "Beat it" by Michal Jackson. At first i played on begginer not realising that all you have to do was just press the strumming bar down. If i were you and you were new to guitar hero like me, go on easy mode to start off.So after i'd done a few practice go's i decided to go on career. The beauty of career mode is that if you get better and move up a difficuly, you can change the settings without affecting you're career. Also i like the fact that you can make you're own person which is pretty cool. The songs have a wide range to them. Pop songs being Blondie, surviver, Michal Jackson and people like that. Theres also Metal, Rock, Blues ect... it has a really wwide range of songs is what im trying to say. I would reccomend you buy this game.

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  Best game out on PS3!!

| | See all Addmufc's reviews (5)

By far the best game out it really does feel like you are playing the guitar. Great range of tracks and great tracks availible for download on PSN.

Great by it now!!!!!!!!!

  great but still could be better

| | See all trivium's reviews (11)

as it says in the title it still could be better, what happened to the talk about song because in gh3 there was through the fire and flames and one by metallica which no one could harldy do without a lot of practise on expert,
but this game could do with being able to buy the drum kits for this seperatly because i bought this one with the guitar but now i want the drums as well but no one is selling seperatly

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  Another great guitar hero game.

| | See all Scooby72's reviews (32)

The guitar is now a better size and doesn't feel so cheap like then other ones. The tracks are great and more and more downloads coming out. I think it is slightly better than rockband.

  Another great Guitar Hero

| | See all Roose06's reviews (5)

As an avid fan of the previous game in this sereis (Guitar Hero III) I have been looking forward to this release for some time. I've had it now for a couple of days and so it's time for the verdict!

I had some concerns before receiving this game that, as the designers had decided to incorporate other instruments into the game, the gameplay would have been negetively impacted. However I was pleasantly suprised to find that this is most definetely still a Guitar Hero game in the same vein as previous titles. You never feel like you're missing out by not having forked out the extra money and the focus of the game is still sqarely on the guitar.

For newcomers to this type of game the best way I could describe it is similar to a dance machine in an arcade, where instead of standing on the right part of the dance mat you play a 'note' on the guitar controller in time to the song. It's one of the more addictive games I've come across with an almost endless amount of replay appeal (as it is incredibly dificult to perfect every song at the highest difficulty!)

The games designers clearly know they were onto a good thing with GH3 as they havn't veered too far away from that format, there are a few new features but to players of previous titles this will seem very familiar. I don't personally think this is a bad thing as there was precious little wrong with the old games in my opinion. There is enough here that is new to prevent this from feeling tired to veteran's of the series.

The setlist (all of which are original recordings - no dodgy covers) is larger then on previous games and there is a large variety of styles here. There are songs here that wil appeal to just about anybody and the game never feels restricted to one genre - which increases it's general appeal.

In short this is an improvement on GH3 (already a fantastic game) in every aspect and well worth the asking price - I would reccomend te Guitar pack as opposed to the (in my opinion overpriced) 'Band Bundle' as I don't think the addition of the drumkit is worth the additional cost.

* It might be worth noting that guitar controllers for previous Fuitar Hero games are compatibe with this and vice versa

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  guitar rific awesome game

| | See all pcflump's reviews (63)

Guitar hero world tour is a must to anybody that had guitar hero 3, new guitar bigger and better, new tracks, sing and play as a band or go solo, great game 5/5

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