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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (251 reviews)"

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  Better than most I have played

| | See all shadowman72's reviews (1)

I was late to buy a PS3 and was driven to doing so, by a need to play Hitman Absolution.After completing Hitman I ventured into the Batman franchise, and much to my enjoyment, found that this game was everything that Hitman should have been. Totally brilliant chnges of tasks and gameplay right throughout the game. I now have the next two installments in the series to look forward to. An absolute must play.

  Good Game - Worth it

| | See all WilsonInacio's reviews (10)

This game is very good, loved how they presented the villains, the graphics are excellent, and the combat is intuitive. A must have if you are a batman fan

  Best buy for it's price

| | See all Wolf259's reviews (2)

I had to wait, in order to catch it on a nice price. Finally i figured out that i had really made a great buy. At the end, and after that heart beat ... i feel like Batman .... Ha ha, kidding. It is a must for your library. The game really rocks hard .... I hope "Arkham city" to be that good.

Additionally and on the plus side, just have in mind that the bosses are OK to handle and win. I never had to deal with a boss for a second time ....

  very very good, but not an all time great

| | See all chindo's reviews (6)

i thought this was a very good game, but there wasnt quite enough to it to make it 4 or 5 stars in my view. i think this is one that is probably good value for money on platinum but i probably wouldnt want to have paid full price for it.

  Short but oh-so-sweet

| | See all SimianWonder's reviews (15)

Yes, Arkham Asylum is a pretty short game. The main story will likely take around ten - twelve hours to get through, but it's a thrilling ride and it really does do a fantastic job of making you feel like Batman.

At forty quid the length would be more of an issue, but now it's so cheap it's hard to find any reason not to recommend it. If you've not yet done so, buy it now.


| | See all DeReLiCtE's reviews (1)

This was my first buy from play.com and it was a great choice..gameplay, graphics and storyline are stunning..! Propably one of the most atmospheric games around, since the feeling of being Batman is enhanced once you start playing. Especially loved the scarecrow sequences, can't wait for th sequel..!

  Finally a worthy superhero game

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

Arkham asylum is a very good game from start to finish the storyline is excellent the voice acting particularly Mark Hamill as the joker is superb with a nice mix of humour.

The game is set entirely within the grounds of Arkham Asylum but so much has been packed into this area it never feels repetitive as you get to explore the various buildings and grounds. The gameplay is a nice mixture of combat and stealth the combat system works very well making you feel like the punches you land really have an impact. Being Batman the ability to lurk in the shadows get in amongst the colling sytems and the ever satisfying ability to perch on top of gargoyles swoop down and string the bad guys up.

In addition to the main storyline you get riddler challenges to solve which can be finding hidden riddles statues to solving a riddle which involves scanning an area in most cases when this happens the game will give you background on characters within the batman universe not just the game. Also as a riddler challenge you find headstones which when scanned provide a back story to the asylum itself spanning its inception to current status.

This is another must have game.


| | See all Shikakka's reviews (25)

This is how all super hero games should be made, with care and attention and with Mark Hamil.lol

Honestly if you havent played this game your really missing out, its great and its a game that you can just pick up and play for 20 mins or get really serious and spend hours getting your 100% so its deffinatley the best of both worlds.

Gameplay is, well I was going to say amazing but its not, its what youd expect and too right it should be, they havent tried to do anything too flashy or over the top, the game plays exactly how it should and with no buggs or lagg or screen tearing.

As youd expect Batman is fully equipped with all his awesome gagets and what not, which is great as they are really well designed and fun to use. The real fun however is in fighting, yup bare knuckle, ouch my face hurts fighting. Its so fun to play and so well designed and really simple too. Youd think that with it being so simple it wouldnt appeal to your hardcore gamer but youd be wrong. Its simplicity is what makes it so great, and makes the fighting all about precision and timing, you must hit strike/counter/stun and block at the correct time to keep your combo going to gain maximum points but this can be tricky as you have a lmited ammount of time to move Bman into position and execute the correct move or counter.

Missions are very good and varied and nothing feels repetetive in this game which is awesome as it could be classed as a beat em up but id say its more of a beat-em-up/ detective/ action/ stratergy / RPG and your batman what more do you need?

The fact that this game has gone platinum should say enough, just like drakes uncharted and modern warfare (1) these games will be remembered for a very long time and will be extremley tough to beat.