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Overlord II (2)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Really Good

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

Great Game, lots of mischief. Countless hours of play even after defeating the final boss you can go back play again. Definetly worth the money.

  Different but not much else

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

After the original, this game is about on level terms with it, it is quirky, fun and you can have a good laugh with friends. But can get slightly confusing, and rather annoying pretty quickly. Just sometimes there is to much to do, to do it correctly, and you end up wasting endless minutes back tracking and searching for a lost minion or item. The story is rather good for this type of game, and it certainly will make you chuckle once or twice. The multipayer modes are also a very nice touch, and works well... but perhaps not as well as we all hoped. They might be played once or twice, but same for the story. once you have completed it, unless your going for a platinum, you will struggle to ever pick it up again. It has it's moments where you will just want to finish a level because you enjoying yourself so much, and other moments where you will want to finish it, before you rip your hair out. Purchase it if you fancy having a go at something different, or want to bash out a few baby seals, but i wouldn't if your hoping for the next big trendsetter in games.

  Novel, interesting game

| | See all Consul26's reviews (4)

This game is well worth the buy for the money. Its main faults lie in the slightly awkward controls and confusing camera angles. Although these are not enough to deter you from play.

The idea for the game is brilliant and is enhanced by the quirky minions can be hilarious at times. It's a novel concept and plays well. Recommended !!

  Flawed Jem

| | See all ImHalo's reviews (3)

Graphical glitches, slowdown and tearing, all technical mishaps in an other wise brilliant game.
Though it doesn't possess the charm of the original game, it makes up for it by being larger, meaner and more focused. And for its current price, its a brilliant purchase.

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| | See all JustJoe1's reviews (2)

This game is hilarious, can not stop playing it. For you gamers who like a bit a none serious violence this is perfect a must buy.


| | See all gurnster's reviews (12)

This game is great, very funny,great graphics ect... Bore bore bore. Buy if you have a sense of humour!


| | See all becket91's reviews (6)

overlord 2 is such a fun and random game. i got it a couple of days ago and have been playing it none stop since

  Fantastic buy

| | See all JoeyDeacon81's reviews (1)

I have had this game now for two days and i cant put it down. The graphics are stunning and the game play is great. There is so much for you to do and so many different caracters you come across on your travels. Minions are alot of fun to control especially when they are running on the back of a wolf. I would recommend this game to anybody as i dont think you would be dissapointed. Give it a go.


| | See all lpool4life's reviews (5)

good game but needs more online to the game. the story is great to play lots to do lke enslave towns

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  Full Game Review

| | See all reviewking's reviews (52)

It would be unfair to slate this game just because I don't like it (hate it)but...

Basically, it's incomprehensible. The control system is dire and the overlord often gets stuck in the scenery and killed.

The graphics aren't too bad considering it doesn't need to install, which I found pretty odd. It's a cross between Tim burton's Nightmare before Christmas, Gremlins and the PS3 game Kameo. The graphics are similar to Oblivion, which needed simpler grahics due to its sheer size. This game doesn't have that excuse, even though the lighting and scenery looks quite nice. Its general appearance is its strongest quality.

The maps and hints or tips regarding knowing where to go next are pretty awful. You will frequently find yourself running around, slowly as there is no fast run button, trying to locate the next place you need to go, which isn't easy when the areas are as large as they are. In some cases the route is so obscure, almost hidden, that it will suprise you when you figure it out. You can use the option menu to see what to do next but the hints are vague. The Map adds to the confusion with all active quests visible as flashing arrows. Why not let us choose one quest to display so we don't have to run (walk) around for eternity. It's like being in hell...

The overlords castle is also badly laid out and hard / boring to navigate.
All the bits you need are spread throughout a large area with loading screens between each one. This is made more annoying because the tutorial at the beginning flies you to each section of your tower, then explains what each area does. When you actually need to visit the respective areas the option to quick travel has gone, so you have no idea where it is. Why make us quick travel then? if we need to get there make us walk so we at least know how to get back there !!

This brings me to the minions, which are sweet and at times fairly funny. They're a blatant rip of the Gremlins, which I don't mind at all. Controlling them is a different matter. When you do finally get to grips which the conveluted control system, you'll find they're good at demolishing things but bad at assisting with tasks to further the quest. For example, if they need to man a catapult, the number 5 hangs in the air above it. So you select the object and send your minions towards it. Do they get in, do they heck. They mill around and you have to keep running back and forth until they get the message. If you ask a fraction of minions to wait, they will also do their damndest to sabotage the group suitable for the task. So you end up with a bunch of dead minions that you've been protectively nurturing and building up.Excellent. You can buy them (back from the dead) in your castle, but quite honestly, with all the walking and loading screens involved, I couldn't be bothered.

I see what they were attempting with this game, an open world lemmings type thing. Each differing fraction of minions has a different power and the puzzles get more complex, making you use the minions in increasingly inventive ways.

It could have been good, I haven't played the first maybe its better, but nearly everything goes against Overlord 2. It's a good example of how a few bad decisions by the designers make a game almost unplayable and boring.

It's almost incomprehensible. If you must, rent it first.

One more point and this is a biggy. The right analogue stick is used to control your minions and the overlord's pivot. You will frequently find yourself frustrated, trying to turn around, when your minions are elsewhere or milling around your feet. Minion control is important, so I could excuse this, but it drastically effects your ability to look around and navigate the game.

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