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Rock Band: Sony Band In A Box for PS3 & PS2 (Instruments Edition)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Most fun Xmas ever!

| | See all barnie884's reviews (265)

We all chipped in to buy this for my nephew this Christmas and all I can say is wow! Had everyone from my 8 y.o. nephew to my Dad at 63 rocking out on Christmas day! However this is not cheap.... after this you will need the game, may want the drum silencers, foot pedal and another guitar. Also, dont buy if you only have a small apartment. The problem is now I will have to buy this for myself and when my mates come round, so if you are ever on a canal boat trip in Amsterdam look up, and if you see some guy thinking he can play guitar it's probably me :-)

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  Don't put your wallet away yet

| | See all grimboj's reviews (4)

Once you fork out £100 for the box and £35 for the game you quickly realise that you'll need another £10 for the drum silencer and £20 for a peddle that doesn't sound like a hippo jumping on a diving board :) Great game and some good tracks but the drums are so loud that I can't use it til I sort out the sound problems.


| | See all gamemaster07's reviews (10)

ive been wating for this game since it came out and ive loved it for all of its worth, i have all the gh series and rock band tipped my collection off nicely couple of issues the guitar frets are horible! i was ecxpecting really quiet taps but it sounds like ur using a hammer to hit the frets its that loud it puts all ithe great work of the stum bar to waste (its appsolutly silent) the drums are great lots of fun, yes they are loud but it you have an decent audio system all you need to do it crank it up and the tap becomes a wisper (dont do this at 2:00am apparently the neighbours dont like it :P) the mic is great fun just one issue you dont have to accually sing i humed a hole song.. so yea overall worth the money just wish the guitar was better

  get AC DC live

| | See all fizzytickler's reviews (1)

had a bast on this at th wknd. what an adrenalin rush bouncing about like a 19 year old angus young,wrecked my living room but was well worth it.THE greatest dam game ever made an iv`e played them all.

  what the hell

| | See all hockeycrazy's reviews (1)

It would be a good game but from the problems from the mike (it just wont recognise it). i have sent this game back twice already the third box still has same problems. i wouldn't recomend this game for ps2

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| | See all ChooseYourFate's reviews (49)

Id been waiting for this to come out for a long time (esp as the xbox360 version came out ages ago).
Its amazing, i love Guitar Hero but this is on another level (obv with drums, guitar and mic).
Its well structured, fantastic gameplay and great songs.
The price is a bit much considering you dont get the game with this band in a box (although i paid £60 for the band and the box and the game as i work in a retail store) but its worth it.
A must have for anyone

  Rock band

| | See all dringo's reviews (9)

If you like gh then you will like this!
Single player is good., but it really shines on multiplayer. When lots of mates are round it is briliant to shot in. My only complaint is that the drums make to much noise when you hit them. It is hard to notice over the cool track list. If you are deciding to get this or gh world tour. It is your choice, but you cant go wrong with this game. A must buy.

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  RB or GHWT

| | See all Gibby62's reviews (3)

Great for having the friends round, good gameplay and the dlc is coming but after the ridiculous wait think I'll hang on for another month until guitar hero 4 comes out. Good game just a shame they made me wait too long.

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  Dont mean to be different but.....

| | See all TommyGTR's reviews (1)

....this game is very average at best. My personal issue is with the instruments, they're too noisy. I play all these sorts of games loud but the plastic on plastic sound of the frets drives me mad! A nasty clicking noise that gives it a very tacky feel. For £140 (for instruments and game) i expected a guitar that was at least as good as the GH one. The drums are , well.......you know that plastic drum set you got when you were 4 ,well thats what these sound like when you hit them. Horrible tap tap all the time, you cant even hear the drums in the song. Everything seems so cheap and temporary which is NOT what i expected for this sort of money.... of course if your as determined as i was before i bought this game you'll ignore all this and want to find out yourself and i dont blame you, i was the same. See if a friend or shop has a kit you can try before you spend £100 on this set. If your not as picky as me then im sure you'll love it!

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