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Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Such a shame

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

The only thing i liked about this was possibly the size of it. Which isn't exactly a good thing. Some of the races or events in more particular are stupidly boring and pointless, and the big selling point for me was of course the weather storms affecting the race. But you race against some tornado's once or twice, and they don't do anything except make a caravan fall infront of you in the race, and the sandstorms just make driving impossible. The AI and pyhsics in this game are amongst the worse i have ever seen and as for crashing, there is none. Making a free ride off-roader without any damage is such a bad idea, as said before you do anything remotely cool, it starts you at the back of the race. If you are thinking about buying this game, stop have a think about it, then buy a different Codemasters game, as they have done it correctly in them. I was appaled at this game, and although i enjoyed the small amount of circuit races, if you can even call them that, the pure amount of things they have missed out that is needed in a racing game of this caliber is jaw dropping.

  brilliant game for the price

| | See all futsio's reviews (3)

Ok. If I'd paid 40 quid for this, I wouldn't have been over the moon. At under a tenner or even for under 20 quid, I've played a lot worse games. The map is stupidly big. You don't get a feeling of the scale until you drive off in one direction for 30 mins and find you've hardly moved across the map at all.
The controls of the various vehicles vary from the overly twitchy to the driving through concrete, but there is enough variety of cars, bikes, quads, buggies, trucks etc to make you come back again and again.It's like the lovechild offspring between burnout and motorstorm. If you liked any of those games, there's no reason why you shouldn't like this.
Plenty of races and challenges, trophies and hidden items to keep you coming back for just one more go.
Definitely worth a punt - especially if you're on a tight budget.

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| | See all SupremeShar's reviews (8)

Out of all the racing games I have played on PS3, FUEL is the most intelligent. It has you by the bull's horns and keeps you gripped within a tight white knuckle drive from start to finish and start again and try harder! - that's what this Codemasters title does. It is by far the biggest driving game on PS3 and deserves utmost credit. I have been playing it for 39 hours - actual gaming - and I just want more, and MORE! I've got to the point where I am 19 stars away from unlocking Dustbowl City. There are many reasons why you might not be taken in by this title to begin with, but, worry not, just think of the competition: MotorStorm Monument Valley and Pacific Rift, both of which are intense also - even more so. Yes, they are two great alternatives, but they are different, as is Pure [only ATVs and no first person perspective]. I'm strictly race rather than freestyling and I would suggest that you forget about Sega Rally [it's too limited] and, please, don't consider MX vs ATV Untamed [ever], which, in my opinion, is the worst racing game I have ever wasted a tenner on. DiRT2 is comparable with FUEL in some ways, but, nonetheless, for sheer unbridled wild west expansive free roam, open your mind, kit back and enjoy, learn and be apprehensively excited, this has got to be top of the pile. One thing to note: Codemasters forgot to say in their instruction manual that you can play this game from first person perspective by pressing the R3 button, which is a fundamental aspect to this game's appeal. FUEL IS fast, very fast and exhilarating from drivers' eye - don't listen to the critics who say FUEL is too slow. They say that tosh because they have only tinkered on it for perhaps an hour or so. The range of vehicles is vast, seventy five in total and you unlock these faster vehicles as the journey goes on. FUEL is indeed a journey - a flaming massive one! Through dark winter starlit nights, lonely on the highway, to full-on tornadoes, high winds and thunderstorms on tricky dusty windswept tracks, yes, FUEL keeps you fully occupied. The game's racing engine is a fair one and the AI is all about who is in front - just like in real life - once you take the lead you tend to get nervious by having no one to follow. FUEL provides the thinking man's brain with enough feedback to want to have another go and try to win each stage - it's all about winning those precious stars to further your career. There are also many 'Challenges', as well as 'Free-roam' where you can find essential fuel to buy more powerful vehicles, which, in turn, helps you to progress quicker. Spend time with this amazing game and check the vistas out, find new liveries and generally drive into the sunset with free abandon. I simply love FUEL because you can drive Bikes, ATVs, Buggies, Muscle cars, Mud Pluggers and Trucks, all of which are totally renegade and ill, perhaps the only vehicle class missing is Go-karts. Bravo to the makers of FUEL.

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  Good, but not perfect.

| | See all Hunger5's reviews (8)

Driving into a tornado sounds like fun in a game doesnt it?
Well this game does exactly that but ruins it slighty, as soon as you do anything cool it instantly comes up with the fuel logo and spawns you in some place next to a nearby road, which gets frustratingly annoying, but thats the only flaw to this game, the map's big ( maybe a little too big ), good customization of your character, and most importantly, a nice selection of races.
Although i would warn you, this game is probaly for the type of people allready interested in racing games like pure + motorstorm, not for the cod type.

  Criminally under rated and over looked.

| | See all assassin2k's reviews (3)

After trundling through the reviews online this game has been rated fairly average by most websites, with very few highly rated scores. Because of this I opted to wait for a price cut before buying the game. I can now quite confidently say had I not waited and purchased this at £40 I would have not felt short changed in the slightest.

The graphics are very slick, though they do have their slightly jaggy moments, and the frame rate does tend to dip a little when there are several vehicles on the screen at once. The water effects however are good, the draw distance is amazing and the sense of speed is also good (once you get past the painfully slow first set of vehicles).

The music is mainly forgettable rock that blends fairly well into the background but some of the sound effects aren't too hot, particularly the vehicles sometimes sounding akin to a giant wasp. Handling wise however is where this game excels. It takes almost no getting used to and is skiddy, slidey arcade off roading at its finest. It has been a long time since a game has hooked my like this, I really have been pleasantly surprised.

There are quite a few trophies in the game, some you will get within minutes but some will take weeks to earn. You have the option to either drive to or select events from the menu and there are tons of collectables in the 19 areas.

All in all a very strong game that has been tainted by bad reviews. It's unlikely we'll see a sequel as sales I fear have been fairly poor, but I can almost guarantee if you pick this up for under £20 as advertised here you will most certainly not be disappointed.

  Like large free roaming games??

| | See all trippy666's reviews (50)

Then this is the game for you. The map area is huge, it takes a couple of hours to drive from one corner of the map to the other, like I said it's huge.

There are 74 vehicles to win / buy, ranging from bikes to monster trucks, with the odd bonus vehicles thrown in like a hovercraft which is the only vehicle in the game to be able to drive on water.

The gameplay is brilliant, the map is divided up into areas, each area has a certain amount of career stars to collect, which are needed to unlock other areas and give you money to buy new vehicles, then there's seperate challenges, plus loads of dopler trucks, liverys and vista points that need collecting, there are also loads of barrells of fuel lying around the map ready for collecting.

The gameplay is endless, even if you have collected everything there's still plenty of jumps and terrain to work with.

All in all it's a great game, if you don't like free roaming then do not buy, but for all you lovers of being able to do what you want when you want, then this IS for you!

Over 50hrs of gameplay and still plenty to do!

  Why did the Devs release this rubbish??

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

Well since I am a huge fan of racing games it's no surprise that I was looking forward to Fuel. Since it was promising the biggest map in a game ever and it delivers that!.. But absolutly nothing else. I had thought about preordering Furl so I could get it quickly but after I saw the reviews I was glad that I didn't all the critics seem to hate it and I know why.

This game does absolutly nothing right. Not even the map as there's so little to do in the game. Sure you could explore but do you really want to see dead trees and wasteland over and over again?. And that's not the only problem. The game has absolutly no voice acting or music, you can't even listen to your own off the Hard Drive!! (yet you cxan do that on games released last year?).
But I'm sure the races are fine as that's the whole point of the game... right? wrong!. The cars are ugly and the controls are terrible. You don't even need to use the brake to do a massive drift!. Not that you'll be doing much drifting as half the races are just driving in a straight line. You will however need to make sure you avoid obstacles because no matter how big your vehicle is you can always be stooped my something as small as a tiny tree!. And if you do hit something you wont see an incredible crash. Just a Fuel sign and a long loading time!!. And you can't even use boost/nitro to get there fatster as there just isn't any?.

So there's absolutly nothing good about this game except maybe that there is weather effects and aday/night cycle. You really should go buy Midnight Club LA or Burtnout Paradise.

  Top Notch

| | See all Ayacoub92's reviews (12)

I don't know why others have rated this game so poorly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Map is OUTRAGEOUSLY huge and actually holds a guiness world record for the largest map ever seen on a videogame.
Graphically, this game isn't going to win any awards, but they are adequate enough, especially considering the scale of the map.
Fans of Burnout and Motorstorm will have serious fun playing this game, and although it lacks the polished feel of Motorstorm and the seamless online potential of Burnout, Fuel is still a nice little offroad game and will keep you occupied for a few weeks.
Having played the demo before purchasing, I was less then enthralled by it, but after reading a good few reviews I decided to buy, and haven't regretted it as of yet.
Possibly the easiest platinum after Hannah Montana, Serious gamers should have it within a week's play.
All in all, Fuel is a nice little solid game, and should keep your attention for a few weeks, if (like myself) you love trophies, then don't think just buy, and the platinum shall be your's within a short time.

  Bigger isn't always better

| | See all Rallyracer's reviews (5)

Not one good track on such a huge map. Most of the game in spent driving straight and trying to decide on where to cut is made difficult by a horrible minimap. Sounds and soundtrack are awful. Thankfully a demo will be released soon (weeks after release to avoind cancelled preorders). Buy flatout ultimate carnage instead if you want a good ofroad racer.

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  What are they doing ?

| | See all MrRBM671's reviews (6)

i had this game as a birthday gift, im glad to say i didnt buy it because even travelling at 90mph in this it seems as though your only going 30mph.... in a word this game sucks and ill be taking it back tomorrow for a full refund and saying to them no wonder they reduced the price.