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Heavy Rain

Released on 26 February 2010

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

(269 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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In a city on the US east coast, sons are mysteriously going missing, only to be found 5 days later, drowned in rain water, with an origami figure on their chests...

The public is gripped by fear and paranoia.
The authorities seem no closer to a credible suspect.
And now another son has disappeared - Shaun Mars.

Amidst suspicion and anxiety, four people will follow their own leads in a desperate search for Shaun. They know what the cost will be if they don't reach him in time - but they don't yet know just how far they must be prepared to go...

The Characters

Ethan Mars
Ethan Mars - A father torn apart by guilt and grief, who must go to desperate lengths to rescue his son.

Madison Paige
Madison Paige - A gutsy and brave photographer that has been drawn into the investigation, she will place herself in great danger to find out the truth.

Scott Shelby
Scott Shelby - A private investigator - employed by the victims' families, but driven by personal demons.

Norman Jayden
Norman Jayden - A dedicated FBI agent, brought in to hunt for the killer and facing distrust and hostility from his colleagues.

  • Use accessible controls to explore a rich, detailed world and meet compelling characters whose destinies will be shaped by your actions.
  • Make decisions in the heat of the moment that will have a tangible impact on the way that the plot unfolds, and the fates of the characters.
  • Featuring stunning graphics and animation, including advanced motion-capture techniques, which provide previously-unseen levels of realism.

customer Reviews

 Average rating (269 reviews)

 Great Story / Average Game

| | See all Trefusis's reviews (243)

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As a demonstration of what the PS3 is capable of, this is a decent introductory game.

While rough around the edges, and with some appalling screan tear, it at least utilizes the controller and provides the player with an engaging story.

It's not a long game, but if you are prepared to replay the same scenes, you can alter your choices to see how the storyline pans out differently.

While hardly the groundbreaking interactive experience the makers claim (only those too young to remember Dragon's Lair will consider this an original experience), it still provides characters you can almost care about and a decent twist ending, which are lacking from most games.

 Get ready for an adventure you will never forget!!

| | See all snake1970's reviews (1)

Being one of the lucky few to play the whole game i can say that i was blown away with every part of this game. The story is completely immersive, as is each and every character. The decisions you make throughout the game will effect the progression of each character right to the end, save one or save all? best of all there are some nice extras to be gained from making the right decisions at key moments! not just trophys! Get ready to say goodbye the next few weeks, as all you are gonna be thinking about is HEAVY RAIN!!!!!

 The first 'Interactive film' for PS3

| | See all technerd's reviews (29)

As soon as I played the demo for Heavy Rain I was dying to unveil the rest of the plot and it wasn't long till I managed to get the full game for a very reasonable 30 quid.

After completing the game twice (and making different choices each time) I can see why this game may have a marmite effect on people.

If you are into first person shooters and action heavy titles, this one might not be for you. However, if you enjoy films like Se7en, and tv series like CSI, chances are this is right up your street.

PLOT: Without going into too much detail and repeating the description play have provided above, all I shall say is the plot is really gripping and keeps you highly interested and lead to me completing the game in a day cause I simply couldn't put it down, I just had to know what came next. I think a blend of CSI and Se7en is a good way to describe it to those of you who haven't played it.

GRAPHICS: By far the best I have seen on PS3 to date. This really helps you feel like you're 'playing a film'. The motion capture techniques used for the game really make characters movements (both body and facial) seem immensely realistic.

REPLAY VALUE: With having various choices to make through the game, and various endings, there is definitely a high replay value. After completing it twice, I figure if I want all trophies, I may have to play through it another 2 times at least. So for your trophy hunters, it's definitely something that'll keep you occupied.

GAME PLAY: Although Heavy Rain is really one of a kind, I was a bit disappointed at the game play feeling a little repetitive. Lets just say it sometimes feels like every chapter has a fight scene in it.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: As I said above, I think Heavy Rain leans more towards an interactive film than a game. As a result, I feel the plot is more important than the game play.
Quantic Dream set out to do something different and unique and in that respect they succeeded. If you're a fan of movies, you'll enjoy it. If you mainly like shoot em up games, it probably won't be worth your money...

Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading.

 Very different but very impressive.

| | See all NikoBellic's reviews (15)

Based on the demo - This game is very refreshing and new, it makes you feel so involved and as if you were actually there. At one point after having a fight with some guy in the seedy motel room I needed to get my inhaler from my pocket as my character was struggling to breath, I couldnt remember which pocket it was in and I actually started to panick incase I couldnt find it in time. That kind of involvement is hard to find nowadays in games and I cant remember a game making me feel so much part of the action as Heavy Rain does. I have to mention the graphics are some of if not the best I have ever seen, also the voice overs probably even top Uncharted 2 and thats not an easy task. It reminded me alot of the movie Seven which is in no way a bad thing. I think it will be interesting talking to friends who have also got this game to see how they played it and what decisions they made and how it affected their game to compare the outcomes. I'm bored of the same old FPS where wave after wave of enemies run at me, I needed something new where I could turn the lights off, get pulled in by the story and become part of the game and now I think I have found the game to do that. Stunning in every way.


| | See all stug182's reviews (7)

i got the demo last night and i can tell its going to be absolutely engrossing and enjoyable until the end, the graphics are just second to none, the voice acting is amazing, the story is very interesting, the controls are simple to master, defiantly going to be one of THE games to purchase in 2010 sorry Xbox... :P

Rating15+ (BBFC)