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Heavy Rain

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (269 reviews)"

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  Excellent Game!

| | See all mad4dogs's reviews (2)

This isn't the type of game I would normally play but I really enjoyed it. The story is really good. I like that you are able to play four different characters as they try to solve the mystery which all have different approaches and views on each situation. The best part of the the game is that you can play it more than once and it is always different depending on the choices you make. The only problem I encountered with the game is the controls. I played in on the PS3 and found the controls difficult to use sometimes, but overall a brilliant game!

  I Give 5, cause I cant give more.

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

There are so many reviews, that what ever I saying is not new, one of the best PS3 game I ever played. Great and evolving history, amazing argument, an epic movie for this platform, just buy it, rent it, whatever. PLAY THIS GAME!!!!


| | See all tfathers18's reviews (2)

Fantastic story and great controls.
Truly unforgetable gaming expierence.
The camera angles are my only issues but you get used to them.
all together 9/10

  great game

| | See all smayna's reviews (1)

very intense game, makes you think. Ended up playing for hours without realising, got lost in the game!
Worth the time.

  Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all garvus's reviews (7)

This game is so good the graphics are out of this world. Played it first with the controller then with the move and its is like a differnt game with the move its a must

  This will blow you away!

| | See all CheapSeller's reviews (24)

If you own a PS3, this is a must, no matter what kind of games you like. You take the role of several different characters in the story, and its unlike anything I've ever played, its new and gives a fresh experience to the gaming world. Your actions actually do effect people and maybe yourself in the story. Say if you die you won't get a 'Game Over' screen for example, so there is a longer lasting story. Quantic Dream were the ones that designed Fahrenheit for the PS2, and that game was great also. For the price you can't go wrong, I say try the Demo on the Marketplace first though, you won't be dissapointed.

  Like watching a film whilst playing with a rubix cube...

| | See all MarkLittleVai's reviews (22)

Not really for me.
the game is basically just watching a film and pushing random buttons now and then. you get to play about 4 different people and theres just a lot of repetative motions for each of these people. walking is really difficult in the game because sometimes as your walking, the camera angle changes and so the direction that you are pushing the charactor to walk towards changes.
I am about 60% in to the game (i think) and i'm finding it hard to pick up the controller and get on with it, but like most games i do want to see it through to the end. i wouldn't recommend it


| | See all PeaMan1's reviews (1)

I first played Heavy Rain as the Demo and really didn't like it. I thought it was slow and boring. After a while everyone was talking about it and saying how fantastic it was, so after seeing it on here for a good price I thought I'd give it another go - I'm glad I did. This is, easily, the best game I have ever played.

The storyline is brilliant. And with a HUGE twist in it. Really shocked me. Being able to play as different characters and see the story unfold from each of their point of views is a really cool element of the game, and the graphics are brilliant! And it's definitely not slow and boring - there's constantly something that you have to do, look at, or interact with.

Even if you get to the end of this game in one sitting, you'll always have to go back and replay levels as every single little decision you make alters something else later on in the game - so if you want to see all of the possible endings, and get every trophy, you'll be playing this game for hours and hours.

P.S - Here's a tip - DO NOT put your controller down at all unless you have paused the game!!! ;)

  Atmospheric interactive murder mystery

| | See all JamesTho's reviews (4)

Anyone into crime thrillers and the lure of murder mystery should enjoy this game. Crime seen investigation is handled well with a unique control system that lets you explore areas without obvious clues, finding the evidence for yourself. Action takes place with quick time events which are kept exciting through a wide variety of fast paced button/control prompts that put you in control of the outcome. The story progresses through your interaction with others, your choices of questioning or conversation uncovering clues and unravelling the plot. The overall package is very entertaining, drawing you into the the story and its characters with an mysteriously intriguing atmosphere presented in quality HD graphics. Excellent game!

  best game for 2010

| | See all spen21's reviews (5)

heavy rain the best game ever been waitin for this to come out few yrs ago an now it came out in feb 2010 .
the storylines are brill u can change characters through the game an if u like action an mysteries this is the game 2 get
need 2 make heavy rain 2.